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  1. Has anybody from outside the UK been contacted yet? I haven't heard anything.
  2. Oh yeah, I was expecting 150K so that was a pretty good guess. I'm just still bummed out. I hate this country so much, but economic prisoner and all that.
  3. The Dutch dealer expects the V6 FE price to be a whopping EUR 143K (USD 165K, GBP 122K). The I4 is expected to be EUR 30K cheaper in carbon tax alone, so will probably be something like 105K. What a conundrum. I can have a used C8 3LT Z51 (whose owner I know personally) imported for EUR 10K more as he upgrades to a Z06. And I'm not sure any of these are worth that money, at this point. On the other hand, possibly last chance to have a fun ICE.
  4. JJ

    Lotus Emira

    A lot will be in the pricing too. Did they say anything at any point when final pricing will be known? At the roadshow maybe? I'm pretty sure it'll be at a dealer near me the one week I'll be out of country... 🤦‍♂️
  5. Eventually... I mean, with the new rules, all the required infrastructure will be there and the information centralized, it's just a matter of connecting some dots. Software. Unless we're beaten to the punch by everybody moving to self driving cars, it is inevitable. Sure there'll be much whining and gnashing of teeth for a while, but eventually governments do what governments do, wait until the protests blow over and implement whatever the hell they wanted anyway.
  6. Can I just keep my beater Swift Sport from the long long ago? It's small, quick, fun, I can trash it around, and it's worth nothing so I don't mind all the door dents and scratches from taking it into town. And if I crash it into a tree, who cares? Then I can use the money to actually build a garage! If I can't keep my Swift Sport for this thought exercise... maybe still keep the money to build the garage, and let my girl park her car in the second spot? Incidentally, also an aging quick Swift 😂 Still no? OK then. Probably RS6 or E63S. Not sure about sedan or station.
  7. Pleb that I am, I've never had carbon in any car. Is there an actual point to carbon other than looks? I mean I assume the weight difference on many of these elements is negligible? Or?
  8. JJ

