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  1. On 17/01/2022 at 20:08, TomE said:

    I hope to have a clearer answer on that point by end of this week

    Roll on the 24th, sadly we do not have the June line 😥

  2. 1 hour ago, TomE said:

    It was originally going to be late April/early May for the first UK cars, so it's only a few weeks later.  I gather they're starting customer deliveries slightly later but will be ramping up much quicker.  So if you were previously expecting delivery in Aug/Sept you'll probably still get it then.  More info on timings is due in the next few weeks.

    Well we should get it "this year", which sounds better than it did yesterday. Our order was slightly later in the list as our dealer didn't get back to us for a week, we paid the initial deposit on the 13th July and the 2nd in October. We still want to see the cars in the other FE colours although the red we have specified is unlikely to change. Hoping the process starts to accelerate once the holidays are over, still excited here 🤩

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  3. I find normally that buffeting is worse in larger cars with a rear compartment, some say the Porsche 981 and 991 are susceptible, I never experienced it in ours or any other sports car so I am lucky. In our saloon car it can be bloody awful though 😖

  4. We think we are committed now, we have paid the second deposit and are happy with colours chosen, that does not mean we don't want a test drive, both V6 transmission options would be nice but we think the auto is probably not for us as already have PDK experience which while excellent likes to change up earlier than necessary, we would also love to see the fully painted production models to be 100% sure of our choices.

    The sound of the V6 is important, we cannot imagine an I4 sounding as sonorous which pretty much rules out the AMG lump, also the linear power delivery of the supercharged engine is more preferable over the turbo shove.

    We are currently set on Magma red, lower black, silver wheels, tan interior and black calipers so they do not detract from the wheels. If we want a black roof and A pillars we will add that later, currently we prefer the one colour.

    Until we can see all the options though, an element of doubt must still exist and we will be wasting time looking at forums and posts until we get that phone call to go and see the real cars.


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  5. On 18/10/2021 at 18:49, tailslides said:

    Logic has got the better of emotion, the V6 temptation has waned and we return to our original AMG red LE, tan leather and silver alloys.

    We still have a six cylinder unit should we need to scream.

    When it came to biting the bullet and paying the second configuration deposit, the heart won through and we chose the V6 manual FE.

    We are still going ahead with Magma Red so at least that has remained constant, the other half has a lot of coordinating red gear 😉 so it's best to do as I am instructed.

    I can always change cars later if the joints ever complain too much about clutches and gears  but our first Emira will be "old school".

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  6. 2 hours ago, PhilCP said:

    Has anyone seen a sample of the ice grey leather yet?

    What interior are people choosing who have opted for Senaca Blue?

    If I had chosen Seneca blue it would have been Ice grey but Magma red has my name on it, with tan interior.

    The latest painted shapes confirmed which colour I prefer. 

    Look forward to the day we can see real cars in many options of paint and trim.

  7. 2 hours ago, Johnhoward said:

    Would agree 100%. My 410 Sport auto sounds great and in sport mode you get a blip on paddle downshifts and also get pops from the exhaust on deceleration, it all sounds very good. I much prefer it to my previous car with was a 5.0L F-type (2015 model year) and the exhaust sound got a bit too much with pops and crackles constantly even at speeds as low as 10mph! The Evora is just right, a great soundtrack that you can mute if you need to (early in the morning/late at night or whatever), but it never sounds fake or manufactured like some cars (the Jaguar being an example).

    You are right, the Jag F-type soundtrack is ridiculous, my 981 is sometimes embarrassing in Sport mode and the AMG A45 too synthesised, hopefully Lotus won't go down the fake noise route.

  8. 1 hour ago, LotusLeftLotusRight said:

    You will learn to stop outside your garage, get out, open the garage door, stand in the centre of the open doorway and look directly at the front of your car. If the Lotus badge lines up exactly with your garage door handle/rope, you can get back into the car and safely drive in.

    If not, you will have to get back in the car, reverse and try again and keep repeating until you are 100% certain. Your neighbours will think you are mental though.

    🤣🤣🤣 Luckily we have no neighbours, but the dogs will wonder what is going on.

    I might put a mirror on the back wall to save making too much of an idiot of myself. 😎

    The other half already knows I am mental 🥴

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