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  1. Same email for me, I have always been batch 1 and my email reads production October which to mean means November delivery based on what they're said previously. First feeling is that I would delay if not cancel at this point unfortunately. Timings are out for me now
  2. I asked Antonia at B&C and sounds like their demo won't arrive until late August/early September in line with customer deliveries starting. She said "we" will be in touch when they are able to organise test drives, so sounds like the dealer will contact you
  3. Has there been any news from dealerships like bell and colvill as to when their demonstrator car turns up? And any news as to the order of who test drives them or the arrangement of this. You'd hope it's offered in order of deposits and we are going to be contacted
  4. Called this yesterday, I can only imagine this is a case of out of touch old boys behind the business who just don't understand today's world. It's not hard, you leave social media and your customers to do your advertisement for you. Not having dark verdant here was a mistake.
  5. I wonder what the chances are of a dark verdant car being on show at Goodwood. That would probably make too much sense, if anyone is there tomorrow be sure to send a pic if it's there!
  6. Hi Everyone, I thought perhaps this could have it's own topic for everyone to share their own experiences and photographs. Customer services latest update on test drives: "The latest information we have received advised test drives will be available at Lotus Centres coinciding with first deliveries and that all customers will have an opportunity to test drive prior to committing. We have been chasing for further updates as we approach July and have been informed all customers will be contacted within the next week." Looking forward to hearing about your test drives!
  7. Long story short, he couldn't pick between the two but went with the Porsche as the gearstick isn't as stiff and it has a front boot. Doesn't mention road presence or how common a cayman is, does anyone care if a Cayman goes by? Pretty sure the Lotus blows the Porsche out of the water when you add that into the mix.
  8. oh for sure I don't disagree, I'm using the test drive as an example. I am aware of being a first delivery, I've been through it before and the test drive isn't crucial for me. I'm not touching on new ground here, we all know the customer engagement has been terrible, they've had time to sort this out. Don't tell me you're desperate to find a way to provide a test drive to those in July that want one then sell 40 minute test drives for £720 to people at the back at the queue. Offering the first customers the 20 minute drive would have resolved the problem of it being a lacklustre experience and would have given something back to those who were first whilst providing a test drive. It's not rocket science and just another mistake which was obvious to me
  9. Thanks for being the middle man still Tom. Do we have any idea what this could be, how or when they will announce it? I can let the absence of any communication to us actual customers (not shmee etc) slip since at the end of the day I would still have the car at the end of it and that will no longer matter. But what I can't stand is feeling rubbed up the wrong way. We are theoretically 5 weeks before a first delivery and 1 week away from commitment to purchase and they can't offer me a test drive before my delivery for less than £720 for 40 minutes!😂Where was our email offering the July people the 20 minute test drive as a priority? It's not rocket science to have offered this. There wasn't one and now it's fully booked before my delivery date. When I phone to ask what the crack is surrounding a test drive for July they read from a script saying "we're desperate to give the early deposit holders a test drive, we can't figure out how to but we will let you know soon" When I pressed more and asked whether that was going to be this week, next week, 3 weeks? She said she had no idea. Well how can you say soon then if you have no idea. As above they have less than 1 week to offer the first deposit holder a test drive, when you look at it like that It is just hilariously appalling. There is not a lot more frustrating than feeling helpless and unable to communicate with a company when you have a problem and the only person you can talk to is a minor employee who has no authority or ability to provide a solution, If this is the way it's going to be when trying to get hold of Lotus after they've had my £80,000 it is seriously worrying and I don't want to be involved with Lotus at all.
  10. 99% of the order dates on that list will have had to have confirmed which engine they were having by now
  11. I’m pretty sure he was talking specifically for the UK
  12. Phone call today saying my 7th July deposits delivery is still on for July, asked to fact check a few things, 225 V6 cars will be delivered in July, 1000 cars should be delivered in 2022, 4-5k current deposits, if you order an fe today its estimated 14-18 month wait. Our next actual payment is thought to be 2 weeks before delivery, the amount that will be wasn't confirmed. i4 deliveries are December take from that what you will
  13. Hi ab, lucky you! What was the delivery date and did they say either way as to if there will be further delays or if they're confident on the date?
  14. Were the chairs always supposed to be handmade at Hethel? Maybe they are only making the pre production ones in house. Could explain the missed 3 lines people keep referring to and the seat sag? Link to Lotus media images:
  15. It was probably Dark Verdant 😆
  16. Emiralust

    Emira GT4

    I really hope this goes up the goodwood hill this year, sounds so good! How different is the engine to our cars, does it have light weight pistons, different valves etc obviously a different exhaust system!
  17. Emiralust

    Emira GT4

    This was posted on Facebook. The comment is interesting, perhaps we will be seeing something next Wednesday. Hidden their name just in case
  18. Pretty shocking article, basically any modern steering wheel that has buttons and isn’t round? Top content
  19. Thanks Tom, I did mean further photos, someones got them out there
  20. Anybody have pictures of the verdant green Emira at the BBC then?
  21. Somebody on another website is saying they have been told Factory collection is now an option: Bod27 "Just had a call from Lotus, looks like the factory pick up is an option, offered three options, pick up from dealer, home del, and factory pick up. Factory pick up will be an £195 (good for two) Lunch , factory tour and hand over of car. Cant wait to get over to Hethel in June to collect my car. Great news , still all on track for June , absolutely so exited about the Emira !" That is £195 on top of the delivery fee, new total: £1,240
  22. I like the none black pack exhaust tips, I would put good money on that being Dark Verdant. Hilarious that we can't tell for certain even though we literally have a picture of it now
  23. Thank you for all the links, I wonder how many orders they will get today and as the month goes on
  24. Round 2 of red, I'm just nabbing these from a facebook group
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