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  1. Got it fitted and sounds good. VID-20211017-WA0010.mp4
  2. Got the Evora a treat delivered today. A 2bular rear exhaust system and it sounds awesome compared to the Lotus sports exhaust.
  3. Had the under tray of has had a rattle and found the exhaust 3rd cat delete pipe flange to the flexi bolt broken. Removed rear exhaust and had to grind and drill out the broken screw as would not knock out and it was welded on the rear flange. Refitted the silencer with a new removable bolt and nut, so when I get a new silencer in the future it will be easier to remove.
  4. Some parts are staring to arrive for various projects during the winter months when the car is off the road.
  5. What drive or serpentine belt make and part number do you use other than the Lotus A132E6397S belt for the Evora NA, and would you recommend replacing the idler pulleys ?. I am making a shopping list for parts for the winter when I plan to do a full check over and carry out a full mechanical refurbishment.
  6. Ade I had the spacers, but they were 20mm dia with a 8mm hole and 12mm thick. I put 8mm repair washer above and blow spacer and got some longer screws. A 10mm nut would do the same as a spacer.
  7. Dave, Measured 10mm from pin, drilled 5.5mm hole and tapped a 6mm thread and screwed in a ball joint and put a nut on the under side also. The gear lever throw reduced but not measured but is slightly stiffer to operate. Some people say you should remove the end weight of the selector, I tried it without it fitted but didn't make any difference to me, so refitted it. The oil is Fuchs Titan 75w-80 GL4.
  8. By repositioning the cable end 10mm it has shortened the 1-6 for/aft gear lever movement but the sided movement is the same travel. It feel slightly stiffer to operate but might help with good brand of synthetic 75w80 gear oil.
  9. Every time I get a new toy I always go through it with fine tooth combe and and carry out any projects required as I am very fussy and enjoy working on the cars as well driving them. I have had the Evora just over 3 weeks and carried out a few small improvements and changes as the major projects will be done during the winter months when the car will be parked up in the garage. Items done to date Replaced the interior and the boot light bulbs with 6 led. With having a short front number plate, removed the black plate mount and repainted it the same colour as the car colour. Removed the wheels and cleaned up and painted the brake disc centres. Adjusted the handbrake shoes/cables. Replaced an intermitting failure exhaust post cat sensor. Replaced all the under body screws and washers with stainless. Lifted the drivers seat with 15mm spacers and it has made it easier to enter and exit. Washed and gave the car a detailed polish. Put heat wrap and alloy foil on the clutch slave cylinder feed pipe to prevent heating the fluid. Fitted my slow battery charger cables to the battery for ease of charging during the winter. Replaced the gearbox oil with Titan 75w-80 GL4 oil, Not the easiest gearbox to refill. Fitted 2 new Michelin Pilot Sport 4 rear tyres as the fronts are new. Repositioned the 1-6 gear cable end on the gearbox shifter 10mm inwards to help with a short shift. Replaced air filter with a K&N filter and removed the secondary fixed Federal (USA) filter. Adjusted the engine cover locking screws as the cover was a bit loose. Bonded plastic plates on the rear chassis above the top wishbones to stop small stones and crap getting in to open section of the chassis. Added some photos.
  10. Dave I have been reading your interior update which was good reading. Your car look brilliant in those wheels and I must say I love that colour.
  11. Justin To be fair the Europa was a brilliant car as it was remapped to 250hp and not many cars could beat it. The Evora is in a different class for comfort when driving at similar speeds and the sound is awesome.
  12. Thanks Michael for your response. I have had the Evora just over two weeks and its brilliant. I have had VX220 and a Lotus Europa S prior to the latest purchase.
  13. LE Evora NA - Quartz silver, black interior, reg 19/12/2009 GX59 KJO but now on private plates.
  14. Hi, I live in Penrith Cumbria and lucky to have some fantastic roads and views. I have had many kit cars prior to having a VX22O for 3yrs then a Lotus Europa S for over the past 5yrs and just bought a Evora which will be coming home in the next few days. I tend to drive the cars on dry days where possible but I also enjoy spending loads of time on my cars doing mechanical and complete refurbishments as I am very fussy and like thing to be spot on and maybe thats why I have a good following from other enthusiast always wanting to buy my cars when I am ready to sell them.


    1. C8RKH


      Hi Bob. You finally made it over here!  Great stuff.

      I bought Bob's VX220 4 years ago, it's been a hoot.

    2. EvoraBob


      We meet again. 👍. Spent the last few days reading and learning about this great car.

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