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  1. "you know you're obsessed with the Emira when...." ... you spend waaay too much time nosing around posts on this forum, willing someone to have posted a real picture of a verdant green car!! our colour choices are locked in, based on samples of non finalised colours? I wonder if the verdant green is actually that deep blue in the autocar pictures?! 🤣
  2. This really doesn't fill me with confidence!! Lotus "we'd like you to lock in your choice of wheels please" Customer "ok, what is the diamond finish like - gloss black or matt gray?" Lotus "we don't know" Customer "hmmmm. how am I supposed to choose then?" Lotus "thanks. your changes are locked in now. please note, if you request another change the factory may explode."
  3. I've not had a call yet... deposit July 8th I'm hoping Louts have realised its best to release more info before approaching the subsequent delivery groups... which would be better from a customer perspective, and will make the calls quicker as it will stop me/us asking them loads of questions on the call (well maybe a few less anyway!! 😁)
  4. With the millions in deposits and millions more Geely capital I’d hope they can afford a project manager!! Mind you I’d have hoped they could afford a comms manager too and that doesn’t appear to have panned out. perhaps they’ve put all resources into a wing and a prayer manager instead?! 🙄
  5. Indeed… come on lotus show me the green already!!
  6. my deposit was first thing on the 8th, and I've heard nothing yet. Hopefully next week. conversely, I'm rather hoping I might see a real verdant green car before I get the call in case I have a last minute rash change to hethel yellow.. big birthday in august, so fingers crossed it arrives beforehand!
  7. had them a few times... I quite like the finish - not these bling gloss ones though - but agree after a few years you're paying to get them refinished
  8. Yuck, don’t like those gloss alloys!
  9. “Dear Santa, aka Matt. This year I have a simple Christmas wish. A nice set of pictures of a verdant green Emira. I’m sure you’ve got a nice shiny photogenic one somewhere! I’ve been a very good boy this year, and remember my deposit is contributing to a large bonus payout you will be receiving soon. Yours in expectation….”
  10. Green! I want to see verdant green next please! I may be going yellow…
  11. wow. I actually love that! I hate yellow!!
  12. Good passenger seat review in this months Car lots of positive noises ”this could be the two seat sports car”
  13. Planning for build starts Jan… seems very unlikely they are starting our cars that early! I imagine there will still be flexibility for parts that are easy to source Agree it makes no sense to have to nail stuff down much more than a month before the build slot
  14. Interesting Tom - who gave you the figures?
  15. I've heard multiple different figures from various sources and I'll wager most of them are hearsay! I suggest they publish a live list of deposit reference numbers in order, then I can get excited every time someone cancels their deposit and I move one position up the list! :)
  16. a real delivery date is obviously more complex and there are still a fair few moving variables... but a rough estimate is easy... or at least tell me where I am in the queue as it stands, and how many cars they expect to produce per day for the UK market, and let me work it out for myself.
  17. My understanding was they had already sold out the 2022 allocation a while ago, so any new orders are 2023 delivery... so I'm reading this as a delay to our delivery dates. That said, I haven't had an estimated delivery date - has anyone?
  18. I could be interested.... assume I'm high enough up the queue to get the car in time. Never been to the island before...
  19. Nice! I was thinking green / red myself but the red was a bit of a shocker, so decided alcantara instead… unless I see a full red interior first and change my mind!
  20. the problem with limits is that often you only find out where they are once you've crossed them! speaks the ex owner of a 350Z that got hedge planted... with almost zero damage 😁 I turned up at my local garage and got them to lift it to check underneath, which had half a grass verge attached. no damage at all but a sarcastic "most expensive lawnmower I've ever seen" comment 🤣
  21. Three!! 😁… nice work I didn’t get on with the inside of the new one
  22. I almost got rid of the vantage a few times… 911 gts, 911 S, amg gt, tt rs each time I got back in the Aston afterwards and just couldn’t bear to part with it! after 7 years i decided it was finally time for a change… Do you have the older model or the new one?
  23. Colour feels a bit familiar!!
  24. It was the same for some of us… I just held off til I’d seen the metal. is an Aussie tour on the cards soon?
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