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  1. I'm glad it's not just me. It makes my teeth itch that one side doesn't match the other as they warm up at slightly different rates!
  2. It looked great in Killin today. 👀 Nice to see several Lotus out today - your group and another (unrelated?) yellow Evora in Lochearnhead. I was undercover though (out cycling with my boys). Lots of motorbikes and camper vans out today but it looked a bit busy for driving, so I wasn't too upset about leaving the Evora at home.
  3. Looking for a standard European number plate plinth for the front of my Evora (S if it makes any difference, but I think it is a standard part). A previous owner had a short plate so has cut down the plinth, but I want to put on a full length one to hold my plate better. Before I order a new one, does anyone have a spare plinth they have taken off a car to replace with a shorter one? I think the part number is C132U0056F Thanks
  4. That looks like a nice car and a fair price. Lovely colour.
  5. As promised, a quick re-creation of Doug's photo on the commute home last night... ... and another photo a few miles later at a call of nature, since the lay-by in the first photo had a couple of camper vans just out of shot.
  6. A quick spin in the Evora this evening. Needed to pick up some dinner supplies from the supermarket 1 mile away so made it a 30mi round trip. 😀 If the weather holds I might commute to Aberdeenshire over Glenshee at the end of the week and see if I can recreate Doug’s photo. 😜
  7. Having read about the handbrake requirement, I did think it was odd that my car doesn't care if the handbrake is on or off to use the interior button. Clearly wired by a different electrician!
  8. Okay, thanks. It sounds like I might be putting up with it until the clutch needs changed then!
  9. Not a peep. It works fine from the dash button - you can hear an audible clunk and I can then lift the boot lid, but nothing at all from either key, with or without the ignition switch on. I just tried it with the ignition switch on too to see if that made any difference, but still nothing.
  10. Thanks. One step forward! I'm not too fussed about the passenger door opening setting, but if that can be tweaked, perhaps there is a related setting for the boot. 🤔 Unless there is another solution, I'll get it looked at when next being serviced.
  11. I cannot open my Evora boot from either key. I've tried all possible button presses and combinations - 2 or 4 presses, doors locked or unlocked, handbrake on or off, but still nothing. The lower button on the fobs does work (I can set off the alarm if I hold it) so it is not simply a key issue. The middle button unlocks both doors simultaneously (not just the drivers door only on first press as the manual suggests) which makes me wonder if there is a setting somewhere that can change how the keys operate? Unfortunately my ODB reader which lets my tinker with these things on my VW does nothing particularly useful on the Evora. Thankfully I can open it from the dashboard button (which is what I think the previous owner did), but it gets a bit wearing having to turn the ignition on to open the boot. Any hints?!
  12. Thread resurrection! Whilst looking at something else in my car this evening, I noticed I have an extremely squeaky clutch - presumably the slave cylinder. Other than very occasionally struggling to find 1st and 2nd (probably user error) the clutch seems fine, so hopefully not a big issue. Is this definitely not capable of lubrication? There is an Elise video on YouTube which seems to suggest that on the Elise it is reachable, albeit fiddly.
  13. Thanks Martin. I'd been meaning to drop you a message actually to thank you again for your patience. 😀 I did wonder if sitting on the seat would help but haven't had a chance to get my bum on it yet - I was just trying to move it from the other side. I hope you get the new car sorted and enjoy your trip up north in it at the end of the month.
  14. Good to hear. 😀 I can see why you swapped for the GTE though - that's some car. I noticed that there was a Murray stamp in the servicing history. Nice that it is coming full circle and going back to Edinburgh for servicing from now on!
  15. Hello all. I thought I should do a proper introduction since I'm sure I'll be around here for a while looking for advice. I've been half-heartedly looking for a third car for a while (work to the house got in the way a bit), and I have gone through various options but always had Lotus towards the top of the list. Having two young (and short) children, I eventually decided that I would get more use out of an Evora than an Elise, at least for the next few years. I've managed to find a car which is well known to this forum, having been owned by at least 3 forum members including @21gg (judging by the previous number plate history) and @Reindeer. It is higher mileage than I set out looking for, but seems to have been well loved. It also would not have been my first choice colour, but there are so few Evoras around at my budget, that I can live with that - it's still a very smart looking car. After delaying collection due to covid, I've driven it 185mi home and had it out a couple of times over the weekend with the family. There was a nervous moment when I reversed it into the garage as it scraped on the ground, but thankfully it was only the front numberplate, which I've temporarily re-mounted slightly higher. Not much planned in the short term: the first job will be finding out why the passenger seat won't currently slide but everything else seems okay. I might yet ditch the private plate which the DVLA re-assigned to the car (let me know @Reindeerif you would like it back) and as the alloys will need refurbed eventually (for a couple of small bubbling marks), I need to decide whether to make them bright silver like @Ericski's smart wheels in the SR thread, or keep them black to maintain the original black pack look. 🤔 Otherwise, it will be off to Craig Moncrieff in October for a service and a once over. I've no decent photos yet but here is a quick snap (covered in road salt from the drive home before it got washed).
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