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  1. Thanks for all your thoughts and recommendations!
  2. You can‘t use summer tires here in winter anyways as there is a law which mandates winter tyres during winter conditions from Nov 1st onwards with fines and insurances denying coverage if you get into accidents with your summer tires on during winter
  3. Do you plan on using your Emira as a true daily driver (as advertised) - even during winter? Could there be any issues regarding road salt / grit ? What are your thoughts on this? I put a deposit down for the i4 FE and originally planned to use it as my only car - but not so sure anymore. Greetings from Austria
  4. LotAT

    Lotus Emira

    Not sure if anyone mentioned it already or not: The 4-cylinder Version will have 360hp as per the eBrochure on the official Website. Also there is a new video on the Website: Lotus_Emira_eBrochure.pdf
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