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    Macan GTS, Cayman GTS 4.0 (deposit), Emira (deposit), previous... Vantage Coupe 4.7, E92 M3, Z4M Coupe, 350Z

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  1. the problem with limits is that often you only find out where they are once you've crossed them! speaks the ex owner of a 350Z that got hedge planted... with almost zero damage 😁 I turned up at my local garage and got them to lift it to check underneath, which had half a grass verge attached. no damage at all but a sarcastic "most expensive lawnmower I've ever seen" comment 🤣
  2. Three!! 😁… nice work I didn’t get on with the inside of the new one
  3. I almost got rid of the vantage a few times… 911 gts, 911 S, amg gt, tt rs each time I got back in the Aston afterwards and just couldn’t bear to part with it! after 7 years i decided it was finally time for a change… Do you have the older model or the new one?
  4. Colour feels a bit familiar!!
  5. now thats what I call a Lotus! 😂
  6. It was the same for some of us… I just held off til I’d seen the metal. is an Aussie tour on the cards soon?
  7. Sounds positive. With a bit of luck I might get mine by the summer then!
  8. Sounds like they are definitely upping production then, as 800 would be a 1.5 year wait at the original numbers which I was told 500-600 per year uk allocation
  9. I hope so, that would be great! Who was the source?
  10. good choice... me too!
  11. Mctaff

    Lotus Emira

    ok, thought it was flat rate on top of the full cost... makes sense... complicated tax system!! still comparatively a rather better deal against the GTS, vs the pricing in the UK
  12. Mctaff

    Lotus Emira

    Seems like a direct conversion of the uk price into Aussie dollars, plus the bonkers 33% luxury car tax on top. Whereas it appears Porsche up their price for the Aussie market, as it’s not a direct conversion in the uk both cars are roughly equivalent in price once you’ve put a few options onto the GTS to align the specs…, so I think the Aussie price is a bargain i could buy a 75k GTS here and sell it a year later for roughly the same price. Regardless, I’m about to cancel my GTS deposit 😁
  13. I asked today at the Bristol event, and was told by one of the Lotus central team that until a couple of months before build you'd be able to change the spec. I'm not wholly convinced that wasn't just his opinion, but the answer aligns with the way most manufacturers deal with it. So, after being bowled over by the car in person I'm finally happy to make my second payment... and the website won't have any of it. Anyone else had issues? Do they not like Amex?
  14. I though the steering wheel buttons were really poor compared to the rest of the interior, but didn’t have chance to actually use them for anything other than a quick prod…
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