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  1. The rubber weather seal? If so, it probably seems larger on lighter colours, less noticeable on green/grey or even red
  2. I take it that is just UK deliveries as less than fifty a week seems very slow
  3. That's not quite how just in time works, items need to be delivered to the production point in a suitable time frame, they will be shipped in larger quantities to the production plant. The slightest hiccup can be problematic however. From my conversation with Lotus, my opinion is they wanted me to do them the favour of taking a car they didn't have a buyer for, it also seemed I would be paying a premium for extras I didn't want. They would have had a better response by either swapping the components, in my case it was sports suspension, or offering an incentive to help them out of a pickle. Maybe the next person in line will have been more open to accepting a change in specification but there needs to be some flexibility on cars that haven't even been built.
  4. Had a call today with the chance of an earlier delivery, specification is similar apart from this car has sports suspension, tracker and no privacy glass. Sadly we will have to pass up on the option, our car should arrive in November and this offer was probably September. We have a long delayed trip around Europe for most of September and a Northumberland driving week shortly after, so in reality, we won't be able to take delivery until mid October at the earliest, now, if it had been July...
  5. Personally delivery timing is not too bad, a friend has a Boxster on order, he may well have waited as long as me for delivery by the time it arrives, maybe longer as he hasn't a date yet and I have 🤔
  6. We drive our cars too much to have something this dark, full time cleaner required 😉
  7. And still no official photos... 🤔
  8. Glad I didn't sell anything in preparation for this, Late Out Turned Unsurprisingly Shambolic
  9. Beat me to it £71.995 for the I4 in the same configuration as my V6
  10. A job to distinguish drive on my phone but I do a fair bit of continental driving in my sports cars so it could be useful 😉
  11. I actually like Magma red here, that spec on the robocart could be my car, but not likely 🙃
  12. Interesting to see another red, I wonder if this colour will be available on non-FE cars
  13. Probably the main reason we are all still waiting despite the information blackout
  14. That's more grey leather than we have seen in eight months
  15. Silver wheels do not work well for me with this colour, if it is Nimbus.
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