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  1. Yeh I noticed at a track day that the Exiges with the Cup tyres looked sooo much better, even though they are only 10mm wider. Did you change your PS4s or just get a new car?
  2. @Kristof Thysthanks for the commitment to go and measure your tyres in the rain! That’s really helpful: it does seem then that mine are not quite right. I’ll pick it up with Michelin and see what they can do. Yes the rears are PS4 too and they look and sit just fine on the car. I bought from a well know tyre chain so I would expect them to be genuine. Really helpful thanks to get an alternative picture of what the tyres should be like. I’ll let you know what Michelin say.
  3. My car is an Exige 350 Sport Roadster. I’ve changed tyres recently from the Pirelli Corsas to Michelin PS4 but I’m not happy with the front tyres. They are the right size (205/45/17) but they just seem wrong: too narrow and with a noticeable inward sloping sidewall. The tread width is no where near 205mm. I’m getting much more understeer than I would expect which could be because the tyre is so narrow. Some photos attached. Does what I have look normal or not from others’ experiences? Thanks!
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