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    Macan GTS, Macan EV (deposit), Emira V6 FE (June delivery!!), previous... Vantage Coupe 4.7, E92 M3, Z4M Coupe, 350Z
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  1. yeah I guess they've got to get whatever gubbins lives under there in and then the bonnet in place somehow, even if its off limits to me on a day to day basis
  2. Oh… I thought the front didn’t open? if it does, fair enough, it’s probably slightly open…
  3. ahh, well spotted! the RHD car is the one whose bonnet doesn't fit properly top right - I'm loving this new production process that makes panels with laser sharp tolerances....
  4. lovely to see all those photos... the hethel yellow is making me reconsider my choice of DV, although DV also looks good. worrying thought that I can't seem to spot a single RHD car in the 30 or so in the photos - I think that tells me a lot about when we're getting our cars!
  5. Might not fit so well over my Macan!!
  6. Now… if only I had something to go under the cover…
  7. I can just imagine your shrieks of glee alongside the mechanical shrieks from my car being oh so gently run in! 😉
  8. great news for 5 people... bad news for the rest of us!! that said, if my car is delayed til the new year I don't mind. what I will mind is if I lose my place in the queue because I'm out of the country and unable to take delivery for a month after xmas. 🤨
  9. love this... looks like Alien trying to get out of the guys body....
  10. I was of course joking about Graham seeming to have done rather an about turn during the progress of this thread! Lotus comms handbook on how to answer a query on delivery dates from customers….
  11. Graham I don’t think you quite realise how difficult it is bringing a new car to market! 😉
  12. Oooh exciting! we’re you a very early depositor? the email still isn’t sure demonstrators will arrive in august which worries me as this implies they aren’t building cars yet
  13. It’s appears to be a matter of can’t be bothered, not can’t do it
  14. Mctaff

    Lotus Emira

    It is just nuance in the meaning of “New models” vs continued production of “existing” emira? I note it mentions “phase out” and “from” next year too in the intro. I haven’t got access to the paywall so can only see the first paragraph…
  15. Just a generic response… and now blaming on demand, not supply. Hugely inconsistent comms. Note to Lotus - tell your CS colleagues to STOP MAKING STUFF UP “ All deliveries for the Emira have been delayed. This is due to the unprecedented demand we have received which has had a knock on effect with production and capacity. The factory is 6-8 weeks behind on their production schedule. We last updated you that your car was due for build in July, so it is now scheduled for 6-8 weeks later than that. This means your estimated build month will now be September. ”
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