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  1. Has anybody from outside the UK been contacted yet? I haven't heard anything.
  2. Oh yeah, I was expecting 150K so that was a pretty good guess. I'm just still bummed out. I hate this country so much, but economic prisoner and all that.
  3. The Dutch dealer expects the V6 FE price to be a whopping EUR 143K (USD 165K, GBP 122K). The I4 is expected to be EUR 30K cheaper in carbon tax alone, so will probably be something like 105K. What a conundrum. I can have a used C8 3LT Z51 (whose owner I know personally) imported for EUR 10K more as he upgrades to a Z06. And I'm not sure any of these are worth that money, at this point. On the other hand, possibly last chance to have a fun ICE.
  4. JJ

    Lotus Emira

    A lot will be in the pricing too. Did they say anything at any point when final pricing will be known? At the roadshow maybe? I'm pretty sure it'll be at a dealer near me the one week I'll be out of country... 🤦‍♂️
  5. Eventually... I mean, with the new rules, all the required infrastructure will be there and the information centralized, it's just a matter of connecting some dots. Software. Unless we're beaten to the punch by everybody moving to self driving cars, it is inevitable. Sure there'll be much whining and gnashing of teeth for a while, but eventually governments do what governments do, wait until the protests blow over and implement whatever the hell they wanted anyway.
  6. Can I just keep my beater Swift Sport from the long long ago? It's small, quick, fun, I can trash it around, and it's worth nothing so I don't mind all the door dents and scratches from taking it into town. And if I crash it into a tree, who cares? Then I can use the money to actually build a garage! If I can't keep my Swift Sport for this thought exercise... maybe still keep the money to build the garage, and let my girl park her car in the second spot? Incidentally, also an aging quick Swift 😂 Still no? OK then. Probably RS6 or E63S. Not sure about sedan or station.
  7. Pleb that I am, I've never had carbon in any car. Is there an actual point to carbon other than looks? I mean I assume the weight difference on many of these elements is negligible? Or?
  8. JJ

    Lotus Emira

    I know, right! The past 6 years or so I've started configuring a Porsche multiple times and I have never been able to finish it. If it weren't for the configurator-induced choice-stress, I might have actually bought one at some point. Probably not, but maybe.
  9. You tell it to lift somewhere and optionally to remember that place. Then it'll lift automagically there in the future. My mate says it works great and he uses it for all the driveways and speedbumps he frequents, though I've not experienced that part for myself.
  10. This imported one has been for sale since shortly after US release. I even considered buying it when it was first listed... At 200K EUR I'm not surprised it hasn't been sold yet (I've seen lightly used Huracans for the same price). I've seen others in NL sell for 25K EUR less, and my mate in the US is willing to sell me one of his (the exact same car including color and options, apart from tan leather instead of black) which after shipping and import would be 70K EUR less (and dropping by the month due to CO2 tax write-off). I've driven and absolutely love this car. I'm not a fan of its ass though, and getting it serviced properly will be impossible at least until the European models are for sale. Though absolutely brutal, definitely not as pretty as the Emira. I'm still considering it, as it seems likely the V6 manual Emira will be the same price or above as that import I can get, but the C8 is a 6L V8, Targa, quicker, and comes with a GPS-activated front-axle lift to alleviate my speed bump concerns.
  11. Late afternoon / evening shot? Slightly longer exposure overexposes the lights while the car itself is still slightly underexposed due to less environmental lighting. The graining implies a stylistic edit, a cheap cam, or the shadow being lifted (either automatically by the cam or in post) to compensate the average exposure level. I guess ?
  12. Beating a dead horse, but looking at this picture I still don't see how it can possibly clear the local speed bumps and parking garage ramps 🤷‍♂️ Everybody says its fine so something must be wrong with my eyes.
  13. Both the red and purple look smashing!
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