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  1. Thanks everyone, a slight edit to make it more "murky", hopefully when production cars have been painted I can stop worrying. Still love it though 🤩
  2. Looks like we have decided on red, as my screen and eyes seem less capable these days, do any of our photoshop experts think is this render close to the true colour
  3. You are right, the Jag F-type soundtrack is ridiculous, my 981 is sometimes embarrassing in Sport mode and the AMG A45 too synthesised, hopefully Lotus won't go down the fake noise route.
  4. 🤣🤣🤣 Luckily we have no neighbours, but the dogs will wonder what is going on. I might put a mirror on the back wall to save making too much of an idiot of myself. 😎 The other half already knows I am mental 🥴
  5. Luckily the garage is 2370mm wide, I am sure it will still be bum clenching every time though 🤣
  6. The measurement with mirrors is 2092mm, more than the 1978mm I am used to with our 981, 1895mm against 1801mm with the mirrors folded. 114mm wider with mirrors and 94mm folded but luckily narrow enough to go through the garage doors. The mirrors do seem large but with rear window visibility restricted, possibly necessary, are there any images of the folded position?
  7. Logic has got the better of emotion, the V6 temptation has waned and we return to our original AMG red LE, tan leather and silver alloys. We still have a six cylinder unit should we need to scream.
  8. An interesting afternoon at Central Lotus, it was nice to see the Emira first-hand and have plenty of seat time in the showroom. Pleasantly surprised with the perceived quality the display model hints at, the fact that "dodgy hip" could get in without any issues, better than getting into our MX-5 and comparable to the 981 Boxster. We were surprised by the colour pallette, only two choices shone for us and we had hoped the red might pop a bit more, overall though we didn't feel the negativity that been present is some posts was warranted. It's still very early days and the display model is just that, I will happily put my £3k down on a red AMG LE, hopefully the price will go the right way on the I4's. Bonus points to Central for hosting us, can't complain at some afternoon Freixenet
  9. Interesting snaps on Facebook from Jean-yves Beaubois, off to do some fast testing with the additional "Gurney flaps" perhaps.
  10. I am trying to persuade them to swap to this 🤭
  11. After Mickles great work I was tempted to have a play with photoshop, I hope I can make my mind up soon 🤔
  12. I would say there is little in the spec to lock in for the early adopters, in reality most extras are included in FE, it is down to colours, sports or touring suspension package and the choice of V6 transmission. Every other variable, non FE colours, AMG powerplant will be much later and at least by then the FE's should be about. I would much rather see the cars in representative colours before being compelled to choose, the current process seems somewhat haphazard, some questions raised here require answers. The last sports car launch I was invited to had a variety of cars in both colours and configuration to choose from, that was however a volume producer which of course, Lotus is not. I would not expect to be locked in before I had seen cars in a variety of colours and had the chance to drive at least both V6 transmissions, I already have both pdk and manual gearbox cars so am torn between which is best for my requirements on the Emira although my heart says manual 💖 It's still early days and hopefully there will be some progress on availability of cars before too long.
  13. You are a hero with all the photoshop images, I am still tempted by red 😍
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