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  1. Price is going to be key. Unfortunately, my builders come back with a crazy price for my garage extension (blaming the supply of materials) so the Emira is up in the air at the minute. Maybe spring 2023 for a custom build will have to do. Damn!!!!
  2. I'm more excited about the spec and price list 😁
  3. The first batch of cars does worry me, as does not seeing the colours in the flesh.
  4. Tesla Model 3 or Y Long Range to sit alongside the Emira That leaves me £50k for hookers, coke and booze 😎
  5. Painted panels and alloys....everything else not alcantara can be carbon 😍
  6. glen8

    Lotus Emira

    Come on Lotus I'm chomping at the bit here
  7. I'd say as a 'very' rough guess 2760mm Made some measurements a while back for my own double garage
  8. Gotta be the porsche Cayman IMHO
  9. Not heard anything today? I contacted central Lotus Notts when I first place my deposit.
  10. I think you've ended up turning me towards the red. I'm down to two choices now, but really need to see them all in the flesh. Yellow, yellow calipers, silver/black forged alloys, black/yellow alcantara and wheel (unsure about black pack) Magma Red, yellow calipers, silver/black forged alloys, tan leather, yellow/black alcantara wheel (black pack) I think you should get the green 😂
  11. Yellow with black/yellow alcantara
  12. Every time I look at the white photo I think wow! it really is stunning. Think I'm going Magma with tan leather though.
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