    Lotus Emira

    I know, right! The past 6 years or so I've started configuring a Porsche multiple times and I have never been able to finish it. If it weren't for the configurator-induced choice-stress, I might have actually bought one at some point. Probably not, but maybe.
  9. You tell it to lift somewhere and optionally to remember that place. Then it'll lift automagically there in the future. My mate says it works great and he uses it for all the driveways and speedbumps he frequents, though I've not experienced that part for myself.
  10. This imported one has been for sale since shortly after US release. I even considered buying it when it was first listed... At 200K EUR I'm not surprised it hasn't been sold yet (I've seen lightly used Huracans for the same price). I've seen others in NL sell for 25K EUR less, and my mate in the US is willing to sell me one of his (the exact same car including color and options, apart from tan leather instead of black) which after shipping and import would be 70K EUR less (and dropping by the month due to CO2 tax write-off). I've driven and absolutely love this car. I'm not a fan of its ass though, and getting it serviced properly will be impossible at least until the European models are for sale. Though absolutely brutal, definitely not as pretty as the Emira. I'm still considering it, as it seems likely the V6 manual Emira will be the same price or above as that import I can get, but the C8 is a 6L V8, Targa, quicker, and comes with a GPS-activated front-axle lift to alleviate my speed bump concerns.
  11. Late afternoon / evening shot? Slightly longer exposure overexposes the lights while the car itself is still slightly underexposed due to less environmental lighting. The graining implies a stylistic edit, a cheap cam, or the shadow being lifted (either automatically by the cam or in post) to compensate the average exposure level. I guess ?
  12. Beating a dead horse, but looking at this picture I still don't see how it can possibly clear the local speed bumps and parking garage ramps 🤷‍♂️ Everybody says its fine so something must be wrong with my eyes.
  13. Both the red and purple look smashing!
  14. Dang it looks nice in white! But I've owned a white car, never again. Matte purple please? 😂
  15. I saw the blue. I loved the blue. Some of my favorite cars were blue. Some of my favorite motorcycles were blue. *But* I have to see it with my own eyes first. I usually go for a little deeper blue... Blue can be "ever so slightly yet somehow completely wrong", see Audi blue for example. Push come to shove, there's always matte purple wrap!
  16. All new car models first delivered after May '22 have them mandatory, and all new cars regardless of model sold from somewhere in '24. If my understanding is correct, if the first Emiras are delivered before May, the entire range doesn't have to be sold with the "ISA" for two more years.
  17. That settles it, I'm not getting a Qashqai You paint a very bleak picture with all these assistance features. I've driven cars with some of them and agree most of them are extremely annoying. I fear you don't have a long life left if you wish to depart before all of these become mandatory on, though.
  18. I have nothing against reasonable top speed limits either. 180kph? Fine. I never really go above 160kph anyway, even on a relatively empty highway, I feel that's my personal safe limit in cognition speed in a non-track scenario - where you cross from being in control to "lets hope nothing happens that I didn't see". But then it is rare for highways over here to be empty enough to go 140 for more than a few hundred feet. I'd even be relatively fine if the entire system as proposed was speed limit + 30kph. Automatic fines are already a thing on many local stretches of road, using a large amount of cameras and license plate recognition. If you pass two cameras in less time than the maximum speed allows, you get a fine in your mailbox, all fully automated. According to reports, these roads have 30% less accidents and 60% less fatal accidents. They are gnarly if you don't have cruise control though, as I personally have to fight to stay awake on these roads. Long straight roads in a slow procession, ugh. With built-in GPS location, time and speed tracking, they can do it everywhere, to everyone. And that will become mandatory eventually for upcoming road taxes revisions anyway, so they'll use it for fining eventually. There'll be a few years where people will protest for privacy concerns, the governments will pretend to listen and take those seriously, and then when the fighting is done, government propaganda (these days: buying off influencers to promote it as a good idea) has caused a fair share of people who really didn't care to be proponents, and everybody is used to the idea being around, that's when it'll be implemented. I'm not sure if this is really what was intended by "government transparency"... As for importing, likely it'll depend on the date your car was first driven by a buyer, if it's after a certain date, it needs to have those systems fully compliant to be road-legal in your area. That mean's either you can't import the car or have to pay for it to be upgraded with them. In other words, the normal course of action for any import car and any required system.
  19. I doubt the insurance will be invalidated right out the gate, but once the regulations progress into you not being able to turn it off at all anymore (which is a certainty looking at the regulation wording), insurance will no doubt follow suit. I'll bet on '28, as that seems to be the informal target date in several planned regulations to finally remove any feeling of joy one could have driving. The car will also store when and where you were doing something it did not agree with, which will (probably not immediately, but undoubtedly eventually) be used to determine blame in accidents and forego insurance payouts. After some more reading, it seems most those better in the know expect it will indeed be the case that you have to manually turn off this system every time you start the car, it will likely not be allowed to remember your preferred setting, but default to on. If there's a dedicated button for this (one of my C8-driving USA mates says his car does have a dedicated button for this, but in the US this entire thing is not regulation enforced in the same way it will be here) it's not that bad, but if you have to go five menus down into the infotainment system... ugh. If you 'disable' the system in another way, you'll probably be doing something illegal, with repercussions ranging from fines to assumed guilty in any accident. Maximum speeds will be determined by GPS location and maps. Why not "smart" signs that signal the car as you pass? Because this is the lead-on to full location tracking of every car on the road. At some point the limiter won't even really matter as the government will simply know when your car was where and how fast it was going, and they can automate speeding fines (which is an even bigger deterrent than your car shouting at you to slow down or having fuel flow diminished). This will of course be done under the guise of safety, and taxes - the latter because the coming dominance of EVs will destroy gas and CO2 tax revenues, both of which are vitally important to the treasuries, and countries will be moving to tax on car-weight and miles driven. Many have been proponents of the latter system (in CO2 tax countries) because it massively reduces the price of powerful ICEs, but it will not be introduced until those are irrelevant. Reasons cited until now have been that's it's simply too complicated (read: more profitable to tax the rich with expensive cars), but it will obviously suddenly and unsurprisingly become possible when EVs take over and those taxes dry up. Several car manufacturers (and even insurance companies claiming it would actually be less safe) have complained about this. Remarkably, Tesla is one of them with some interesting notes. The warnings need to at least be visible directly in the driver's sight, and the Model 3's obnoxious center console does not suffice, they'll have to add steering wheel dash. Additionally, cars will have to read road signs *as well*, aside from the GPS and maps data, to take non-standard situations into account, which they say is isn't really possible yet. Curious for a company that wants to claim full self driving, is it not? But wait, there's more. As more and more absurdly quick EVs hit the market for "reasonable" prices, cars being able to do 0-60 in less than 3 seconds are becoming commonplace. Safety regulations limiting maximum acceleration are only a matter of time and fit the criteria and framework perfectly. I expect the limit to be 6 seconds or slower... "quick enough". Add all this together and in probably less than a decade, there will be no reason left at all to have a quick, fast, or fun car beyond the capabilities of an MX5, outside of the track. It does really emphasize how the Emira is possibly the last powerful car to hit the market that you can actually enjoy on European roads for a few years still, assuming it's not fitted with these systems in the most obnoxious way out of the gate. If resale value is important to you, it's definitely something I would think about. Mark my words. I hate to sound like a conspiracy theorist, but unfortunately I'm more often right about the crap governments will pull in the future than wrong. All of this just makes too much sense from a regulatory perspective. And believe me, I would be ecstatic to be wrong about every single part of this. "The future is here, old man". Several of these systems (or large parts of them) are already in place in various cars and countries, though not deployed in this fashion. It's all possible, it's all feasible, and upcoming regulations all seem to point at exactly this. It might take a while to play out, but... There is "good" news too though, motorcycles are apparently exempt for the time being as nobody has thought up how to implement all this safely for them.
  20. As I understand it, the '22 date is for cars first hitting the market after that date, while the '24 date is for all new cars sold. In other words, if Lotus is on schedule with their first Emira deliveries, they don't have to implement this until '24. So there's some hope the First Editions will still be drivable. What is unclear to me is if this "off" button (which will undoubtedly go away in future models) will have to be pressed every time you turn the car off and on again, which seems likely. At some point, insurance will stop paying out if the thing is off or the tracking system said you were speeding, so disabling it yourself will bite you (if not downright a felony offense). Another dealbreaker. If the FE comes with this, I'll pass. Might as well buy an econo shitbox.
  21. I also suffer from tinnitus. If the care is going to be so loud inside I need earplugs (without having any sort of removable roof) that's a pass from me.
  22. Guess that's a matter of opinion. I like my keyfobs tiny, unassuming, indestructable, and ideally never having to leave my pocket.
  23. That's a great analysis. None of the things he said bother me about the Emira aside from the side rear windows and the badge, and Frank fixed those up beautifully. What are the odds we'll see minor changes like that on the FEs?
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