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  1. Hi Michael, I've been busy lately and haven't had room to do a thorough inspection. So far, I know that it will be necessary to thoroughly find out what has been neglected and changed on the engine. My goal is to restore the engine to its original condition.
  2. Thanks guys! Fuel pump operation had been my first check. Looks correct. I did the fuel pressure check today. The regulator had been set for 3.2 psi at engine out of operation, 3.5 psi at idle and the pressure increased in approx. to boost pressure increase. Than I changed the pressure regulator setting. I recognized that somebody changed the setting in the past and original position had been at 4 psi. Therefore I set 4 psi and tried to drive the car. I recognized that the engine operation is much more better, but the problem persists. Next step had been regulator change to 4.5 psi. The engine operation had been better again, but the problem persists. But I recognized that the low speed engine operation is a little unstable now. From my point of view somebody has had trouble with engine operation in the past. He did not find the correct failure and tried to repair the engine by decreasing the fuel pressure. Maybe the engine operation had been close to correct. But the real failre persists. Probably there is not one trouble only. My idea is to replace fuel pressure regulator, to do deep carbs check and electric system check.
  3. John, I have the automatic choke on my Jaguar 3.8S 1966 with two SU carbs also. And I have another one classic car (1949, my new project waiting for a place in the workshop, but i drived it already) with carb, where I don't have the ability to manually control the choke. I do not know how is the automatic choke done on my LOTUS, but the "choke cable" is fixed and dismonted from the dash. The automatic choke is really working. I never had any trouble with engine start! It doesn't matter if the engine is cold or hot. If the engine is cold, the engine starts, slowly increases the speed and keeps it somewhere between 1000 and 2000. When the engine is hot enough, the speed comes back to standard idle speed. This is really working with fixed choke in closed position. If anybody know such solution, kindly let me know how it is done and how it operates or where can I find relevant information.
  4. John W - it is with original Dellorto carbs and automatic choke. Atwell - when I bought it, was running fine. The problem starts later. Therefore I asked about gasoline E10 with high content of ethanol. I used the car approx. one time per two weeks. I also thought of the fuel pressure regulator. I will check the pressure during engine operation. One question for sure. The small hose on the top of the regulator is not connected anywhere and I did not find a place to connect it. However, the end of the hose appears to have been plugged in somewhere in the past. I have information that someone has converted a manual choke to an automatic one in the past. Could this be the reason? According to the information I found, the hose should not be connected anywhere. I will check the cable connectors, because I had trouble with engine speed also and the trouble had been done by bad contact on connector.
  5. I bought my Lotus Esprit Turbo 1984, US specification a few months ago. Some troubles started a few weeks ago. I couldn't solve it, so I'm looking for help on this forum. The car runs steadily while the engine is running at low speeds and moderate throttle. 1. When I add throttle sharply, the engine loses power and starts bouncing like a kangaroo. 2. When I add the throttle slowly, the engine slowly increases the speed, but after a while I feel some misfirings / loos of power / judder and then the engine stops working for a while. Eventually it recovers a bit, but starts to jerk. When I release the accelerator pedal for a while, the engine recovers and is able to run at low power and low speed again. I can drive the car in this regime. Anyway, I can use the engine power and enjoy LOTUS driving! I have asked the specialist for ignition check , but he did not find any trouble there. It looks that it is fuel system trouble. Does anybody have such experience? Any idea what I have to check first? One more note. I didn't know that it is not recommend to use E10 gasoline with ethanol content and my problems could be caused by that gasoline. It is not easy to find gasoline without ethanol in our region. There is strict law and nobody can sell gasoline without ethanol. Therefore there is minimum of 5% ethanol in premium gasoline in Slovakia. If the trouble is because of the ethanol in the gasoline, then it will not be easy to drive the car.
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