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  1. No problem, nearly 30 and planning for little ones, would like to upsize house first and the money in the car prevents that essentially. I had a nice plan set out 2 years ago, but have had to adapt it. Shes not too fussed about the car but agreed the house move/babies plan could move back so I could have the car for a bit 😂 shes a goodun
  2. Hi Mjon, when I first listed at £80k and said make me an offer over £80k, i had about 4000 advert views in a week and 10 or so people and a couple of companies contact me. Best offer was £84k and at that stage in the ownership I was happy to take that and move on but alas it fell through. Couple of days later they announced the price rise, I immediately relaxed and drove it more as the weather was ok and tried to beg the soon to be Mrs to let me keep it, i really don’t want to sell it 😂after that I was getting a lot of time wasters so I just priced some wiggle room back in and listed at £85,500 under the new OTR price, it did wash out the chancers and 2 long and drawn out buyers later at £85k and then price drops by the dealers I’ve decided to drop the price and try to find a serious buyer. I was laughing at people trying to say they had offers of £90k to try and inflate the price, I would be extremely surprised. If anyone did buy them purely to flip there was only proper money in Nov/Dec. I know for fact the BOTB guy had one of the first yellow ones and privately flipped it for £90k then disappeared off of the emira facebook page. I’m happy now to sit firm at £82,990 have had 2 people email me on first day so will see if not I get to keep driving it, just waiting for the weather! Hope that helps
  3. That’s my car, i’m not a speculator(see my last 2 years of contributions to this forum…) sale due to the late delivery, upcoming wedding and now house move. As has been explained in more depth on this forum previously, it’s not a new advert just added a new picture with the black pack which looks great. You guys will be calling everyone and anyone a speculator, chill out. The car price has gone up in price that’s not my fault and why would I sell it for less 😂 fortunately following Lotus’ 1 year delay I could still own the car for about 6 months if I wanted to and also sell it for more in the meantime, i’m a terrible person sorry. 😀 As for market watch, a blue one just sold for £88k
  4. Ade i’m not sure how I managed to listen to you ramble on for 35minutes 😂 I was the exact same on my collection from B&C - the car just looks so good in person! The road presence is insane. This over the ferrari all day long mate!
  5. THIS right here is the absolute problem. As soon as my checkout changed to dealing with the dealership for collection and the collection/aftersales itself everything is back to how it should have been and has been a breeze. Antonia at Bell & Colvill is an absolute Star.
  6. Mine is up for sale as - I'm more than happy driving my car but if someone wants it that badly I will gladly take the money and put that towards a new house. Suddenly mine is looking like a bargain and faster delivery for someone after the 1st June date. Glad a potential buyer cancelled last weekend! Hopefully, this means I get to keep it for longer without losing any money when I sell
  7. This is crap for the i4 customers I don't blame them on the V6 depositors though if someone's delivery is scheduled for before 1st June 23 this surely captures everyone who was keen for the car in the first month open for orders? There had to be a cut off point somewhere
  8. I’ve not had a single issue yet 😃
  9. What was the date you placed your deposit?
  10. Since we’re having a moan about the keys... let me tell you all, the ones provided with the Emira look really nice but… they’re so cheap! And not durable in the slightest. It has no mass to it and scratches so easy. Mine even arrived scratched up on the badge. Minor details but that’s literally the brand badge on my brand new £80k car 😂 this photo was about an hour after collecting
  11. Apple Carplay and the lotus software are separate. Apple CarPlay won’t be able to do anything to the cars settings it’s just an app running on the operating system. The drivers profile is usually for pre saved settings for when more than 1 person drives the car. Ie you have your favourited radio stations and particular display settings for the virtual cockpit, where as driver 2 might have different preferences. I don’t know for certain with the Emira yet but in our golf the memory seat position is saved to a driver profile too and automatically changes when me or the Mrs chooses our profile as with the mirrors and steering wheel if it’s electric.
  12. I have officially checked out confirming my purchase! Super excited to become a Lotus owner😁! Delivery expected beginning of February Bitter sweet as the timing is now so bloody awful for me, anyone who has been late twenties, needing to upsize the house whilst having majority of wedding payments due AND most of all a fiancee dying to have a baby before shes 30 will understand my pain right now! BUT after waiting this long and spending hours and hours reading every post ever on this forum and maybe some from the other one I refuse to not have this car, however short amount of time it ends up being it will be worth it. Just wish It had arrived last May Hopefully I can make it work till the wedding in May, would look pretty cool in front of the venue in contrast to the Jaguar Mk2 and be in all the pictures
  13. So someone flipped it to him for £85k, then Tom hartley bought it from him for £90k and now it's listed at £94,950 lol AND if you watch the video everyone now knows it had the balls revved off of it brand new in 3rd gear up to 95mph. classic
  14. My online deposit was 7th July 21 4pm, i had the same phone call yesterday - Jan delivery still likely but chance it will bleed into Feb
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