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  1. I’m in the USA we have C8 corvette here true performance  which you guys have also coming to the UK at 82,000 pounds and the Porsches here that competes with the Emira which are actually sold and have a proper dealer network and interior options now in the UK is different also there not a lot on information about the Emira no one has driven the Emira except for Jensen who is paid to be there now they don’t communicate well with the people who are buying the car Except for simple emails that are general that they’re sending for everyone across the board the same information that you’re a priority customer that’s not very helpful honestly from what I’ve noticed through this entire forum is that everybody here just likes his vehicle for looks handling which in the real world where it’s gonna be driven most of the time you guys will never use it fully and performance is okay not great  and not the best utility and usability for every day use

  2. On 07/01/2022 at 06:34, DaveC72 said:

    Plan?  There's a plan?  Nothing heard on the promised November update for i4 orders.  I get that things shift, things change and complications arise.  10 mins to send a mail that says something along the lines of, "if you're waiting for an i4, hang in there, we will be in touch".  If Lotus want to move to a position of better market perception, this needs to change.  Lotus enthusiasts will (mostly) accept this. as we're used to it - not that that's ok - I'm not sure if prospective customers or those new to the brand will be overly enamoured.

    I'm still excited, and think it will be a great car, especially in i4 guise, but getting just a bit hacked off with the absence of info and comms.

    This why I canceled my order last year I was supposed to get a I4 Emira and a first edition at that but the wait not a lot of info and honestly as a new person coming to the brand hearing others say that this okay I couldn’t do it to my self also the car interior I saw it and it is not okay for me at this price point sorry 

  3. Well like always keeping saying the looks are what’s keeping a big portion of the customers for this car now I don’t believe I can drive the car from the outside I believe being inside the car and driving and pushing it is what makes it fun with a good ride to match now

    if you sit outside the car all day and stroke it then sure if not beautiful car all show no go lol but hey what do we know in the USA I mean when we get in the ring we are ready to box 

    Ps are prices are not so secret lol

  4. On 22/09/2021 at 15:06, Evotion said:

    Oh yeah, no argument the C8, performance wise, is incredible value for money.

    To be honest though, it makes me wince.

    My missus fancies a late 50s/early 60s S1, or maybe an S2, Corvette.  This car is actually a lot cheaper than a C8 over here. Speed ain't everything! 😃

    I think its one of the sexiest cars ever made. Who'd have thought the US could pull that off!? 😄


    Hello so here in the states I have kept me deposit so I don’t lose my place in line but honestly if I’m buying a car I need real world practicality and also great performance if I’m buying a performance car not to be slow that’s unrealistic especially if the pricing doesn’t make sense when you buy a vehicle A super car or sports car you don’t stand outside the car and look at it all day you drive it and light weight cars handle nice yes 

  5. I hope they will honestly the corvette is not a bad looking car it’s not perfect but The technology the car has is very good and the performance is very good and this is the base corvette not a super car the Z06 will be super car  and still start at 80-85 and that is released next month that will shake up things for sure the Emira is a very beautiful car but that’s it take it’s performance in to account and the technology it has it’s not much honestly If they are trying to take the Porsche approach that’s not very smart Porsche can do it because they are established lotus is not that big in the game unfortunately

  6. On 20/09/2021 at 19:36, Claymore said:

    Maybe it’s just me but I’m feeling very unimpressed currently.  I got all excited when I saw the Emira and it’s pricing was going to start below £60k.  For me this car is all about the looks, the sound and the way it drives.  I don’t even care if it’s got a radio let alone heavy electric seats.

    We we’re emailed telling us we were priority customers and would know everything first and then I’m told by a mate the pricing etc is all over the internet.  Nothing communicated to me from Lotus and so much for you’ll be the first to know.

    So I now find myself needing to wait to some point in 2023 for delivery and I’m going to be asked tor more money with only the most basic of information. I don’t know how much it will cost me to spec the car in colour and interior or if that price will be fixed or change over time. I don’t even know performance for the I4 or how it will sound.  And there is the wait.

    Really struggling to stay in despite how much I wanted this car.  I think there will be a lot of people who were enticed by the starting price feeling the same today?

    Hello I agree as well October 1 is for the USA pricing but I’m looking at a corvette C8 as well I love the look of the Emira but there is lots of information that I’m learning more on all the forums instead of lotus giving us information and honest the performance for the I4 FE that I’m ordering doesn’t make sense and that’s the faster car the v6 is not I’m waiting till October but if the pricing for FE I4 is above 80 I can’t do it it just won’t make sense and no front lift so also a issue 

  7. They are filling up quickly as well I’m in the USA and as reviewers post how the car performed on the road and track it will add more but the price in the USA is need to be seen the Z06 corvette is coming and that’s a 458 Italia or 80k-85k honestly it’s been tough even for me

  8. Thank you Tom I am finding a lot of good information here it is because of all the good information this entire forum has that educated me into getting my deposit into my dealership the mark up I was speaking about was towards the Corvette actually but thanks for letting me know that I will be emailing my dealership and speaking with them and making sure that I get to sign a agreement not to mark out the price is past MSRP on my vehicle 

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  9. 55 minutes ago, JJ said:

    Too much we don't know at this point. If I was an American and had the money I'd put down a deposit for both and wait for the decision. Though I understand why the Emira and C8 (whichever variant) are cross-shopped they don't really seem to be the same class of car to me though, and in the US it would not surprise me if all-around the C8's are a much better deal price/performance wise.

    Hello exactly there’s a lot of questions that need to be answered my dealership told me that hopefully by September will get all the information honestly I’m looking forward towards the AMG engine the Corvette may be a better performance to value but The issue especially here in the states is the order list are very long and dealerships are marking up the vehicles up by 5k to 10k The emira will be very unique

  10. 1 hour ago, Bibs said:

    Hi Andres and welcome. Lotus have a whole company in the USA and they'll be advising the factory on how to price it correctly. Look at Evora GT prices as an example, Lotus of Naples in Florida are currently the largest volume Lotus dealer in the world! 

    Hello thank you for the information and for welcoming me into the forum That dealership is a bit far for me I have it with a different dealership but I’m in the same state of Florida but I am excited for the Emira it will be a very exotic Not common vehicle especially in the US at the beginning

  11. On 23/07/2021 at 14:05, Evotion said:

    Hold on.. What has happened here?!

    I thought a few sources said the AMG4 was the 60K and the V6 about 75k+

    That Lotus answer could actually have meant to read:

    "The starting price for each engine variant has not been confirmed"  It is simply poorly written.

    Calm down.. :)

    Hello I do have a question will 60K be the same in the USA I have placed a deposit and honestly I love light weight sport cars but there is a new Z06 coming to the USA that sounds like a 458 Italia 

    starting at 80k-85k and carbon wheels and hp over 625 will there be an adjustment in pricing in the USA a cayman gts4.0 nicely spec 

    I’m hoping my emira will be properly priced based on the spec any thoughts guys ?

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