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  1. The roadshow in Switzerland is scheduled for the 29th - I'll be there, but am quite concerned about the rear seats as well. 😕
  2. Hell yeah! I haven't heard anything serious from my dealer yet, but I guess it's official then!
  3. Awesome! Do I read it correctly that it says 32 cm? What's the seat position here? Can it be moved further forward?
  4. Outside of UK you possibly went through your dealer anyways, no? In Switzerland we still don't even know the prices...
  5. @Bibs, thanks, it's perfect! Looks like we should be fine then! 😍
  6. The quality of the instrument cluster screen seems to be much worse (on all pictures colors are very bleached, esp. blacks) than the infotainment one's. Can somebody comment on that?
  7. I'm wondering if it is the same queue for UK/overseas (or left-hand drive/right-hand drive) cars...
  8. Ade, when is your video coming out?!
  9. Is bottom right supposed to be Verdant Green? It then seems very dark, it's a pity...
  10. Unfortunately, I tried both e-mail and social media and haven't got any reply so far... Do you happen to have some specific contact there I could reach out to?
  11. Folks, with the roadshow beginning soon, I've got a favor to ask. Could somebody attending get a measure tape and check the dimensions of the space behind the seats (preferably with seat set up normally and with it moved all the way forward), at its narrowest and broadest points? I'm still trying to figure out if my wheelchair's going to fit there and it's not yet confirmed if we are going to get a demo car at all over here...
  12. The differences are very minor, though. No new visualizations or prices, but it's set up to better reflect the FE cars. Changes are: Touring / Sport packs and respective tires are added, Gone is the Lower Black Pack, It looks like FE cars will really have all the options. The only ones to select from are: homelink, GPS car tracking system and removal of privacy glass.
  13. emstan

    Lotus Emira

    I've actually got a specific date for configurator/pricing reveal from my dealer - 21.09, next Tuesday. Let's see how accurate it's going to be.
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