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  1. Very interesting, thanks for letting us know chaps! Now back to questioning blue or red...
  2. I do think the Nimbus is actually quite far off having seen the colours. I suspect by the time I mess around with the colours Lotus will have pictures of some actual cars ready! (hopefully) Welcome to the forum! I tried to grey-out the badges quickly, but it looked pretty awful so haven't included. I'd have to spend some more time and actually overlay black badges over the top to make it look decent, just taking the colour from the existing green/yellow badges ends up looking like an odd grey circle. Just out of interest would you be changing the badge up front too or just the centre caps?
  3. I would recommend people have a look at the video themselves too, it’s at 29:40. Your picture looks quite a bit dimmer/flatter than it did on my phone & TV. I was surprised how bright the red looks. Small glimpse at 36:05 too.
  4. Will sort this out soon 👍 That colour does look great, I saw a lovely red Vantage online and would love for the magma red to look as good. Really tricky to judge how it might translate to the Emira even having seen a fire red Exige in person.
  5. Sounds good to me! Did you see the samples at the roadshow in Solihull? On a facebook group someone posted a comparison of Nimbus next to McLaren's Blade Silver, they looked very similar. Much more of a metallic grey than the Crayon/Nardo some were hoping for.
  6. Great point, I haven’t, the event at Solihull was really my first time seeing most of the current Lotuses up close. I’m sure the production Emira will be fine for me though. I just thought the demo car will have some taller people concerned.
  7. One thing I would say, the seating position in the demo car is really awful. I’m 5’11 and was really high up. I’m not worried as the Lotus chap confirmed they are not representative as has been echoed on here. I do expect there will be people who have left thinking they are too tall as it wasn’t really communicated how “pre-production” the seats are.
  8. Nice, the show car spec is a very safe bet. I was a little concerned at how flat the blue seemed though, reminded me of Audi’s turbo blue as opposed to BMWs long beach blue. You’re right that the red can be a bit dull out of sunlight, I think the depth will work well on brighter days though. I’d probably go black pack on all but the green, really pulls the roofline down. I don’t think you can really go wrong on spec though, it’s a great looking car.
  9. The exterior design is just brilliant, with the doors open you can really see how the car narrows at the cabin, then flares out over the front and rear wheels. It made my M2 feel awfully boxy! The lights are superb too, very modern, it feels almost generous they are standard spec. Being new to Lotus, the Emira appeared a much more cohesive and flowing design than the outgoing models. Sat in the cabin, which is compact, but comfortable, made me realise given the interior space it is a surprisingly big car. I’m not overly fussy on interiors, but it was very nice, the Lotus chap assured me the seats were not representative in terms of comfort or position.
  10. I visited Solihull earlier, really enjoyed the event and great to see the car in person and chat to some other petrol heads including another forum member! One of the chaps was really helpful on timelines & spec, he was also happy to show me all of the “pre-production” goodness going on in the boot and called a technician over to turn on the indicators 😄 For those of you at Solihull now or later, the fire red Exige just behind the Emira looks a very similar colour to the magma red sample. I think I’ve ended up on red somehow, now for the long wait…
  11. Mickle

    Lotus Emira

    Even as a bit of a BMW fanboy, I thought the exact same, if that were the case everybody would be driving Tesla’s
  12. I can't remember where I heard this, I think it was another video, but I believe those are actually clay models with a silver finish so not representative of Nimbus.
  13. So... green. The blue car was just too bright a starting point to show it anywhere close to accurate. So, I tried starting from an image of the Shadow Grey prototype which turned out much better! The darker grey car reflects light much closer to how the green would, which as you can see makes the reflections across the car much more realistic. Here is where I got up to with the initial renders (starting from the blue car), which will require a bit of squinting but show the car with the black pack, silver wheels and number plates. I might put a bit more work into the above to show various green specs, as looking at both next to each other you can really notice the 'blue car' is a fair bit lower.
  14. Sure! I thought the same and wondered whether they hadn't actually finalised the exact paint colours for each in time. I hadn't even considered going non-black pack until doing renders people had requested, I haven't really seen a bad spec yet. I think green with silver wheels will still look great in person (watch this space...).
  15. I think I'll be going for Touring, as much as I like 'sporty' suspension on every I've owned with driving modes the suspension stays on comfort even when everything else is turned up to 11. I guess Sports & Goodyears will be firm, but with a better tyre in the wet, not really sure.
  16. I was pretty late to the deposit party, the day after Goodwood, so I'm slightly hopeful that I might be able to change my spec after seeing some real pictures given it could be another 6 months after initial deliveries or more for me. I know the next deposit 'locks-in' the spec, but I would presume there is some flexibility for those being built late into 2022. I must have changed my mind three times on the paint for my current car, I certainly don't envy those at the front of the queue!
  17. Great to have you! Absolutely, while working on the initial render for green I did experiment with it being brighter, which actually looks really good. I'm just worried the actual car will be much darker, I am going to go back to the green and have another go now there are more videos floating around, it's really tricky to turn the bright blue press car into such a dark metallic colour!
  18. The green on that Alpine is really nice, Dark Verdant is surprisingly much bluer than you would initially think when you pull the colours from the paint sample. I couldn't get the link to work, is it within a private facebook group?
  19. That’s good to hear, having spent ages messing in photoshop I still don’t know what I want! I meant to add, if anyone wants to see their preferred “spec”, i.e. green with silver wheels & number plates just shout!
  20. Here is a darker version of Nimbus grey, and some pictures with a number plate & silver wheels. Having had a play around, the number plate looks much better on the front attached to the bottom lip, it looks really awkward if positioned within the grill. I've included Tom's samples for Nimbus and Shadow Grey below too, the convex Nimbus sample is really light which makes me think it could be a bright colour like the previous pictures. Looks like green is next on the list!
  21. No problem, here you go: (It can be a bit funny with the quality, if you go full screen and give it a little while it should work) Thanks for the kind words, I would encourage everyone not to panic too much on the darker colours, it's nearly impossible to represent them accurately especially starting from a light coloured car. I based it on both the convex and concave photos of the sample Tom posted, if you find the picture of the same sample flipped over it does seem very light. I'll have a play around with the colours a bit more though, just incase!
  22. Hey everyone, Thought I'd share some images having been playing around in Photoshop with the paint samples, big thanks to Tom and everyone else for posting millions of pictures. Let me know if you think any are way out, although I've matched the colours from the paint samples the 'brightness' of each paint is really just interpretation. Please don't read too much into these, just me having a play about. I've included blue for reference (the paint is unedited), the wheels are blacked out though.
  23. If you mean the leather, I presumed that was Ice Grey, I think the interior colours in particular will look darker in the cabin. 🤣
  24. I'm sure this will be a busy thread later with better pictures & videos coming in, but here's an initial look. One of the Lotus marketing chaps kindly posted this in one of the facebook groups. First thoughts... Magma Red is much brighter than I expected and I do like Nimbus Grey, feels similar to Porsche's Crayon or a lighter Nardo which is a nice modern option.
  25. I'm thinking bright too, but still completely torn between blue, red & yellow... If anyone is able to get some good photos of the paint samples (ideally outside), I should be able to do some more tinkering in Photoshop to match the colours.
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