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  1. Exactly why I passed on my FE V6 allocation... Dealer asked for my final spec last month and was going to take wife down to dealer to see the paint samples and was advised they don't have any. Advisor at dealership said you can look at the online config or search for Fire Red Evoras to see the Magma Red color if you want. Wife said "you are not getting this car they are not ready". Lotus still has my deposit maybe hold out for the Base V6 if I can wait that long. Wife is pushing me back towards Porsche... just can't stomach an ADM refuse to pay over MSRP so I wait.
  2. My dealer has been great but has lack of info from Lotus. Asked me to come in last week and configure my FE order. I asked him if they still have the color samples as I am having some trouble nailing down the color I want. Sadly they have no paint samples or pictures of colors only online configurator. My wife pulled the plug said this car is not ready for prime time or our hard earned $$. I let them keep my deposit maybe by the time Base V6 cars are ready to order we will have more meaningful information to make buying decisions. Wife wants me to get a 992 911S Manual instead... hard for me to argue with that except finding one is impossible and I really wanted the Lotus. Enough people back out maybe Lotus will share some photos of cars with FE colors
  3. From US I still see the old configurator... anyone able to provide link to the UK website?
  4. Sure would be nice to know the prices for the V6 base model... need to know that before make choice
  5. USA price guess Base I4 MSRP $73,995 (straight conversion of base 60k pounds to dollars after taking out VAT tax and adding some shipping costs) Base V6 MSRP $77,995 First Edition i4 MSRP $83,995 First Edition V6 MSRP $87,995 Plus tax Plus Destination Tag/title
  6. Palm Beach Florida lotus dealer website shows starting US price at $85,000. Direct translation from 60,000 Pounds to Dollars is $83,414 I wonder if they know more than we do or are they just speculating US pricing like the rest of us? I am hoping it is less and more in line with Cayman pricing here. I have to get this purchase past the wife still and really wanted a Manual. here is link to dealer website
  7. That will put it into Porsche 911/Evora GT pricing. I was hoping it was going to be a Porsche Cayman competitor. I understand the First Edition may be that high with all the option addons. Based on your numbers all V6 versions will be over 100k US. I think this would be a mistake for Lotus. I was hoping to get a V6 Manual with very few options... if that is over 100k US then sadly most likely refund my deposit.
  8. I would think the v6 would be less expensive than the I4 from a cost perspective to Lotus. V6 delivers more power and sounds better and will be highly desirable so I understand the added cost to the consumer. I am hoping the difference is not more than 5k. If you want Automatic the I4 seems the call and V6 for Manual. When I put down my deposit I asked my local dealer here in Florida if I could drive an Evora before we lock in the order and deposit becomes non refundable sometime in January 2022 and they agreed. I will wait until that time to take an Evora GT Test drive.
  9. Ok put down Emira deposit today at my local Aston Martin/Lotus Dealership. $2,500 refundable until Order placed.... estimated order placement Jan 2022. Will hope the V6 manual is not a lot more than the I4 AMG. If it is a big price difference I will go for the Cayman GTS 4.0 manual instead. Current daily driver is 2015 Porsche Cayman S Manual
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