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  1. The new Z06 is boss true high reviving v8 lots of power and real track capabilities and daily useable true aero kit and carbon fiber wheel
  2. So actually that’s not why I’m actually buying the vette yes performance is nice but I don’t live on a track I fly for work and the Emira doesn’t fit my luggage actually and and which was one of the reasons also I am tall I don’t fit to nice in the Emira they also don’t have a front lift which I needed the two trunks which was also a plus honestly cars must always fit in with your lifestyle if doesn’t you don’t keep them very long and V8 unfortunately are a dying breed even though they sound nice but I will stop by and post pictures
  3. Well guys it was nice being on this chat (Official Emira Pricing) I’ve canceled my order for an Emira and order a Vette that beast will be unleashed thanks guys you guys are awesome
  4. Well like always keeping saying the looks are what’s keeping a big portion of the customers for this car now I don’t believe I can drive the car from the outside I believe being inside the car and driving and pushing it is what makes it fun with a good ride to match now if you sit outside the car all day and stroke it then sure if not beautiful car all show no go lol but hey what do we know in the USA I mean when we get in the ring we are ready to box Ps are prices are not so secret lol
  5. America Ferrari is here Z06 is coming 82000k 5.5L v8 NA 9000 RPM a beast is going to be released October 26 2021 if pricing is right I’ll be dropping my Emira deposit for this true performer
  6. I hope they will honestly the corvette is not a bad looking car it’s not perfect but The technology the car has is very good and the performance is very good and this is the base corvette not a super car the Z06 will be super car and still start at 80-85 and that is released next month that will shake up things for sure the Emira is a very beautiful car but that’s it take it’s performance in to account and the technology it has it’s not much honestly If they are trying to take the Porsche approach that’s not very smart Porsche can do it because they are established lotus is not that big in the game unfortunately
  7. Hello I agree as well October 1 is for the USA pricing but I’m looking at a corvette C8 as well I love the look of the Emira but there is lots of information that I’m learning more on all the forums instead of lotus giving us information and honest the performance for the I4 FE that I’m ordering doesn’t make sense and that’s the faster car the v6 is not I’m waiting till October but if the pricing for FE I4 is above 80 I can’t do it it just won’t make sense and no front lift so also a issue
  8. I was called by my dealer I chose a DCT 4 cylinder AMG im very happy with my choice hopefully it’s very fun to drive
  9. They are filling up quickly as well I’m in the USA and as reviewers post how the car performed on the road and track it will add more but the price in the USA is need to be seen the Z06 corvette is coming and that’s a 458 Italia or 80k-85k honestly it’s been tough even for me
  10. Hello everyone I’m new to lotus as well have an Emira on order in the USA
  11. Thank you Tom I am finding a lot of good information here it is because of all the good information this entire forum has that educated me into getting my deposit into my dealership the mark up I was speaking about was towards the Corvette actually but thanks for letting me know that I will be emailing my dealership and speaking with them and making sure that I get to sign a agreement not to mark out the price is past MSRP on my vehicle
  12. Hello exactly there’s a lot of questions that need to be answered my dealership told me that hopefully by September will get all the information honestly I’m looking forward towards the AMG engine the Corvette may be a better performance to value but The issue especially here in the states is the order list are very long and dealerships are marking up the vehicles up by 5k to 10k The emira will be very unique
  13. Hello thank you for the information and for welcoming me into the forum That dealership is a bit far for me I have it with a different dealership but I’m in the same state of Florida but I am excited for the Emira it will be a very exotic Not common vehicle especially in the US at the beginning
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