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  1. I’m 6’1”. If others weren’t having issues then perhaps I just need to play with the settings more to get them adjusted right and this gives me hope. I guess what alarms me most is my Evora seats were great with hardly any adjustment. In addition when I spec my car I want to keep it fairly simple - I’ve no desire to spend money on heavy 12 way adjustable seats. Guess if I can get a test drive before I need to commit then this is when I’ll know for sure if it works for me or not: Over a year on from ordering and car still wows me when I see it in the flesh. Given I’m after as stripped out an I4 as you can get though I imagine it may be at least another year or even 18 months before I see a car!
  2. I’m sure there will be plenty here that like myself enjoyed poking round the 4 cars at Goodwood currently. Surprised myself by really liking the silver car which previously would have been my last choice and also very taken by the red one. The issue was that when I climbed in the red car I wasn’t comfy in the seats particularly around the headrest and the back of my neck. My current car has fixed seats yet I’ve never felt the need to alter them in any way. People on Lotus stand told me these were the final production seats. Now panicking on if I could get them adjusted to make them comfy. Could be a deal breaker for me. Anyone else got views on the seats, colours etc after seeing these cars?
  3. Placed my order for an Emira at the time of the online launch - loved the looks and was missing my old Evora I’d sold a year earlier. £60k promised price also seemed great versus £55k for another used Evora. That was then… Having then sold my current fun car in anticipation of the Emira and cashing in on the high market, I got very very bored waiting. Ive therefore bought an A110 and took delivery in early March. Fantastic car and I use it as my daily with 3000 miles on it already. The question is now whether I stick with it or when the Emira eventually comes swap? Few thoughts - An A110 isn’t as cheap as you may think - it needs options added such as the sports exhaust and bigger brakes. - I personally like the flappy paddles but then my Evora was an IPS. Both cars are/were never driven in Auto apart from long motorway slogs. - I loved the Evora. It was always an occasion. The A110 feels more like a top end sports car rather than the Evora which felt like junior supercar, having said that more people stop and ask about the A110 than the Evora - The A110 gets parked in the street at work every day and I do t panic too much about it. I’d have never done that with the Evora and I think this is the key point. The Alpine A110 is the car if you want to use it all the time and feel much more special than the masses is their Audi TT’s or dare I say it Caymans and Boxsters. The Emira however will I’m sure kick the A110’s arse as an occasion and special car. I can’t afford to keep the A110 and have the Emira however so a big decision is coming in the future - desperately want to test drive an I4 before I need to commit one way or the other.
  4. Al_C

    Lotus Emira

    So the Radford 62 has been launched with the Toyota V6 producing either 430bhp or 500bhp. In the Evora and Exige it’s produced 430bhp: The AMG unit produces over 400bhp in Mercs. i loved my supercharged Evora with its 345bhp but just a little more would be nice. I’ve got a 600bhp car which frankly isn’t needed on the road, but if there is no cost implications I can’t understand why Lotus are going to detune both engines to 360-400bhp in the Emira?
  5. Talking of getting in and out of cars has anyone got any experience of getting their Lotus into a single garage? Never used to park my old Evora in the garage but thinking I’d like to get the Emira in it, but it’s only c2.5m wide (and a support column brings it down another c30cm at that point) and I think the car is 1.9m wide. Gut feel is I won’t be able to get in and out of the car. Any thoughts?
  6. Al_C

    Lotus Emira

    Felt at the time I was being brave ordering a car I’d never sat in, seen or driven, but instead relying on how much I’d loved my Evora in the past. Now I’m feeling I need to be even braver over colour choices. I’ve narrowed it down to either the blue or the Nimbus Grey in both cases with black packs. But what interior to have with either? I don’t want alcantara, and I don’t want all black which rules out the black leather. Desperately hoping cars touring the showrooms will have different interiors as really can’t decide if light grey, tan or even red would work! Anyone else going for a coloured leather interior?
  7. 7th July I4 (website crashed when tried on the 6th - were there that many people trying to deposit at that time?)
  8. I tried to find out via Lotus. Wasn’t expecting to get an exact number in the list but rather was just trying to get a very rough idea so I could guess a potential delivery date (I’ve already sold my “fun” car and thus debating if should think of a stop gap). To credit of Lotus I get a very fast response but as to where I was on the queue I got told they “had no idea”. I just hope they have a robust system and that the timing of placing your deposit counts rather than the timings of when you confirm your specification.
  9. I’d tend to agree with the thoughts there will be no driving the cars in September given it seems they won’t be production ready but the reason for being invited to an event to sign your order will be to avoid the purchase being a distance sale. If order placed away from showroom and deposit was also done by email/web/phone then you would be entering a distance sale and the right to reject the car for up to 14 days after taking delivery. Signing contracts at showrooms will allow the deposits to become non-refundable subject to the way the t&cs are written.
  10. Granted and I’d totally agree that new people need brought into the brand and volumes multiplied by several factors. I dare say 12 way adjustable electric seats and adaptive cruise will be expected by many of this new audience. My point is the general speculation on the site is for higher and higher price points and I just think an opportunity for Lotus to thrive will be missed if the entry point car doesn’t deliver in the way that’s getting so many people, including myself, excited.
  11. I love all this speculation about pricing being £65k…£75k…£85k.. soon someone will claim £95k. The only fact is that Lotus have said an entry point of sub £60k. If you can’t get a metallic coloured Emira that looks like the car on the stand, albeit missing a few internal add on’s (who on this forum really cares about heavy electric seats and autonomous driving aids) for under £60k then watch how many deposits get refunded - I’d speculate at least 50% As someone else already said there is no more Elise so there has to be a sensible starting price if Lotus want to keep their current biggest loyal customer base.
  12. Have you decided spec yet seems to be the impossible question to answer as there just isn’t enough information and everything is speculation. I do fear Lotus have gone all out on the launch before they were actually ready. An announcement of a few basic facts such as bho per engine and starting price per spec with more info to follow would certainly help.
  13. As a previous Evora owner I was all set to buy another used Evora before I saw the sub £60k price point for the Emira and my deposit was immediately placed. All the hype is suggesting a huge number of deposits and at this early stage a huge success for the relaunch of the Lotus Brand. I just hope they don’t mess it up now and get greedy on the back of this great uptake and position a poverty spec entry level car at £59950 with at least another few thousand needing spent for paint and basics. If so watch how many of those new customers suddenly disappear and the positive vibe goes negative very fast. The Evora didn’t sell despite being a wonderful car and I can’t help think price point versus competition played a big part of this. Id hazard a guess a lot of the deposits are because of what you appear to be getting for that headline entry price point.
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