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  1. You could be right in your findings, as I got the info from a Lotus forum giving OEM parts cross reference numbers and I have not used them.
  2. Belt Tensioner Toyota 16620-31040 Idler pulleys 2x No2 idler pulleys (Toyota 16604-31020) 2x Idler cover plates (Toyota 16649-31020) 1 x Gates belt K071130
  3. A good day for pictures.
  4. Just seen this on Evora owners group on Facebook. Hi All Just testing the water so to speak I will have my 2010 supercharged auto for sale soon ,Lotus development car as you cant get an early supercharged auto Lovely condition in green with full service history from lotus and bell and colville
  5. Found this info -Indicator intermittent fault-March 2020. The PCB board in the head light solder joints on the power connector had broken and just needed re-soldering and the unit re-sealing.
  6. Elise parts and Oakmere Lotus do them but not sure of the AP number. Demon-tweeks do AP caliper parts.
  7. There is one just been advertised on the Evora owners group on Facebook.
  8. There is one just been advertised on the Evora owners group on Facebook.
  9. I would of used the valve that operates the Air filter box flap with a tee pipe connection and run a pie to the exhaust valve, so when you operate the sports mode the air box flap and the exhaust valve would operate at the same time.
  10. Rambo, I have been enjoying it when the roads are salt free. I done the geo and tracking myself at my mates garage at Penrith for a few beer tokens because they have the equipment but don't normally do geo set ups. I have done several Lotus cars but the Evora is a lot more difficult compared to the others. I only done mine as I had done a suspension strip down refresh but unless your tracking personally I would just get the tracking done and the geo checked. It was bad enough setting up the rear tracking with bad access to the Spitfire toe links. Does Craig Moncrief the Lotus specialist nr Edinburgh do geo ? as he has a good customer following.
  11. Gave the Evora another treat this week, its got a heated garage now a cover to keep the dust off during the winter months.
  12. It was up for sale for 26k I like the colour but is basic and no packs or toys, thats why it took along time to sell.
  13. It was this one as it was around for sale when I was looking.
  14. If your cars have been parked up and not been started during the winter storage the modern petrol life span is only several months before it losses its energy. So fuel in the fuel lines will be worse than the tank fuel hence when you first start up after been in hibernation could cause bad starting and bad running and several error codes. Its like trying to start your Lawn mower for the first time with old stale fuel from the previous year.
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