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  1. god I hope so, as I want to buy my works lease car next year. I must be one of the few people who wants their car to lose money lol
  2. I think used car prices will remain high for another 12-18 months.
  3. glen8

    Emira GT4

    Can't wait to see this beast. Hopefully we get a hardcore emira around '24 '25....maybe before the EV variant
  4. Damn, the thing looks so good in any colour. It's just impossible to pick a favourite. If I had a gun pointing at my head, I'd go with Yellow, Nimbus, Senca and Verdant....with Magma a very close second ^ That Verdant though 😮
  5. Price is going to be key. Unfortunately, my builders come back with a crazy price for my garage extension (blaming the supply of materials) so the Emira is up in the air at the minute. Maybe spring 2023 for a custom build will have to do. Damn!!!!
  6. I'm more excited about the spec and price list 😁
  7. The first batch of cars does worry me, as does not seeing the colours in the flesh.
  8. Tesla Model 3 or Y Long Range to sit alongside the Emira That leaves me £50k for hookers, coke and booze 😎
  9. Painted panels and alloys....everything else not alcantara can be carbon 😍
  10. glen8

    Lotus Emira

    Come on Lotus I'm chomping at the bit here
  11. I'd say as a 'very' rough guess 2760mm Made some measurements a while back for my own double garage
  12. Gotta be the porsche Cayman IMHO
  13. Not heard anything today? I contacted central Lotus Notts when I first place my deposit.
  14. I think you've ended up turning me towards the red. I'm down to two choices now, but really need to see them all in the flesh. Yellow, yellow calipers, silver/black forged alloys, black/yellow alcantara and wheel (unsure about black pack) Magma Red, yellow calipers, silver/black forged alloys, tan leather, yellow/black alcantara wheel (black pack) I think you should get the green 😂
  15. Every time I look at the white photo I think wow! it really is stunning. Think I'm going Magma with tan leather though.
  16. How many people can I annoy on a Friday afternoon then.....😲
  17. OMG I'm so slow at times! I thought you were being serious and searched it up online 😆 Thanks mate. You sir are a legend though. I think you may have made my mind up on the colour. Magma Red with tan!
  18. Well that doesn't make my decision any easier at all You'll have to tell me how you do the dark colours....or how you do the colour changes because the way I do it takes me ages. I'm sure there's an easier way.
  19. I'm actually working on purple next. Not matte though, kinda chrome purple but it looks fantastic! I'm in the office today, so can't finish it until tonight.
  20. I'm having a rest now, just done silver (more like porsche crayon). These are pretty much at the limit of my knowledge. Unless you want bright pink.
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