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  1. This really surprises me- it's just the 'upgraded' spoiler from the higher spec model and I say in the description that the original spoiler is also included... whats the issue with having the 'upgrade' on? I was thrilled when I bought the car with the spoiler included! 😂
  2. Thanks for your input. Yeah- there was a similar spec in Grey with a few more miles for about £49k at a dealer, so I thought I would undercut that by a bit. But that seems to be a bit overpriced and has come down in price now. I'm in no real rush to sell, but I figuref prices might dip in winter and as energy costs go up people might be more careful with their money, so it might be beneficial to try and sell it sooner.
  3. Hi folks, just thought I'd check in and see what you think the right price for the Evora S I'm selling would be. Maybe I was being optimistic but I thought I would sell it straight away! It's the Daytona Blue ad at £46,500 link
  4. Just thought I would check-in here, what do you think is a fair price for this? (It's my car that I'm selling privately). I have knocked the price down a bit, but thought I would have had more interest than I have had so far. I'm also interested to hear more about Collecting cars etc, as scmt above is
  5. Ah interesting. The previous owner told me, he was pretty certain of it so I believed him (but have never looked into it myself). I've seen a bunch of his posts around various forums with others discussing it too. Maybe I'll just remove that bit! 😅
  6. My Evora listing is now live 🥲
  7. My Daytona blue Evora S will be up for sale in the next few weeks. ***Please list it on***
  8. I had the same- took the wheel off and put it back on and voila, all gone! I did inspect bits and bobs accessible from the wheelarch and couldn't find anything wrong.
  9. I'm going to go back on my original comment... turns out my car didn't have the vacuum reservoir added when the BOE intake was added. This basically means the exhaust valve was open all the time. Since adding the reservoir, the 2bular exhaust with sport mode OFF sounds like the normal exhaust with sport mode ON. And with sport mode ON, the exhaust is loud all the time (although personally still find this a little loud!)
  10. OK, this is much better! Some context: Previously I'd said that the 2bular exhaust was too loud. My car had the 2bular valved exhaust with BOE intake. The original air box has a vacuum reservoir built in (which allows the exhaust valves to work whilst you're driving). I realised nobody had added a replacement vacuum reservoir, so the exhaust was basically in loud mode pretty much all the time. I've added a vacuum reservoir in, and now with sport mode OFF, the car is 'quiet' (sounds like the original exhaust with sport mode ON, up until the 4500rpm limit where the valve opens anyway), and with sport mode ON the car is loud. Exactly how I wanted it (and how it should be). The BOE reservoir was $60 + shipping + VAT + import duty... so I bought a Maserati one off eBay for £20 instead. Slightly different shape but the same thing- a ball with an inlet, outlet, and valve. I think BOE use an EPMAN 47076 but I couldn't find this in stock anywhere. Installation: very easy. Pop the BOE intake out (1 big jubilee clip and one other connecting hose) Bolt the vacuum reservoir down to the old intake mounting plate (note, for my maserati reservoir I had to use a knife to lengthen the slots for the bolts by about 5mm) Snip the vacuum hose that was connected to the supercharger > exhaust solenoid. (Note, you might want to check your hose is long enough before snipping it. Mine had enough slack in it, tucked away by the solenoid valve. If not you'll just need to by about 1m of hose.) Attach the supercharger end to the wide nozzle on the reservoir Attach the exhaust solenoid end of the hose to the narrow nozzle on the reservoir Put the BOE intake back in.
  11. An update on this... Whilst cleaning my BOE air intake, I realised that it doesn't have the vacuum reservoir installed (intake and exhaust installed by previous owner). The stock air intake has this hidden inside the airbox, but it's removed on the BOE intake. The exhaust valve is open by default and shuts under vacuum, but as you pull away and revs rise, the vacuum decreases, opening the exhaust valves. The reservoir is there to hold this vacuum under regular driving. So that should be why even in 'normal' mode my exhaust was really loud. I've got a vacuum reservoir ordered (a maserati one for £20 rather than the expensive BOE one) which should actually make my 2bular exhaust quieter when not in Sport mode
  12. Oops, yes you are correct- I got the static/drive by the wrong way round. I popped down to brands hatch a while ago for a static test and measured 118db static with my 2bular valved exhaust on loud 🤣 I have the stock exhaust to put back on, but it's the drive-by noise of the supercharger that makes me a bit nervous, as it's pretty loud from the cabin
  13. Any idea if a BOE intake on a 2014 S would put it past the noise limits? (brands hatch)
  14. I have the BOE CAI on my 2014 S (bought the car with it). How much louder is it than stock? With a stock exhaust, do you think it would breach UK track noise limits? (105db drive by, 92db static). As I understand the car is close to noise limits anyway!
