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  1. Mine is quite a bit worse than it looks in the photos although In think it is alot better than the yellow one you show. I could spend £20k and end up with a very nice car but I do like the idea of ending up with a new 1975 car from LotusBits.
  2. So to update. I've spoke to Mike at LotusBits - this is a man who obviously knows exactly what he's talking about! A nut and bolt ground up restoration with upgraded modern electrics, engine rebuild is pushing £50k. It would be started next year and would be finished the following. I'm thinking it over and am going take a drive up to meet Mike and potentially book a slot. It's a lot of money, but I'd end up with something very special that I could actually use and enjoy with added confidence that it's not going to continuously break down, and the heater would work.
  3. You make a good point, I think I do want to create a car that might be considered a 'garage queen' but then I'm going to use it and put my own blemishes on it. I look after my cars but I'm not precious about them if that makes sense. I like the sound of the Le Mans trip - I went a few years to the race itself and would like to go again.
  4. Thanks Justin, I will get in touch with LotusBits as I see their name coming up a lot on these forums. I'm not in a rush so happy to leave it with someone for as long as it takes. I guess I've used £20k as a ball park figure, I'm under no illusion that the cost will rise potentially well above that depending on how far I want to go!
  5. Hi Justin, Yes they are a Lotus specialist though not specifically Elite's/Eclat's but they do have earlier cars in their workshop (I went there yesterday) I met Andy, a very friendly helpful guy, him and his partner having been working on Lotus's for over 50 years between them. It won't be economically viable for them to do a full restoration on it just because they have limited space and they need to make that space pay but they are (hopefully) going to workout a favourable rate to get the things done above, we're firstly waiting for the waterpump to return. If the cost is too much, I will transport it in to storage and find someone who is willing to take it on. I've seen the car on eBay for £15k it looks a very nice car but I really wanted the series 1 and I'm not so keen on the two tone green interior. Yes long term I think the values will rise further. If anyone can suggest someone who might want to take on the restoration, I'd be interested to hear.
  6. Hi Matthew Hi Matthew, I bought it for £3500 which I think was the right price considering it's condition. It needs a full restoration and I'll probably end up spending £20k on it as I'd like to have an immaculate but original spec car. Yes I think it's a good investment, my all time favourite would be a mint 1990's Aston V8 Vantage X-pack but they're £350k so I think next to it, the Lotus Elite looks amazing value! Quite a crazy marketplace out there, although I'm looking to keep this car.
  7. I agree, I don't know where that price comes from. They seem genuine on the phone but I'm due to pop in and meet them next week and talk about what I want I want done. I've got a healthy budget for the restoration and know that it's expensive to get someone else to do the work but there are limits. I will transport the car elsewhere if it looks like the fees may get out of hand! Thanks for the info on the drive shaft/stub axle.
  8. So had an initial conversation with Andy Booth at RMS Lotus Romford. Very helpful and friendly sounding guy. The engine is running but they didn't want to run it hot, as the waterpump is not working. The first job would be to get the waterpump reconditioned or replaced in order to run the engine hot and check for compression etc. The waterpump can be sent away for recon at the cost of £900! Quite expensive sounding and I've seen a recon on eBay for £180 which I'll buy if it fits; just waiting to hear if it's for power steering car (this car has power steering). Lots of of ancillary bits to do, to start with: Electrics all over the shop, lots of peculiar wiring everywhere, meaning lights and wipers, cooling fan not working. Needs 5 new tyres. Rear drive shaft loose Brake discs beyond repair Calipers all need reconditioning No exhaust rubbers fitted NSF drive shaft needs attention Electric window motors slow - need recon Wheel bearings need changing/attention I'm going to go and meet Andy next week who's offered to show me round the garage etc. I'd like to have this car fully restored to a high standard. I'm aware it's going to cost more than it's probably ever going to be worth but I'm hoping to simply drive it and enjoy it. Part of the reason why I'm doing this is that my dear old Dad is gravely ill at the moment and this is a car that we always used to admire and talk about in the mid to late 1970's when I was young (we loved cars). He said to me when I was a boy 'I'm sure you'll buy one, one day'. It was great to be able to whisper in his ear recently 'I bought the Lotus'. It's a kind of tribute to him as the ultimate 1970's Dad that he was. I had been looking for a long time and missed a few here and there. I wanted to buy a very nice example but soon realised that they never come up for sale so decided to buy one and have it restored. My chosen colour was always black with light interior and subtle JPS livery. During lockdown, like many people my wife and I did a lot of walking and on one of those walks I spotted this car on a driveway looking in a sorry state. I knocked on the door and I ended up buying it. The other reason is that I was in the motor trade for many years (I'm a psychotherapist/lecturer now) and there's a part of me that misses breathing new life into old cars. I love watching a bit of 'Harry's Garage' on youtube. I hope to use this thread as an update of progress, any advice or tips would be much appreciated.
  9. Was received by RMS Romford today. First convo with Trevor. I detected a stunned silence when I told him what I paid for it and those immortal words 'I hope you have deep pockets..' IMG_3007.HEIC IMG_3008.HEIC IMG_3009.HEIC IMG_3010.HEIC IMG_3011.HEIC IMG_3012.HEIC
  10. Hi Filip, thanks for the welcome. As much as I would love the idea of restoring a car myself, I have neither the space, time or skills. I do fortunately have some money to throw at it, so I'll be getting someone else to do the work for me. I will however get involved in sourcing parts so hopefully I might get some help from TLF with that. I'll get some more pics when I'm with ithe car this Thursday.
  11. Thanks very much, I'm pretty the Elite will be in the workshop then but we'll see!
  12. Thanks Chris, I'm near Enfield so not too far away, yes I'll def try and get to one.
  13. Hi all, I've been lucky enough to be able to buy a 1975 Lotus Elite 501 PWR329P. Does anybody know anything about this car? My plan is to have it either part or fully restored and to basically drive it and love it in general. I've owned various classics over the years, the closest I've got to own this car was a Jensen Healey which I sold a few years ago. I plan to post some photos on here of the 'journey' but any info or advice would be greatly accepted. It's being transported to RMS Romford for an initial inspection this Thursday, where I am looking forward to receiving a list longer than my arm. Cameron
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