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  1. Were the chairs always supposed to be handmade at Hethel? Maybe they are only making the pre production ones in house. Could explain the missed 3 lines people keep referring to and the seat sag? Link to Lotus media images:
  2. It was probably Dark Verdant 😆
  3. Emiralust

    Emira GT4

    I really hope this goes up the goodwood hill this year, sounds so good! How different is the engine to our cars, does it have light weight pistons, different valves etc obviously a different exhaust system!
  4. Emiralust

    Emira GT4

    This was posted on Facebook. The comment is interesting, perhaps we will be seeing something next Wednesday. Hidden their name just in case
  5. Pretty shocking article, basically any modern steering wheel that has buttons and isn’t round? Top content
  6. Thanks Tom, I did mean further photos, someones got them out there
  7. Anybody have pictures of the verdant green Emira at the BBC then?
  8. Somebody on another website is saying they have been told Factory collection is now an option: Bod27 "Just had a call from Lotus, looks like the factory pick up is an option, offered three options, pick up from dealer, home del, and factory pick up. Factory pick up will be an £195 (good for two) Lunch , factory tour and hand over of car. Cant wait to get over to Hethel in June to collect my car. Great news , still all on track for June , absolutely so exited about the Emira !" That is £195 on top of the delivery fee, new total: £1,240
  9. I like the none black pack exhaust tips, I would put good money on that being Dark Verdant. Hilarious that we can't tell for certain even though we literally have a picture of it now
  10. Thank you for all the links, I wonder how many orders they will get today and as the month goes on
  11. Round 2 of red, I'm just nabbing these from a facebook group
  12. Here is your next first impressionable view of the Emira, this time in red (this wont be the FE red)
  13. It's almost comical they are making a move to "online" a concept this senior member of staff is oblivious to the inner workings of, the number 1 attribute of online is the mountain of information at your fingertips. It's like watching my grandma trying to unlock her phone. Bell & Colvill don't get their demo car until June, the same delivery month as mine and many others. I can't believe that I am expected to sign on the dotted line to pay £80k before Lotus themselves simply show a picture of the car in my colour. Mind boggling, what are they so scared of/hiding. At first is was enticing, now it's just offensive
  14. Ah yes my bad, thanks Just seen this one on facebook, looks like it’s nimbus grey?
  15. I’m surprised these haven’t been added to this forum yet, here are photos of two white Emiras in case anybody hasn’t seen them. The dirty one is a i4 mule apparently and the clean one is filming with Top gear yesterday
  16. Who’s bought a good Emira number plate already? I would love to see them
  17. @SDLOTUS I reckon you should give them a ring on Monday, they should be able to answer any questions you've got and what a late 2nd payment means LOTUS CUSTOMER CARE Tel: +44 (0) 330 0948047 Email: [email protected]
  18. Hi Badger, I see nobody has popped up with privacy ticked so I will throw one in for you, mine will be but I think it's completely personal preference. I've always had privacy glass like you, I've never had an issue with not seeing out of the blind spot and I like creeping in my rear view mirror in traffic. Like Tom said it's only a 20% tint anyway so you'll still see the engine bay The grey Emira we've been seeing does not have privacy glass, I'm pretty sure the blue car wasn't tinted either? I don't think we have seen a car with the privacy glass yet so we don't have a reference to go off There is a B pillar on the Emira so with or without privacy glass there is still a thick black transition between the two side windows, unlike on an e89 Z4 or convertible c class for example. I do get Andy's point though, it's not a issue for me personally. Will you see the engine bay a bit better? Yes, a bit. Should you remove the privacy glass because other people have? no Worth noting in case anybody reading misunderstands this part, I think that factory privacy glass is made with a dye in the glass rather than a tinted film applied which would be removable, so you wouldn't be able to remove the 20% tint without changing the glass, however you can spec no privacy and always have it installed afterwards.
  19. For me personally I'm that guy they caught with their £60k price carrot in July, which in reality obviously was going to be £75k which is £80k OTR which I justified with my man maths, if it went up again I would probably have to leave it
  20. Ideally I would like to see a choice to collect from factory and no valet as I am in Norwich a lot and my car is going straight to single stage polish/ceramic coat. If I had the choice to not pay for the delivery or the valet that would be much appreciated. I don't mind if the collection is nothing fancy either if it saves me a decent amount of money, I can see the factory/track another day I do understand this is a big operation though and there is a logistical cost to everything including specifically saying this one car is not to be valeted and is being collected from here
  21. It actually looks amazing in every colour! I can't stop looking at it 😂 I think whatever you order, you're going to be very happy. BUT also whenever we all see one in another colour there will be equal envy from both drivers ha
  22. Very happy with the configurator, a bit annoyed my spec has been locked a week before this came out though, and as the email says, "changes to your configuration will mean that your order will be removed out of the production line and rescheduled which will delay your estimated delivery." If it's now confirmed the diamond cut alloys are not like the ones seen in Lotus NYO I would probably want to change back to them after seeing the proper lower black pack and renders for the first time Is it a bug that the lower black pack changes the colour of the diffuser and side sill? It might not be that obvious in the screenshots, but if you have a play turning it black pack on and off you will see it
  23. Did you ask about factory collection? I’m very keen for this
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