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  1. Maybe not the right comparison but my Elise gearbox/clutch set up was absolutely sweet. The only difference I noticed with the Exige models I’ve driven was a heavier clutch, wouldn’t even notice unless in constant stop start traffic. Never driven an Evora, went for an early 991S, seven speed manual, great car but absolutely terrible transmission. That’s why so many went straight for PDK.
  2. Been down the same route, decided on i4 as voices saying “ Be patient Luke and you will feel the force” 😵‍💫 Older Film, just worked 😂😂
  3. MJON


    You did, and you covered it in your own post here, as did @Doug Ashley I’m not disagreeing that raw sewage isn’t dumped. The current reports are referring to a lack of drivers due to “Brexit” not able to deliver chemicals involved in the 3rd stage of treatment, that decreases the risk of algae forming. It’s the headlines I object to, “No Fuel, Raw Sewage, No Christmas” etc. All of this fuelled by a wholly irresponsible media and those who want to believe it when it suits there opinions to bash every aspect of this country. 🤐
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    Went along with this until I saw the comment on “RAW Sewage!” Each to their own opinions but yep, your talking Bol**x 😵‍💫
  5. MJON

    elan sprint

    Saw this Elan advertised at forthcoming Anglia Car Auctions. Personally not much knowledge on my part but this looks pretty good at the suggested price tag?
  6. 😂😂 @Emiralust Your not the first person here once putting down your Emira deposit discovering the absolute Blast💥 the Exige is.
  7. Had the same concerns when considering V6 manual, clutch would be heavy in traffic whereas auto although as I understand from members here much improved on later Evora 4** versions, is not a DC box. I’m also used to and spoilt by PDK boxes which are excellent. So for me personally i4 with DSG is the only comparable option. Just the bloomin wait 😴
  8. I think it has a lot to do with how well or dis-organised local resources are. Both our covid jabs were at local hospital 4 miles from home, in and out in just 20 minutes including their instruction to sit for at least 15. Tried to sign up as a volunteer but they were already fully sorted. Our flu jab was organised as a drive through at the local fire station. Booked in for 08.15 on a Saturday morning, did us both within 3 minutes of getting there and we just had to confirm names and stick arm out of the car (no egg McMuffin though). Also just recovering this week from surgery that was planned for end next month but brought forward due to a cancellation. Was expecting this originally to be a year or so away. All NHS and no complaints, although GP appointments are still let’s say…. A Challenge.
  9. Porsche Satin Aurum would look good and use the black for the cold/wet days 🤔Didn’t know you had such days down there ⁉️
  10. I really think touring will be the preferred option for many as they would see it as primarily a quick road going motor and would like a degree of comfort to go with the sumptuous (for Lotus) interior. Can’t actually see this as being a regularly tracked car? Exige or Elise every time for those days.
  11. Enjoy @Mrandres6935 and drop back with some photos when you get the Vette 👍
  12. It’s plastic with a hard top, dare I suggest leaving it outside 😳🤐
  13. @Style Re your question “length compared to 911” Here are the dimensions of the current 911 Carrera Length 4,519 mm Width (with mirrors folded)1,852 mm Width (without mirrors folded)2,024 mm Height 1,298 mm So the Emira is a little shorter, but is wider and lower. Closer to a Vantage size or Audi R8 size and profile. as already stated 911 looks a little bloated by comparison
  14. Just my opinion, it can be an issue buying what are basically advance products with their inherent limitations but as already stated, if your not happy just 3 choices: Withdraw, Drop down the line, Take it and if not to your satisfaction Sell on. nothing to lose but time.
  15. Got my call on Friday couldn’t take it as was otherwise engaged. They followed up with a mail and I spoke to them this morning re my choice “FE i4”, still stating official line as Autumn 22. Just received confirmation return mail. So now the wait, I’m guessing early 23 delivery?
  16. As you @Greg | ValetPro Viewed the car for the first time in the flesh today, still very impressed. Discovered (thanks to this forum) that I was better informed than one guy wearing a Lotus shirt 🙄 Dont think any were from the factory. Did decide though that as I don’t know where I am in the queue and if there’s any delay in Spring production startup it could for me become a late summer delivery. So going back to original plan of i4FE. Hopefully will be by Christmas 22 as big birthday in Jan 23, plus get chance to see some of the six colours actually on cars before final spec lockdown. That’s my final decision 🤐
  17. Nice one, I’m there 2pm tomorrow. Still seriously considering the Seneca blue as my Elise was Daytona and looked great just think to many will go for it? So considering Nimbus, although that will mean 3 versions of grey in our driveway 😖. I do already have a nice pearlescent green though 😊
  18. Just my opinion but all this talk about colour‼️It’s a Lotus and the last of its kind. Six decent variations to choose from. Pick one and move on, if it was a Porsche it would invariably be Grey 🤐😉
  19. @Beady everything decent in the used market is overpriced at present, even WBAC still offering me just £1250 less for my now sold 2017 Sport 220 than I paid three years ago. Don’t lose ❤️ stay in there you can always move it on for a very good price if your not satisfied.
  20. Colour is all down to individual taste @AK70but don’t think many would consider a dark brown interior as “Top” 😉
  21. I’m assuming the Emira will have a thatcham approved alarm/immobiliser fitted as standard? Although no mention in spec detail that I can find. Never been asked for a tracker by any insurance company I have used so far. I guess it may be dependent on location and planned usage, where parked etc. Only took it up once with a new 991s but did find carrying the fob a faff (always kept separate in pocket) and did get a couple of calls from Vodafone to tell me my car was stolen! When I was driving it 😳. All the same do plan for this car to be away from home overnight frequently so may just go for it to be added.
  22. @KJD Do you have it with your Evora and did you take up the Porsche tracker option with your Macan?
  23. True but this isn’t Porsche, two very different companies. Both great in their own separate ways 😉
  24. @Jumpman23I believe the reason is current supply limitations for first phase FE ( lots of limitations with most manufacturers at moment not just limited to chips). By limiting to auto they can cover it due to less volume. The Blue display car is actually a automatic it’s the shadow grey driven car that’s manual.
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