  15. Nope, but thats a whole other conversation which I've started a thread on previously 🙈 (I've been able to H&T blip on all my other cars but my Evora just won't do it consistently- 4>3 is fine but 2>3 just doesn't work, the blip amount is inconsistent and varies every time I blip, and either too much or too little from the same amount of pedal push. It makes no sense. Some people have said it's to do with a fuel pump cutout which is active when the clutch is down). But anyway, I'll try adjusting the cables this week anyway and see if that makes 3>2 any better
  16. Bringing up an old thread... for issue #3, does this affect the car with engine on as well as the engine off? With the engine off I can cycle through all gears very smoothly, but while driving I find 3 > 2 a bit tricky to get in. I have a 2014 S
  17. My valved 2bular is much louder then- it was measured it at 112db at 5,000 rpm. 95 is pretty quiet, I'm sure my stock one would be louder than that
  18. Cheers Doug, I'll let you know when I'm up that way 👍
  19. Thanks Doug. What exactly is the difference between the SDCP and normal, ie whats actually different between the two pipes to make it quiter? Your profile says you're in Hitchin? I'll probably be heading over to Letchworth to see some friends soon (covid permitting) so could meet up and take a look if you don't mind? Alternatively I'm right by brands hatch if you're down this way at all!
  20. bumping, from what I read here it's pretty easy to replace the existing connector and re-wire any 4-cable reversing camera in it's place... can anyone confirm this before I start taking the bumper off etc?
  21. I'm looking to replace my non-working camera. Does anyone have an answer as to what ones do work, and are plug and play? (I'd like to just plug it into the connector on the wire that comes from the camera control module by the subwoofer, rather than routing it all the way to the headunit. The Alpine one seems excessive at over £200, considering it's a bit rubbish too! From the pics it looks like that sony / Eonon one uses a RCA all the way to the headuit?
  22. I feel a lot more special sitting in my Evora S than I did my Cayman. It pretty much comes down to that for me. I went in a Cayman gt4 recently, and whilst it was awesome, it still felt a bit 'sensible' in some way. The Evora just feels more exotic, authentic in some way. Although it was a base 987.2 Cayman with a fair few miles, so only worth about a third of the Lotus! But the lotus feels better in every way other than the gear-change, which really frustrates me, just feels a bit long/wand-like, and 3>2 isn't particularly smooth (I have a 2014 with the updated design, maybe I need to adjust the cables a bit though). But it drives better, faster, more comfortable, feels nicer to sit in, turns heads more, better on the motorway, better going fast, has more tech/toys than my Cayman did. I didn't realise how good the Porsche flat 6 sounds until I got the Evora though. The Toyota engine sounds a bit soul-less with the stock exhaust (other than the supercharger whine), which means you need to put a big exhaust on to cover the engine noise, and I think my 2bular exhaust sounds a bit chavvy. Whereas the porsche had a great balance of nice engine, intake, and exhaust noise. Noise and ride hardness isn't an issue in my Evora with 19/20 wheels at all- its way more comfy than my Cayman was. And I still had plenty of issues with Porsche- window regulators, knackered mounts, hoses splitting, gear shift adjustment. I think Lotus' just have different problems, not necessarily more If you're not going to keep it forever, I say do whatever feels like the more reckless decision! Enjoy it. And then sell it and try something else later
  23. I've got a 2bular valved on my S at the moment (came on the car). I'm going to try the stock valved one (looks like this one) as I do actually find the 2bular a little loud, and need to get the car onto trackdays. Anyway, here are some static noise tests at 5,200rpm at brands hatch for reference if anyone finds it handy in the future: Sport mode off: 94db (although this seemed a little strange, the valves didn't open, I know they are supposed to open automatically at certain rpm but maybe this doesn't happen when stationary?!). This would just about pass brands hatch, but they suspect not on a drive-by test Sport mode on: 109.5db. Ouch
  24. I'm thinking of wiring a hidden killswitch into my Evora. Just a bit of extra piece of mind as I don't have space for the car in my garage so it's on the driveway. I'm great with mechanics, but not great with electrics, but as a starting point I'm thinking that simply wiring a switch into one of the following: the live feed to the starter motor the wire from the ignition to the starter motor the live feed to the fuel pump Am I over-simplifying things? Is one of those a better option than the other? Are there any issues I could cause doing this? I'm guessing I want to stay away from anything thats canbus connected? I want to ensure that the cars alarm etc works as normal, but just have an extra precaution in case someone does get hold of the keys. I did wonder if connecting the switch to the starter motor will cause issues with the immobiliser?
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