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    Macan GTS, Macan EV (deposit), Emira V6 FE (June delivery!!), previous... Vantage Coupe 4.7, E92 M3, Z4M Coupe, 350Z
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  1. Golf bag… bah! show me one with one of my wife’s “weekend” bags in there, and I’ll be happy… nay, astounded 😃
  2. thanks Tom - great pics of DV!! really shows off the curves of the car because the colour changes so much
  3. I’d imagine there’s a fair bit of wiggle room in terms of multiple people wanting in effect to swap options - let’s be honest there aren’t many choices! - thus cancelling out upstream ordering implications. But computer says no minimises any risk for lotus
  4. Lol. Fair point!! I’m overthinking it 😃
  5. I was told July by rybrook in Bristol now for demos… previously may/june Cynically I feel they are milking the early adopters - pay for a tour to see the colours; pay for driving academy to get a test drive. Wtf?? 😡
  6. Glad I’ve gone alcantara, although I’ve only ever had leather before, so wasn’t wholly confident in my choice. pic of my Macan at 34k miles. Seats still in really good condition, although admittedly I don’t drive round a racetrack in it!
  7. is that the dark gray? one or two look a bit DV, then the rest look gray those seats seem to be in shocking shape already! I hope they aren't final production quality.
  8. Any idea when the production car reviews are due? are they even producing full prod spec cars yet?
  9. Ok, now that’s what I’m talking about!! No colour change needed after all 🤯
  10. Somewhat underwhelmed ☹️ possibly my least favourite of all the photos I’ve seen and it’s the colour I’ve chosen! i may be delayed again by a colour change…
  11. Amazing pics, beautiful in all these colours…. But… Wot no green?! blue has it got me from all these, closely followed by yellow DV better be worth the bloody wait with all this anticipation!! Crayon 🤣
  12. Aston were great. Porsche are being absolute dickheads re evidencing the 5k fix really needs to happen to my warranty company. I’m starting to think they just made it up Audi were always pretty good too I thought
  13. Yeah fair point… and those shiny showrooms ain’t cheap either!
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