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  1. As the weather was nice at the weekend and the roads were full with petrol queues,  I decided to stay home and get some quality time on 837G-  stripping down the front end , lights , Aircon, bumper, electrics etc in preparation for the day when I get the body off. Many many rusty bolts later - victory .

    I do have some questions which hopefully someone can answer. Underneath the front spoiler/splitter there is a separate GRP panel/ undertray which runs the width of the car and seems to partially protect the radiator and aircon condenser - does anyone know what this is called and if anyone sells them . Mine could be repaired, but it has clearly been grounded out at some point and probably 40% of it is missing.

    Unsurprisingly the Aircon condenser is missing too, so I imagine this may have taken a bearing at the time the panel was damaged.  Does anyone have experience of sourcing the panel and or condenser and possibly the Aircon pipes . I seem to have everything else but the pipe connectors are very rusty and I don't know how gas tight the old pipes are .


    Any help or advice would be appreciated .

    I will send some pictures during the week 











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