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  1. I think it’s a caching issue. If you open an incognito window in your web browser it should work fine. On an iPhone/iPad to fix you can go to the Emira page, turn internet/WiFi off on your device then refresh the page (which will complain no internet), then turn WiFi back on and refresh the page again.
  2. Maybe they are fully booked now, I booked in at Birmingham yesterday, and Bristol was in the list.
  3. I don’t think so, I presume deposit holders only as the confirmation email contained my name. Which must have been looked up from my email when placing a deposit.
  4. Interesting to see the addition of the Emira to the mobile game CSR Racing. The blue and yellow cars look as I’d expected but the red is much deeper, food for thought!
  5. That photo was issued with the main 'World Premier' pack a while ago, so I presume it's the blue demo car or another internal car. There's quite a few on Lotus' media site as Emiralust mentioned:
  6. I haven't really seen any criticism that c/f parts should be included. I think I'm unlikely to bite on carbon parts, although the roof & mirrors would look great I shudder to think of the cost. I have the carbon spoiler on my m2, but that's purely because the standard one is comically tame, the 'standard' Emira looks great for me!
  7. I’m really liking yellow too, but can’t decide between tan leather or the alcantara interior…
  8. Ha, be glad to show you via a video call, the darker colours are done differently to the lighter ones with the starting point being a bright blue car!
  9. While Glen has a well deserved break, here are some mockups I did of the launch colours, with an image stolen from my favourite Emira video! The colours are largely based on the configurator which I expect will be completely different to the real cars anyway.
  10. Looks great seeing some real photos with different colours on, I did some lazy tinkering with the configurator, really like white with gold wheels (I borrowed Porsche's Aurum Gold).
  11. Could just be me being daft, but I didn't realise until seeing the below picture there is a rear light across the centre, presume it's only illuminated while braking. Is it just me that didn't notice this? 😄
  12. Did you place your deposit via the Lotus website or a dealership? It appears to have gone out to all deposits placed via the website. I can forward you a copy if helpful but Evotion copied most of the text.
  13. From the facebook groups I'm on, I would estimate a fairly substantial number of people will pull out from placing an actual order, I'm sure this happens with all new car launches, but I've seen a lot of people understandably lured in by the sub £60k starting point. If the launch editions are beyond £70k as expected, with even more on top for the v6, I think many will be in for a shock and could back-out when pricing is announced. Certainly not knocking Lotus here, but another factor to consider with build numbers & timelines!
  14. I'm sure someone more knowledgable will chime in soon, but yes. The current info I've seen on here is that the pricing will be announced in September, at which point people will likely have to place an actual order with a non-refundable deposit.
  15. I'm thinking the same! Just out of interest, is anyone else having issues with the configurator today? Changing the colour works, but changing the wheels, black pack etc isn't actually making a difference on screen for me like it was yesterday.
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