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  1. 43 minutes ago, Eagle7 said:

    Keep in mind that a dark gray cloudy overcast day is not the kind of environment where paint colors are going to pop and stand out.  They're reflecting the dark overcast above them.  They're all going to look brighter and stand out more on a sunny day.

    Of course. But when have you last seen the sun? 😂

    It's interesting to take into account though. From the pictures I've seen so far, the yellow and grey both look great rain or shine. The blue looks (to me) better in overcast than sunny conditions - with the reverse for the red.

  2. I'm actually in mainland Europe, not the US. Not that it matters.

    So I talked to them again, apparently the extra V6 build slots (worldwide!) are due to building less I4's (production delay?).

    Curiously, it seems they were expecting to deliver the I4 well before the V6, though it is unclear if that is still the case now.

    There's an extra 40K-ish tax on the V6 here, and if their expected delivery dates are virtually the same, that makes the choice all the harder.

    It is unfortunate there's so much we still don't know about the I4. Or did I miss its performance specs getting released?

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  3. The country is an important distinction. I placed mine on July 7, and for the V6 FE the expected delivery is Q1 '23. Lotus seemingly providing the entirety of the UK before sending cars across the channel worries me that we're going to be second-class users to them.

    That being said, I have no idea what the expected delivery date for a V4 would be here (going to ask, though), and I just received a message from the local dealer today that Lotus has informed them they're changing the build schedule, and hope to increase the number of V6 FE build slots for '22.

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  4. I am extremely disappointed with the delivery schedule. Apparently the Netherlands has been allocated only 4 V6's for 2022, two of which are demo models for the dealer. Being third or fourth in line for the V6 here, "sometime early 2023" is the expected delivery date.

    That's at least 6 months later than I had hoped. I imagine the I4 is not going to be any sooner. Pfff....

  5. I did not expect the yellow to look this nice. Now give us a red one, come on, Lotus!

    Anyway, regarding wheels, I've never had diamond cut before and never looked into it before reading the commentary here. I take it they are not advised for anyone who doesn't take perfect care of their wheels all of the time?

    Shame, I thought for the Seneca Blue the diamond cuts look best... also hope we lose the gloss again.

  6. Excellent work. I'm more at a loss for color than ever though.

    The configurator has been updated, and though some here say the colors are more representative now, I find the blue and shadow grey - the two colors we have actual pictures of - really bad matches in the configurator compared to pictures and what I've seen (the blue one), not a place of confidence.

    Seneca blue is a bit too light for me, I would've preferred a deeper blue. The shadow grey looks nice in pictures. But the red... if it looks like the renders here, wow, a true contender.


  7. My issue is, I want to use this as a daily. I don't have room for three cars (gf's + Emira + backup). Probably a third of my driving is to/from the airport and road-trips. For the latter we can take however many odd-sized bags and I don't really expect that to be a problem, but for flights, we do need to bring two large suitcases (soft-ish) and two small backpacks (which can probably fit wherever). 

    Large flight suitcases are 65/80x50x25cm (25.5/31.5x20x10") if not overstuffed. Not even one will fit in the trunk it seems, so both have to go behind the seats. But I don't think they'll fit there either 🤷‍♂️ I can get different bags of course, but the volume needs to be similar.

    Or maybe I just need to buy a mansion so I have room for more cars 😂 But the less I use the Emira, the less justification I have for getting it. Cars are meant to be used, not sit in garages.

  8. "Initial released First Edition will output a higher 400HP and 480NM torque. Acceleration will be reduced to 4.3s."

    This refers still to an i4, or are we talking v6 now? Still on the fence about that choice. 

    Great pictures, thanks!

    Should be seeing the European mule tomorrow, but they're probably announcing a new lockdown tonight, so fingers crossed it doesn't actually *start* tonight.


  9. On 03/11/2021 at 18:22, Bibs said:

    ... staging exclusive VIP events for existing customers and many new ones ...


    Later this month the Emira starts a five-month trip around Europe, beginning just across the English Channel in Belgium and The Netherlands. 

    Bloody hell, the car will be viewable on *one day*, for *two hours* at *7 PM*. Of course, the same day my parents are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary.

    Sure, it's a VIP event with bells and whistles, but honestly, who gives a rats ass about that noise. I don't need to be coddled or dazzled, I just want a reasonable opportunity to view the car I've put down a deposit for they expect me to increase.

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  10. On 22/10/2021 at 09:54, Johnhoward said:

    As long as you don't mind waiting - I rang the UK dealer yesterday and they told me that if you order now, delivery would be autumn 2023!

    Import one from the US... :)

    On 22/10/2021 at 07:58, Nimbus-in-Notts said:

    We’ll that’s another deposit down……….. one less in the queue.

    Another “straight line chaser” !! It seems a lot ( disclaimer - but not all ) of Americans want to do nothing other than to launch at maximum speed. 

    The C8 is a monster though and it doesn't corner all that bad. I'd be surprised if the V6FE is quicker around the track, let alone anywhere else.

  11. 3 hours ago, IwantOne said:

    Not surprised. A Cayman GTS starts at 130k so everybody in the Netherlands should have seen this coming. Tax laws simply make anything that hasn't the tiniest of tiny engines very expensive. Even something like a gt86 is/was close to 60k, in most other countries you pay half that.

    Oh yeah, I was expecting 150K so that was a pretty good guess. I'm just still bummed out. I hate this country so much, but economic prisoner and all that.

  12. The Dutch dealer expects the V6 FE price to be a whopping EUR 143K (USD 165K, GBP 122K). The I4 is expected to be EUR 30K cheaper in carbon tax alone, so will probably be something like 105K.

    What a conundrum. I can have a used C8 3LT Z51 (whose owner I know personally) imported for EUR 10K more as he upgrades to a Z06.

    And I'm not sure any of these are worth that money, at this point. On the other hand, possibly last chance to have a fun ICE.

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