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  1. I made an enquiry locally for Xpel PPF on an Emira, expected to be Β£4k + vat for full coverage. We have it on the Boxster and it has saved us a few times so would seriously consider on the Lotus. I saw someone have a PPF that was actually sprayed on, much better coverage around difficult profiles and reportedly a superior finish, similar pricing and protective qualities. Has anyone else any experiences to share?
  2. My initial reaction upon seeing the powerplants available for Emira was a push towards the I4 AMG option, more power? better economy, lower duty, etc. etc. After watch videos of Mercedes A45s pulling away, the obvious false farts on shifts is a bit off-putting. With the V6 being the first engine available I am seriously considering this more expensive option, which hopefully will sound close to the test mule that has been seen at recent events. Is anyone else put off by German flatulence? The Japanese are far too reserved for that sort of thing πŸ˜‰
  3. In addition, the red has become decidedly less red in the recent rendering, or is that just my laptop?
  4. I am struggling to justify Β£16k for options that generally I am not interested in, although the V6 is tempting my original direction was AMG, it is possible we will be waiting another year which will give time for any bugs to be ironed out. At least things are moving.
  5. Looking through the specifications there are a lot of things I am not really worried about on the FE, in reality just the front parking sensors and sports exhaust, to me the rest are mostly superfluous, I have a lot of options on the Boxster that I probably wouldn't miss or spec on a car myself. It will be interesting to find out the pricing penalty for all these extras, whether I want to pay more to have Emira earlier than 2023.
  6. Just had the configuration email which indicates V6 FE only, not initially my first choice. Decisions, decisions πŸ€” As an Emira priority customer, we promised you would be the first to hear about Emira specification updates. It's almost time to configure your Emira V6 First Edition, ensuring it’s in the build pipeline and ready to be delivered at the earliest possible time. Starting from early next week our customer service specialists will call you to explain the process and share a customised configurator page so you can configure your perfect Emira. Emira has proven to be phenomenally popular, it will take a few weeks to contact all priority customers and this will be carried out in the sequence first priority order customer payments were received. We look forward to speaking to you about the next stage of your Emira journey. Lotus Cars
  7. Naturally, I anticipated they have already made more from the pilot build for certification purposes etc. Still early days for the production process if Easter is the proposed release.
  8. By the time this individal car gets around the country, it will have had more bums on seats than a taxi. Should be a test of the durability of the interior πŸ˜‰ Does anyone have an idea of when the initial production cars will begin rolling out of Lotus, has it already commenced building test cars?
  9. Roll on the 18th October at Central Lotus, we are looking forward to seeing the Emira at last.
  10. I am not sure if I want any options, who knows what will be standard? Roll on the 19th...
  11. Not second thoughts but I do wonder if Lotus are being ambitious with their anticipated delivery times. I am still undecided about engine/transmission option, the same two cars appearing around the world, seemingly the only ones outside of the factory, plus my initial preference of the AMG option not appearing yet, it's difficult to imagine there won't be delays. Although the Toyota powerplant is "ancient" the noise it makes is something an ancient bloke like me relishes in these days of strangled vocal cords due to particulate filters and horendous whispering electric vehicles so I suppose I do need to see both powerplants. With regards to production dates and the ongoing recruitment drive, how will they train this new workforce, on a new vehicle, during a period of global delivery problems. It must be a worry even with the comparatively limited production numbers for the Emira. Having worked in the automotive industry all my life I have seen many teething troubles both with facilities and vehicles, I hope they have ironed out any problems rather than rushing into production. I hope the grand plan comes to fruition and that the car is as good as these initial glimpses lead us to believe, I am not getting any younger and hope to enjoy the Emira for a long time, so the sooner the better for me πŸ˜‰
  12. Looking at the Evora as a practical tourer, on a similar line to a 997.2 or 991.1, then I saw the Emira 😎 My mind was made up, buying another silly car without rear seats or space for taking the small dogs we have. Just goes to show, the wrong side of 60 and I still have the same juvenile mindset I should try an Evora, perhaps Connor has one at Central Lotus. With regards to the engine, I love the howl of the flat6, just back from hurtling around the borders, the sound echoing up the Dalveen pass on the camera we set up is pure lunacy, would the I4 give me the same grin? My heart says V6 manual and my brain says I4 dct, I already have the F6 pdk and I4 manual so it is a difficult choice. Absolutely love the shape of the Emira, and it would be nice to buy British again.
  13. After recently considering later Evoras, the appearance of the Emira was a real eye opener. Such beautiful lines and the prospect of a very reasonable start price led me to show my interest, a follow up from Connor at Central Lotus saw me putting down a deposit. I have known of the brand since the mid 60's, through motorsport and a family friend who was always swapping between Elans and Europas of various specifications, always amazed someone so tall and "padded" could squeeze in the cars. I have had Mazda MX-5's, one of which we still enjoy, alongside a 981 Boxster, the Emira put me in a difficult place, that of making the decision which if any of our cars, it will replace. I am torn on specifics, engine types, even on colour but as three of my cars are red, that was the colour I initially considered. The sound of a six cylinder engine is intoxicating, whether I choose the howl of the V6 or the technological advance of the AMG and it's eight speed box. So that's me, I should try the Emira, whilst we can still get in it and before cars become dull electric abominations. Our car will be used as we love to tour Europe and the UK, just as we have in the Porsche and Mazda. Pete
  14. White wouldn't be my choice normally but wow! This car looks outstanding in so many colours, my original choice of red is starting to look dull πŸ€ͺ
  15. That was my understanding, I have Xpel but would be interested in a colour change with the same protection qualities.
  16. My refund occurred quickly once able to speak with Central Cars, we have been looning around in the borders recently, only just had time to update the status of our order
  17. Nothing refunded from Central Lotus, Nottingham
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