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  1. Not an instamatic then😂
  2. Reply this morning from customer care. I asked when will there be availability to see a full production car in varying colors, as paying £80K for an unseen vehicle is asking a lot. I completely understand your concerns here. We have passed this feedback on to HQ at your request. As Sunny alluded to below, photographed or rendered image colours look different depending on the screen being used to view the image and the ambient light conditions. The original image also differs depending upon the camera used and the ambient light conditions, so it will always be difficult to fully see the colours in this way. I understand that the frustration lies mostly in the lack of cars to look at in the flesh. At the moment we only have a couple of Emiras, and only 1 is in the UK. We will see some new cars in due course, however nothing official is confirmed just yet. Please do let me know if you have any further queries or concerns. Kind regards, Lauren
  3. I sincerely hope that Lotus read these comments and take onboard the issues raised and up their game. With Greeley onboard, they have a once in a lifetime opportunity to compete with the established brand leaders, don't waste it.
  4. I'm in a real quandary as regards colour choice but will pursue Lotus till I get a more definitive outcome. Your renderings in photo shop are excellent, perhaps Lotus could benefit from your help.
  5. Yes I agree that Nimbus looks metallic on the bowls and like others have spent countless hours scouting forums and the internet trying to get to the bottom of this colour nonsense. I do think that the configurator is a shambles as regards the colour discrepancies. I'm currently emailing them for confirmation either way and will ask if they can give a close match to say, the current Evora colours etc.
  6. Not sure if this may help: Had a reply from Lotus regarding the colour discrepancies in the configurator; Hethel yellow and Nimbus grey are the only two none metallic, solid colours. Also asked if there was any chance of seeing an Emira in Nimbus, or Verdant at the factory or elsewhere. At the present time visits to the factory are not permitted because of covid🤔.
  7. Cancelled my Boxster718Gts 4.0 order after seeing the Emira launch and immediately paid my deposit. Hopefully it will surpass my Evora I purchased at it's launch in 2010 😃 but sold in 2015 for my current 981s.
  8. Could Verdant be, Racing green metallic as seen on 2021 Evora Gt 410 sport? That looks lovely😃
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