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  1. For some reason I’m sure this is that car, it’s the number plate that stands out to me UNO 534R ( the UNO bit) I saw it driving down Putney Bridge road a month or so ago. I know the car in the stolen add looks like it needs plenty of work, but he has had it storage so long, does he know actually how long ago it might have been sold. Might be an argument over storage fees.
  2. Was going to suggest this. Apparently it’s easier to trace a U.S to U.S account if there is any issues and you have more legal power.
  3. Saw the same car today, S1. The sills may have been painted way back when people were trying to make their S1’s look like S2’s.
  4. I was in the red 67 Mustang you tooted up.
  5. How is the upper interior panel behind the seats held in, as I need to glue the material back on the panel. As you know these interiors are so delicate and don't want to break anything.
  6. Was that the car on the A217.
  7. Does anyone know how you apply for a list of previous owners from the DVLA?
  8. What is the thread size of the clutch cable.
  9. Cable snapped and I lost mine on the road. SJs out of stock. New cable fitted just need this, so annoying!
  10. Does anyone have a pic of the cable attached to the car at the clutch end or a diagram. This is the bit that snapped and was left on the road somewhere. thanks
  11. I think it's weird and I own one. Just park one in a car park and you'll see.
  12. Unfortunately the clutch side is gone looked under the car and it must be on the road some where.
  13. Going to be fitting a new cable next week, any hints and tips would be appreciated.
  14. Funny you should say that, something went pop tonight, managed to limp back. Will investigate tomorrow.
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