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  1. Sorry for the delayed reply Bravo, I got locked out of my account for a little bit. ES motorsports had nothing unfortunately, but luckily Lotus have just got a new shipment in after after having them on back order for 6 months, so I'm good to go 😎
  2. Maybe 'drone' isn't the right word as the sound at 70mph is still acceptable, but it's definitely in loud mode (and quiet mode with sport off at 70mph). Yeah, agreed with your second statement. I'm just trying to figure out if this is normal or not. From digging around in a few other threads other peoples valve seems to work in the same way, so maybe this is normal
  3. Thanks gents, interesting feedback. I have read of the 4700rpm transition but this doesn't seem to be the case on my car. @TdMthe only difference being that I want it loud all the time with the sport button on( and quiet until high revs with sport off) 😄 It sounds silly to have it quiet as you pootle along, then suddenly get loud as you get marginally faster (it feels 'fake' if you know what I mean?). And it's still very loud not in sport mode (louder than I'd prefer). The sport button at the moment basically turns it into drone on the motorway on/off @agentdr8thanks for this. It all makes sense, however the last paragraph seems to not apply to my vehicle, which is the bit that I'm thinking is odd. I'm going to try putting the stock exhaust back on in the next few weeks anyway, so will keep an eye on this and if it behaves the same way, and give you an update
  4. While we're on the topic of sports buttons... I've got a 2014 Evora S with valved 2bular exhaust. Is the following normal? Sport mode ON: Idle = loud Pulling away (upto about 2.5k rpm) = quiet Anything over 2.5k rpm = loud Motorway = loud Sport mode OFF: Idle = quiet Pulling away (upto about 2.5k rpm) = quiet Anything over 2.5k rpm = loud Motorway = quiet So, the only difference seems to be at idle, and when motorway cruising. I thought the sport button OFF would keep it quiet all the time, and sport ON would keep it loud all the time, no? I'll be honest, I find it a bit too loud personally. I'd like the option of being able to drive it in 'quiet' mode, but even with sport OFF it goes into loud/valve open easily
  5. Hi folks, I need a pair of boot hinges for my 2014 Evora S. I'm struggling to find stock of these anywhere (Lotus' stock is well overdue). Can anyone help or give some pointers? Many thanks!
  6. Ah fab! I'll have a think about it- haven't actually picked the car up yet 😅 I'm wary of Kimbers' experience (the post before Mayevora's)- it's quite windy where I live, we often get a lot of dust blowing up from the fields, the car certainly won't be cleaned after every drive, and the paintwork is immaculate so I don't want to risk damaging the paintwork. But I also want to keep it from prying eyes! 🤔
  7. Hey chaps. I'm guessing a normal Evora S outdoor cover won't fit if I have the GTE/GT4 spoiler on? Do the GTE/GT4 outdoor covers fit the rest of an Evora S well?
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