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  1. I got my Condenser Radiator from these lot who have a Manufacture factory PMA Group in Leicestershire who make radiators for Lotus plus many other car manufactures. But they will not sell direct to customers but you can purchase via there there other businesses outlets - Boston Motorcool there contact is Richard who is very helpful. Boston Motorcool Unit 3 Broadfield Lane Industrial Estate Boston Lincolnshire PE21 8DR T: 01205 355016 F: 01205 319469 E: [email protected]
  2. A few years back I have a Lotus Europa in polar blue and had a few stone rash on the front valance and got it sprayed using the correct lotus paint code and the colour was slightly darker than the rest of the car as it was lacking in silver fleck. I got the original lotus touch up and two other test mixed codes for a comparison and all off them were different. I took the the car to a different local body shop who has a camera code system and they scanned the camera over different areas of the car and got the correct mix of paint and this was perfect.
  3. When I first got my Evora I thought the clutch was heavy to operate compared to other makes of cars, but after driving other Evora's they are all the same with the slightly heavy operation feel and I have not had any issues. The clutch failure myth on Evora's is not a major issue compared to other makes of cars and its usually a drivers operation problem on low millage cars. As other have said just drive it and enjoy it.
  4. It will just take the roof off with it 😭
  5. You need to get some hounds.
  6. MY2010 N/A I have a 2bular none valve with 3rd cat delete with standard headers with a CAI system and the sound is awesome. If I was do again I still have 2bular but with a 3rd cat but cat deleted headers as I have heard a few Exiges with header deletes and the sound is dogs bits but no drone on motorway speeds. Jim at 2bular is a good guy and he will guide you with what's best for your requirements, but supply can be slow due to his large order book.
  7. I have thought about changing the chrome badges for along time but unsure what it would like. So I got them painted black and I think it looks okay Vs the chrome.
  8. Did you replace the air-con receiver dryer filter ?
  9. Mine was like that also when I replaced mine.
  10. The removal of the front clam is not bad to do, but you need to be patient and be very careful at each stage getting all the parts removed prior to lifting it from the car. You will find that quite a few screws and fixings are rusty and can be difficult to remove and you my need to be mechanical minded and have a good selection of tools as some parts are difficult to get access to. ie cutting discs and grinder, drill, and a hot air gun.
  11. Removed the flaking lacquer off the light units and re-polished. Re-gassed the air-con system and tested. Refitted the clams, light units and under trays. I replaced most of small hardware and clips so would make it easier if I ever need to remove in the future.
  12. Cleaned the top air intake covers as they have never been removed before and were pitted with years of debris.
  13. Fitted the new painted condenser. Cl Cleaned up the chassis and suspension and refitted all the pipes and wiring harness.
  14. Removed the front mesh from the lower clam and shot blasted then repainted in etch primer and black. Also got some fine stainless mesh Size: 8 LPI x 0.71mm wire and cut it to size to overlay on the inside of the front mesh to stop stones and debris to enter to the condenser. Replaced the corroded mesh fixings with new big head fibreglass bonding stud 6mm x 20mm
  15. Old condenser before removing. If you look at the lower 1/3 you will see the darker colour from the dye used to find the leak. The leak was due to a stone damage on the bottom core. The cooling fins between the cores are rotten which is typical of most lotus condensers from about six years plus old. The side fixing screws are screwed in to the alloy rivet nuts which I had to cut off with a small cutting disc. I used 6mm chimney nuts on the new condenser as more than strong enough to hold the condenser. New air-con condenser. I gave it a quick paint in black gloss before fitting so to hide the lighter colour when you look in to the front grill.
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