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  1. I did manage to take a few twisty detours along the A9 that the seller recommended, but would really have loved to explore more. I’d planned to take the scenic route and stop to meet a friend. Unfortunately my bank had other ideas and I spent hours sat in the (very patient) seller’s kitchen explaining to my bank the car is real, I’m not being scammed, send the money!!! With a 500 mile return trip and very little sunlight left, I had to divert to the “whatever Google says” route. The scenery was still great nonetheless. A few friends are talking about doing the NC500, so I’ll hopefully be back up north to find some of those better roads soon. Love the Fire Red by the way 😁 Thanks to those who mentioned the Alias intake for 3xx cars too, Imran is making another batch so eagerly awaiting for that to arrive next month.
  2. Ha, small world, that is definitely even smaller when it comes to Lotus cars and owners. A few people have recognised the car from the colour alone, which is pretty hilarious coming from more 'normal' cars. That's a great picture, having driven it back 400 miles to the Midlands I assume you are well and truly up north! The drive along the A9 was really special and it's a shame I was collecting at the wrong time of year to explore more of the great roads up by you. Goes without saying - lovely 410 - cracking colour, top marks!
  3. Thank you, it is! That's an impressive eye. I'm really fond of Military Grey too, especially with the yellow accents on your 410.
  4. Having bought a 350 just over a month ago, I completely agree! Test driving a few and really looking at the changes you get with each model is the best way to go. That's before taking options on each car into account, I really wanted one with an AiM dash already, as they're not cheap! In my case, going for the 350 made the most sense, as I was happy with the performance and my wish-list is only a few common reversible parts. However, if you want the charge-cooler (power), nitrons and all of the carbon that's where it starts to make more sense to jump in at the deep end with a 410. Really nice to see this thread has woken up from it's brief hibernation! Here's hoping I get to drive mine in the sunshine for the first time ever soon... 😄
  5. I went through exactly the same just over a month ago, cancelled my Emira and was lucky to find a 350 with a great spec. I’m really glad I did! I also went to Lotus Silverstone yesterday, to take a lucky chap to collect his Emira, I spent a very long time drooling over that 380. You get a lot of carbon included on a 380, so certainly worth a look. There were several Emiras there ready for handover too, might be worth the trip.
  6. Indeed, looks like the same pre-prod car that attended Goodwood FoS and was given to several motoring journalists.
  7. Congrats again, that spec is fantastic. I didn’t consider Dark Verdant but good to see some real pictures starting to circulate.
  8. Remembering back to the Emira reviews and press coverage in China, I'm sure they were publishing i4 FEs as having 400HP and 480NM there. So I'd presume Lotus are already developing the thermal management to cope with that amount of power.
  9. Video says private, so not sure if that's the full clip. The one I saw on YouTube was only a 2 minute preview of the full segment which you can watch on iPlayer.
  10. Very interesting, thanks for letting us know chaps! Now back to questioning blue or red...
  11. I do think the Nimbus is actually quite far off having seen the colours. I suspect by the time I mess around with the colours Lotus will have pictures of some actual cars ready! (hopefully) Welcome to the forum! I tried to grey-out the badges quickly, but it looked pretty awful so haven't included. I'd have to spend some more time and actually overlay black badges over the top to make it look decent, just taking the colour from the existing green/yellow badges ends up looking like an odd grey circle. Just out of interest would you be changing the badge up front too or just the centre caps?
  12. I would recommend people have a look at the video themselves too, it’s at 29:40. Your picture looks quite a bit dimmer/flatter than it did on my phone & TV. I was surprised how bright the red looks. Small glimpse at 36:05 too.
  13. Will sort this out soon 👍 That colour does look great, I saw a lovely red Vantage online and would love for the magma red to look as good. Really tricky to judge how it might translate to the Emira even having seen a fire red Exige in person.
  14. Sounds good to me! Did you see the samples at the roadshow in Solihull? On a facebook group someone posted a comparison of Nimbus next to McLaren's Blade Silver, they looked very similar. Much more of a metallic grey than the Crayon/Nardo some were hoping for.
  15. Great point, I haven’t, the event at Solihull was really my first time seeing most of the current Lotuses up close. I’m sure the production Emira will be fine for me though. I just thought the demo car will have some taller people concerned.
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