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  1. yellow blue and green look like safe bets thus the % of orders mainly following those 3 and red seem pretty sus. (atleast on the configurator)
  2. That BMW key deserves a special place in hell.
  3. I just hope its not the so dark green thats almost black
  4. theres a very easy principle if you stick to it you will enjoy life and be at peace. if its a daily in the city (traffic) = DCT > Auto> Manual if its a daily in the suburbs = manual > DCT > Auto if its a weekend car = manual > DCT > Auto if its track car then: performance = DCT > manual > Auto fun = manual > DCT > Auto whichever activity constitutes 80% of your driving experience then pick the option that suites it. I just realized auto is the least fun option in most scenarios😁 that was not intentional.
  5. How is the "No mesh covering / deletion of mesh guard / removable mesh guard" for the exposed manual gear knob not a listed option, I am dissapointed 😅???
  6. @Evotion Where I am and the market I am in , that will be a 30-35% depreciation hit if lucky (can be a 40-45% hit if unlucky) as the brand is unkown and the dealership changed owners a number of times during its history in the country. keep in mind that these numbers are with the "premium" charged for the first edition cars, almost 0% chance to get it at MSRP. but believe me if they do the same thing they did with the Evora 400 and charge 95,000 GBP for it, it will drive reasonable people to other marque and barely have any sales (which is what happened) and the cycle will repeat again. your scenario is the dream scenario but will lotus be able to implement that their dealerships (private business) to sell at MSRP and not gouge them out of the competition? that is the real question. because once you start hiting that 75k+ range a lot of competition starts to enter the equation.
  7. @Evotion that green is a dream, however i suspect the green they are using is the one that is closer to black which worries me as dark colours on the Emira really hide all the curves which is a shame really. if its the green in the video there would be no regrets or hesitation from me.
  8. Blue / green / yellow for me the red looks too orangy on the configurator.
  9. I basically had the same question 😄, TY for answering, although in the configurator it could also pass as Motorsport Green
  10. Hello , can anyone here experienced with Lotus paints tell me what Dark Verdant is equivalent to in previous models? is it: Epsom Green / Motorsport Green / Racing Green , or a brand new colour entirely ? I am using the configurator without actually viewing the colour in real life so its very difficult to tell , any assistance is appreciated.
  11. I know this is a stupid question, but is the C8 even allowed to be sold in the UK / EU with all the emission laws?
  12. Thanks , well watching the video the AMG- DCT doesnt seem to have that issue (atleast visually) or the cover is hiding it very well which i like.
  13. Is anybodys OCD going through the roof on the fact that the engine appears to be off center through the glass, or is it just me?
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