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    Sport 220 (just sold). Porsche Macan GTS. MGRV8. Emira deposit down
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  1. A little confusing as they are not on the opening list but if you click on the daytime visit option they are both there. I booked for Bristol Sunday 10th October.
  2. Mini Metro 1980 @LotusLeftLotusRight You must get out more ⁉️😉 V8 Wedge would have been worth it though 👍
  3. Agree with @TomE comments, personally don’t have to drive it, would like to see it, don’t actually need it, but life (for I.C and me) is to short. So “I’m Avin It” End Of 😉
  4. MJON

    Emma Raducanu

    If she can fit it in a quick hop to Stuttgart may well see her at the Porsche Tennis GP, April next year. Porsche do like their female tennis ambassadors. “Maria Sharapova” for many years.
  5. Looks like Rybrook Birmingham have a new auto in stock, not to far away so worth a look. They may let you give it a go?
  6. MJON

    Lotus Emira

    Ahh yes, but @Evotion in one of his earlier posts did confess to not having told his wife yet 🥺 So the second Emira... May yet actually become a couple of designer handbags 😳 in BLACK 😎😂😂😂
  7. MJON

    second thoughts?

    Just been two months since launch, i’m totally 🥶 it’s only the first week of September it’ll happen and if it’s later so what. Just think you may have put £5k down on a Griffith in September 2017, they still don’t have a factory to build it in but they are still taking deposits from anyone mad enough to commit⁉️Now that’s something to get frustrated about. 😉
  8. MJON

    second thoughts?

    Just think that for anyone pulling out so soon, it’s a personal choice but funds permitting just stick in there. What’s the worst thing that can happen “you don’t like it 🤔” You could probably sell it for more than you paid. Sure some Journo’s will remark on the “old Toyota engine” but it’s bombproof and the AMG unit with a DC auto box is also a great unit. Simply a good investment whichever you choose, No Brainer. Just now wishing I hadn’t sold my 220 Sport so quickly, got a great price, but just 2 months gone and even WBAC are offering close to what I paid 3 years ago 😖 moral here, if you have a decent Lotus or Lotus deposit don’t bail 👍
  9. Here is a D4 you could live with/in for sale in A/T at £97500 🤔
  10. Thanks, an interesting history but looks like it wasn’t such a good project and they were not at all successful in moving this one onto an end user. Does look great though, aside from the fact I totally missed it was LHD 🙄 would still leave it where it sits.
  11. For anyone searching for a Evora, this looks like an interesting buy, it’s been for sale a while now. I didn’t know the history of this limited run, apart from the write up given. Anyone able to add?
  12. Longest for me was 2+ hours each way 180miles but mostly on Fosseway, a nice day so very enjoyable. Looks like you have 5+ hours each way with some considerable motorway! Take a pillow 😉
  13. Engine aside I think it really depends on your personal preference on manual over a double clutch box. For me the manual box in my now departed Elise was great but a DC/PDK box is a whole different level. So easy choice 👍
  14. MJON

    Lotus Emira

    Most current 911 models sold are more akin to luxury grand tourers. Lots of options and considerable opulence, although that can be said for most of the Porsche range. Never actually come across a bog standard version, typical additions somewhere in the £8/16k range with lots considerably higher. Though I can see a few wanting to take a closer look at the Emira, size may be an issue.
  15. To put it into perspective Boxster Cayman production over last 7 years is app 23,000 pa and relatively consistent, with the Boxster now in its 25th year. So I don’t think the Emira will be that common a sight
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