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  1. I was of course joking about Graham seeming to have done rather an about turn during the progress of this thread! Lotus comms handbook on how to answer a query on delivery dates from customers….
  2. Graham I don’t think you quite realise how difficult it is bringing a new car to market! 😉
  3. Oooh exciting! we’re you a very early depositor? the email still isn’t sure demonstrators will arrive in august which worries me as this implies they aren’t building cars yet
  4. It’s appears to be a matter of can’t be bothered, not can’t do it
  5. Mctaff

    Lotus Emira

    It is just nuance in the meaning of “New models” vs continued production of “existing” emira? I note it mentions “phase out” and “from” next year too in the intro. I haven’t got access to the paywall so can only see the first paragraph…
  6. Just a generic response… and now blaming on demand, not supply. Hugely inconsistent comms. Note to Lotus - tell your CS colleagues to STOP MAKING STUFF UP “ All deliveries for the Emira have been delayed. This is due to the unprecedented demand we have received which has had a knock on effect with production and capacity. The factory is 6-8 weeks behind on their production schedule. We last updated you that your car was due for build in July, so it is now scheduled for 6-8 weeks later than that. This means your estimated build month will now be September. ”
  7. Customer care have just told me that its 6-8 weeks on top of the last slipped date, not the original date. I’m now likely October delivery, from June.
  8. With so few options to choose from I imagine a lot of cars could be impacted even if a single option is in short supply
  9. Matt was just vague, saying deliveries due to start in June, some parts issues, yet working day and night - 2 shifts??! - to build the cars. I meant further to my last formal comms from lotus, and Wake’s query re July… but yes, I agree, they maybe the same delays Matt alluded to… but July moving to September is the first concrete thing I’ve heard on the topic
  10. the other forum has various posts about further delays - at least an additional month by the looks of things... I was supposed to be late June initially, then got a vague mail about July (which may have meant August delivery), but have heard nothing since.
  11. Gray my least favourite here. Red will get a lot of “nice Ferrari”… not that’s that’s a bad thing… yellow my favourite. Like a good Portuguese custard tart!
  12. You’ll probably get a knock on your door mid July, open it to find a guy stood there with your emira on the back of a truck and a 70k invoice in his hand! ”oh… did lotus not tell you I was coming?”
  13. I’m assuming none of you with supposed July deliveries have actually heard anything? So earliest feels like it will be august, assuming the month before final confirmation still stands
  14. Looks wise the only competitors seem to be supercars as far as I can see performance wise is cayman gts or v8 f-type territory
  15. Mctaff

    Lotus Emira

    porsche will not be liking that poll very much!!
  16. proper james bond colour. magnificent!!
  17. Ouch Tom, no!!! 🤯
  18. I do hope the severe lack of DV cars in photos isn’t a paint supply issue!
  19. great to finally see some comms! matt said June deliveries though which is wrong!?
  20. I will... just wanted a go first, so I could be much more excited for the month wait!!
  21. can't quite figure out if this is grey or green, but like it regardless!
  22. Silverstone told me late July for demo cars today. Looks like I might be delaying so I can get behind the wheel first. Frustrating!!
  23. Two deposits- go for it!
  24. To be fair you sound pretty pissed!! elise / evora great for you, and that’s excellent… but putting other peoples opinions down as shite just because you disagree is just disrespectful. Can we all just play nice please?
  25. Fair point. There’s lots more exposure now, so I’d assume enquires will spike again
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