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  1. MJON

    Type 132

    Type 134 is the midsized SUV according to reports looks like 2024 Agreed, but a large SUV “for the drivers” nah! Mind you, zero to 62 in 3 seconds… Why 🤢
  2. I’ve heard it all now “Porsche charges nothing” Porsche are the most profitable ( by unit sold ) car company in the world. Porsche GB just choose to wrap the prep/delivery and Silverstone costs within the published retail dealer price and they show the OTR separately. Whereas some manufacturers include the full OTR price. Three different approaches but all certainly charge it.
  3. Did the full 3 day course back in July 2019. Really great, time and money well spent. When they switch to Emira I’ll do it again, just not in mine though 😖
  4. Got to smile when reading comments like “Day Light Robbery, Ripped Off and Profiteering” somewhat OTT. I seriously doubt that Lotus will actually be making anything on their first years full production and maybe longer. Even without them (as all other manufacturers) knowing of the increased costs coming their way. It will be really difficult to stick within a 2021 published starting price of under £60k and wouldn’t at all be surprised if the FE i4 price will be closer to the V6 than anticipated.
  5. All manufacturers have a delivery and prep charge, often wrapped within the retail price but it’s always in there. Although over £1k does seem high, but coming through current crisis everything (material, labour, transport) is increasing. So not really surprising.
  6. This revised configurator is great, armchair driven that damn highway in so many combinations I’m now totally knackered and confused 😵‍💫 Decisions made 🤔. Definitely full black pack, standard glass, down to Nimbus, Magma or Seneca, wheels probably silver but maybe black. Alcantara interior, Calipers and seat stitching to complement exterior. Think I need to see them in the flesh and as it’s the i4 should not be a problem. If this is all I have to be concerned about today, life’s good. Nice job Lotus, guess it must be 🍷o’clock by now 😉
  7. Just don’t get what all the fuss is about re information and delays. Let’s face it, a brand new vehicle launched at Goodwood in July with first customer deliveries within less than one year. If you order a standard Porsche 992S it’ll be two years before you get it and just seen that a Toyota Landcruiser is on four years! Now that would be frustrating 🤐. Thanks for the info @Evotion great write up @TomE👍
  8. Re ice/pale grey leather, just recounting I have been choosing it for over 25 years. 9 in all, plus 2 in there somewhere in cream. Really like the light and airy feel, especially in winter. Downsides as with all full leather, they can be uncomfortable jumping in on hot days, need good aircon that works fast. Also need to clean mainly drivers seat with leather cleaner/wipes quite frequently, especially the base bolsters. You often see some where they are stained blue from denim transfer. Had no real issues with any over the years. My first dark leather/Alcantara combo was with my Elise, it felt so more comfortable that I’ve now switched and have it in my daily car, with a light contrast stitching. Really now prefer it, but as stated it will make the interior feel darker. Going for yellow contrast in the Emira.
  9. MJON


    Well at least Gina cannot be accused of attending any large parties 🥱
  10. Happy to see that they have at least put the brakes on further Smart Motorway rollouts. Hopefully E Scooters will follow more sharply. Just not holding my breath.
  11. @C8RKH Not frazzled at all but don't have to look that far away as it’s on Lotus site Emira spec detail for V6 Supercharged 3.5 litre | 400 hp | 420 Nm Target performance *: 180 mph | 4.3s 0-60 mph | 243 g/km CO2
  12. MJON

    Type 132

    @eUKenGB You make a good point here, but then some are slating Lotus for showing Emira to soon as then having to wait for more info, spec, price availability etc. Guess there’s no right or wrong answer 🙄
  13. To many of them out there making these videos. There are a few worthy ones though. Harry Metcalfe probably one of my favourites, he has a in-depth car knowledge, presents really well, just sold his Esprit and has a Emira on order. So will look forward to his offering.
  14. 😂😂 @LotusLeftLotusRight thankfully mine did as it started out that way beforehand.
  15. Definitely PPF similar to example, have done same before, just under £1k today. Although should consider adding whole bonnet area and will have it Ceramic coated.
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