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  1. Ok I’m viewing the black S3 today. Owner “seems” genuine and a real car nut. He has other Esprits in various states of renovation too and seems to know what he’s talking about. Pretty much everything on the car has been replaced includes a top end rebuild when a previous owner snapped the cam belt. any tiings I need to pay particular attention too other than the normal old car checks. Many thanks guys I’m very exited. But I need to stay focused to avoid a costly mistake.
  2. I love it. Just what I’m after. Looks the part too. Do you think the mileage is anything to ge concerned with. Seems to have had lots of work done though
  3. Nice. Not sure about that red interior though. And why is he selling after just three months? Hmmm
  4. Indeed I do. Was he looking to buy? And if so why did he not buy it 🙁
  5. Another cars just come up on piston heads. It a black turbo priced at 39k. Any thoughts guys? Looks nice. Worth the price though?. Not sure if the cars known to any of you.
  6. I thought the advice was not to spend more than £30k ? This one looks worse than the white car and is more expensive
  7. Https://
  8. That’s been sold. It’s been on their site for ages, but is gone. There is also a black one from a dealer in Scotland which I asked about. However the dealer says it drops oil sometimes so not sure if it’s more hassle than it’s worth. I think I may give the white one a miss judging by the comments on here tbh. I don’t want any more lemons. I’ve had a few in the past. I want to drive the car not look at it in a lay-by 😁. It’s a shame, cos it does look good, but again it has to be an investment too.
  9. This is great info guys. Many thanks
  10. Just Spoke to Chris. It’s had a C service in 2019. Also they advised the owner that no3 cylinder/carb would not adjust and I don’t think this was done or resolved. Also tappet clearances needed adjusting. So I need to check if any of this has been sorted. So thanks guys all good info so far. Chris said the carb seals were also too tight and needed looking at. 😳 it all sounds expensive so far.
  11. Thanks Guys, Seem like I need to contact Chris Foulds. I take he is a Lotus Specialist? If so I need him lol
  12. Its on for 34k. Which I believe is top whack for an s3 non Turbo. I agree just cos it’s a motor show car doesn’t mean much to me either.mainly posted to help identify the particular car. The sunroof part is interesting I can ask the owner.
  13. Cheers guys. The reg is original so no changes I think.
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