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  1. has someone gone bonkers?! the plate for the rich stutterer amongst us....
  2. Let’s hope top gear don’t subscribe to lotus’ definition of soon!
  3. b. for me. What no £(/}€%! Verdant green pics? White looking the nuts though!
  4. oh boy, that is butt ugly!! thank god the real flyer above doesn't look like this!
  5. Mine was 8th July 9am and I’m June… so if strict deposit order I’m the last day or two of June and you’re the first day or two of July!
  6. Wow, that’s bonkers. Looks like we’ll see really good residuals for the first year or two then 😁
  7. I just got an email today inviting me to give them some cash....
  8. Finance is on the website configurator… click the price at the bottom and the finance bit pops up
  9. Nothing bad about starting the topic; it seems perfectly reasonable to explore it in a semi-hysterical manner to me 🙄 The car feels very well priced. The OTR charges do not. Seems natural for us to express how we feel about that. Or perhaps don’t feel about it.
  10. "I'm ever so slightly miffed off at paying double the actual cost for delivery and a quick vacuum" ... better? 😁
  11. I think the UK is a fairly low tax country overall, and VAT is similar or lower, certainly vs most of Europe. Less sure about how VED compares.
  12. So put up the price of the car, don’t gouge me on OTR costs! I agree they have a cost challenge - don’t we all with rampant inflation - but making me feel like I’m getting ripped off, on something as relatively small as this, feels like a poorly thought through decision.
  13. Yes! Price gouging isn’t a great look! it costs 200 quid to deliver a car and the same for a mid range valet. Less than 100 for a tank of petrol and 50 for plates. the other 500 just feels rude!
  14. Some bizarre mileage pricing on the configurator if I choose 6k miles yet do 24k and pay the excess mileage charge, vs going for a 24k agreement… I save almost £90 per month ! not that anyone is bonkers enough to do 24k per year in an emira I imagine, but the same is true for any mileage, albeit the savings drop as the mileage drops
  15. Yeah I thought that was daylight robbery too! Never seen anything close to that before. 100 or so for plates and registration. Then 5 or 600 to clean the car and quality check it before giving it to me??! Really?! I should pay for this? And I’ll pick it up from Hethel thanks…. Then you can put the 300+ delivery charge into lunch, factory tour and a go on the track please!!
  16. started working now... seems a bit flaky though re feeding figures correctly into finance calc... firstly the figures didn't come through into the calculation... and now I've refreshed the page its forcing me into viewing hire purchase figures because the value of the PX is greater than the max PCP amount!
  17. anyone else having difficulty with the PEX tool? vehicle lookup can't find the car - I've tried 4 different number plates, none of them can be found!
  18. Mctaff

    Lotus Emira

    Thanks Tom, sounds similar to my expectations, albeit not much like the configurator!!
  19. Mctaff

    Lotus Emira

    Coming via Aston and Porsche the interior is a small step down sure, but I thought it was great! if they have 6 painted [real] FE cars why on earth do I want an updated configurator showing me rendered [fake] images of the car??! Just publish some photos of the real cars ffs!!! tom… what’s the green like? Are you sworn to secrecy??!
  20. isn't the engine being off centre going to mess up the weight distribution? not to mention trigger my OCD about symmetry.... both my fat @ss and the engine over to the right? I'll have to put some weights on the passenger seat!
  21. Yeah I thought that wasn’t too bad. I still had a whinge that they still had zero idea when painted cars might start to appear. I’d imagine a number of people are asking this question… it seems bizarre they can’t answer it, given they clearly have a production line of half completed cars of multiple colours!
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