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  1. Please correct me if I'm wrong but from the photos posted, they are using LHD vehicles which, as I live in the UK would be pointless IMHO. I'll wait until they start using RHD vehicles, then I'll book up.
  2. Got to admit it was always an anxious moment slamming the doors on my launch Evora🙈 what's the next thing I'm going to have to fix on the interior😱.
  3. Should have dinner this in the first place. I have always been a die hard manual owner; lotus, a no brainer, Porsche, similar but in traffic I often thought it would be nice to give my left foot a rest 🥵. Alpine, a no choice option🤔 although I am pleasantly surprised and trend to drive it in manual for pleasure and Auto for tedious traffic. Of course I am looking forward to a test drive in an Emira but I was unwilling, possibly to wait till 2023 and also to pay with £80K+for something I haven't driven, or seen in production form. Whatever your choice enjoy🥰.
  4. If you were impressed with the standard A110, might I respectfully suggest you try to get a test in a "Life" modified A110, it takes it to another level. Search for Life A110 or David Pook the dynamics engineer behind "Life".
  5. Well I bought my Alpine and picked it up 1st Dec, on the 4th Dec I took it to Spires to have the Life springs, geometry tune courtesy of David Pool and the latest remap. It's amazing!!!!!!! The closest thing to my Elise R in agility and handling but way ahead performance wise. After the Elise I had a launch model Evora; so much more grown up but got fed up of repairing the dreadful interior build quality. After the Evora I had a 981 Boxster S which I kept for 6 years and spent a fortune on performance upgrades. I saw the Emira after the launch and paid my first deposit at the end of July. Lack of communication, accurate information and general lack of professionalism from lotus had me cancel the order, plus I was not waiting till possibly 2023 delivery: Life is too short! I saw my first A110 whilst going to the view the Emira at Solihull, it was parked uu in their car park with the owner inside. After having a chat with the owner I went home and did some research; Gordon Murray has one as his daily🤔 nuff said!! Go and try one, but then go and try the "Life tuned version" YOU WON'T BE DISAPPOINTED! If you live in the midlands area you are welcome to have a ride in mine.
  6. I know of a 911GT3 that is fitted with two external silencers connected to the individual tail pipes and attached to the rest bumper. Looks bloody awful but is the only way to pass trackday noise levels.
  7. Have it a clean with Carbon Ceramics Detailer this morning 😃.
  8. Found a Première with less than 3k miles in pearlescent white with a yellow fleck to it, STUNNUNG! Solihull Alpine; salesman Tim was very helpful and a pleasure to do business with. Pick it up on Wednesday, then it's booked in at Spires technology Warwick on Saturday for the "Life" sports lowering springs, fast road Geometry and remap , 300ps and 380nm torque. Can't wait😃.
  9. Pulled out of the V6 Emira. Need to see a real car in the flesh and drive one, too many variables for me at the present. Bought an Alpine A110 instead😃. I sincerely hope it all goes well for Lotus.
  10. Never had a problem with my Evora throughout the winter as a daily. Only chose to take our front wheel drive on a couple of snow fall days, easier and way cheaper to repair. The Emira is replacing my 981 Boxster, also a daily and I can't see it being a problem.
  11. Instant gratification, the more method🤗, could always try the old fashioned and little used, "save up" method😱
  12. Just had my call and paid the second deposit😃.
  13. @stephenwhytei would be very happy with Empire green😃, but alas, until we see a car in the flesh it's all guess work😰. @Nick in Sydneycan't open your link, not a fan of Zuckerberg. @Micklecan't work out the colour of the Emira in @Bibslast post; to me could be hints of green or blue.
  14. Does this have a hint of green, or blue? Or should I book an appointment at spec savers?
  15. Spotted similar today, Aintree green metallic, ignore the vehicle hate them!. If the dark verdant is anything like this, it looks stunning in the sunlight!
  16. Yes I would say the Emira has similar dimensions to 992 within 10/20mm tolerance. Luckily doesn't suffer from the 992's bloated visual appearance😉. My 981 Boxster fitted perfectly into the secure space left by my Evora😃.
  17. Just thought it felt smaller inside than my Evora did, perhaps the 2+2 made it feel bigger. I was told that the seating position is slightly further forward than the Evora to get better feed back from the front.
  18. Not a concern but whilst seated in the car it was apparent how dark and slightly claustrophobic it felt, granted it was indoors but confirmed my decision to go for a lighter interior. Anyone else get the same feeling?
  19. Was told by lotus development engineer that all panels are now individual, no clams🤗. Servicing and maintenance is much easier. And the panels after made from chopped fibre glass sprayed into a mould.
  20. @KJDspeaking to Jim the lotus development engineer in sure he said that the seating position is more towards the front end than the Evora, gives better feedback from the steering. The V6 is as it comes from Toyota, mechanically they don't touch it, it's such a bomb proof engine. The gearbox has new internals, gearing etc. The supercharger was first seen as an add on to the Camry in Australia by Toyota. Jim was on the team that first fitted it here and it was such a success that the idea is still used. Every part and design of the Emira is new and different from the Evora. Jim stressed how he felt the Emira to be a step up in every way from all their previous models, it really is their best work to date.
  21. Spoke to Jim at length regarding my previous Elise R and Evora, their development and subsequent improvements, he knew his stuff alright! He then went on to explain differences in the Emira. No longer use the two clam system but individual bolt on panels, makes for easier maintenance and obviously replacements. A huge parts bin from Geely/Volvo tried and tested reliable parts, including the high tech on the inside. He advised the touring suspension set up, still handles amazingly well again another step up from the Evora and seating further forward gived better feedback from the front. He has seen a verdant best without the black pack and looks stunning in the sun light, yes looks darker in no light but then doesn't all colours. No hesitation in any answers starting into the abyss, obvious he knew his stuff and no bull! Ps, there is a better configurator in the pipeline.
  22. Spoke to a lotus guy called Jim; worked for lotus 25 years in there engineering tech, very helpful and honest with every answer. He has sold me and on the Verdant green without the black pack. What a stunning car in the flesh😃
  23. Sold my Porsche last month in the steering market and got 4k less than I paid six years ago😃. Found a little C3 with MOT to end of July for £600, that will get me through the winter and till the Emira arrives. The dealer u bought it from said he would buy it straight back off me then 😃 win win.
  24. My Ardent red Evora got no end of positive attention; acknowledging waves and courteous road manners from other users. On the negative side it also attracted the young boy racers at traffic lights and often zooming up to sit 6" from the rear bumper flashing lights and generally being a #####. My Agate grey Porsche ( yes, read old git) blends in well with our cloudy skies but gets ignored and left well alone😃. Can't wait to see what happens with the Emira,🤞 it doesn't attract the plonkers.
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