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  1. I would be interested myself, although I do like the 390 front hatch actually. This one here seems to be only compatible with V6/350/380 and it's not particularly nice either:
  2. True, maybe Radford brings back the Elise. Although, I can imagine that safety regulations will not allow it anymore in many markets (like it's already the case in the US).
  3. For me the Exige is clearly a sportscar too. I wouldn't want it any different at all.
  4. This news article is saying: 35'124 Elise (last is a 240 Final Edition in Yellow) 10'497 Exige (last is a Cup 430 Final Edition in Heritage Racing Green) 6'117 Evora (last is a GT430 Sport in Dark Metallic Grey) I wonder how many of these are Elise series 1, 2, 3 Exige V4 and Exige V6 Final Editions of each Does anyone have more accurate numbers? Oh, and these folks produced our lovely cars, thank you!
  5. It's fascinating to see the stripped down Exige and having the chance to even improve upon the existing design. I would be so tempted to replace certain screws with good quality stainless steel ones. Knowing and cleaning every spot of your car must be satisfying. At least if you're a bit OCD like me 🙈 Can't wait for the next update and revelation of your new color. Military Grey and this Airforce Blue must be the best colors I've seen so far. So curious about yours - it must be special as you're trying to prevent anyone from copying it onto a newly built Exige. I hope you're having fun with your great project.
  6. Who is still waiting and when did you order yours? I've ordered mine on March, 30th - initial delivery date was September. As it is already getting cold here, it doesn't matter to me anymore how long it takes - before end of March would be great though In the Elise forum I read that there is "carbon fiber supply issues". This dealer here in France bothers me a bit though. My dealer was only allocated 5 more by the time I ordered mine. And this guy is sitting on tons of unsold and even special Exiges... I don't think there is any unsold Exige FE in Switzerland at this point. Also in Germany there are barely any, especially 420 and 430 models.
  7. When did you order yours? I ordered mine (Sport 390) on the 30th of March and it is supposed to arrive in September (which week I don't know). I haven't contacted my dealership though, if it has been moved out.
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