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  1. Is there a good write up on how to do this. It’s my first time attempting it.
  2. My car has always had the plastic ends missing, does any one know if they are shared with any other cars.
  3. I have an old coil on my S1 that has a capacitor attached, I want to replace the coil and I'm just wondering if the capacitor is completely necessary? Also the coil is a Bosch 0221122392 but this number seems discontinued. Sorry coil number 1 220 522 011
  4. Looked fantastic in the fading light of the day blasting down the A3. Stayed with it for quite a way in my Fiat 500. Esprit S1 that is.
  5. Hi Nigel, Yes I am still in possession of PNM132R, still largely original (45,000 miles) and driving beautifully. I do believe there is a picture of you I discovered standing next to her, with a trophy sporting a snazzy JPS shirt. You can call me on the number you mention as it goes through to my mobile. Best Regards Anthony
  6. Anyone got an 84 Turbo Fuse diagram? Trying to work out which fuse works the heater blower.
  7. Interior blower seems to have packed up after winter storage, which fuse is it on?
  8. Drove down a harsh country road and it managed to break this bar, it was corroded at the end. Not sure how what to call it to see if SJ sell them. It runs from chassis to the fibreglass under trays.
  9. That looks like it’s in there tight, I thought it was only just done up. Mine are in now I’m just wondering if I need to go tighter.
  10. Joining this thread a little late and just trying to understand how to change the lower link anti roll bar bushes, as my 84 Turbo failed its MOT today. You just undo the four front Bush nuts and the bar pulls forward out of the the lower links? Do you need to undo the nuts at the end of the antiroll bar for it to pull forward? They look like a sod to get access to in situ! Are you supposed to undo them through the little hole at the back of the lower link, it looks too small.
  11. Problem is the broken bolt and welded nut at end. I tend to agree it will be hollow so have taken to it with my trusted dremel and grind it off, it’s the only tool I can get in there.
  12. Owned 11 G Esprits never had this before, question is do you pull all the dash out? Seems a bit extreme plus a sh*t of a job and who knows what will break or stop working when you mess about with it. I know I could improvise along the same idea, but the limited access is the problem. Don't worry I will not be drilling holes in my bonnet for racing clips!
  13. I must the only one in the world this has happened to!🤬
  14. Drivers side I should be able to do I’ve pulled the bracket out and removed the welded nut and there is enough of the nut showing out of the rod to remove. Passenger side is a whole different story lots of wires and the glove box inner.
  15. Went to open my bonnet and it sheared at both ends, anyone else had this? Any hints and tips of how to fix would be most appreciated. Looks like an absolute pig of a job due to the space issue. Is the glovebox lining easily removed in particular the left hand wall. is there a thread for removing the instrument binnacle housing?
  16. Went to open my bonnet and it sheared at both ends, anyone else had this? Any hints and tips of how to fix would be most appreciated. Looks like an absolute pig of a job due to the space issue.
  17. For some reason I’m sure this is that car, it’s the number plate that stands out to me UNO 534R ( the UNO bit) I saw it driving down Putney Bridge road a month or so ago. I know the car in the stolen add looks like it needs plenty of work, but he has had it storage so long, does he know actually how long ago it might have been sold. Might be an argument over storage fees.
  18. Was going to suggest this. Apparently it’s easier to trace a U.S to U.S account if there is any issues and you have more legal power.
  19. Saw the same car today, S1. The sills may have been painted way back when people were trying to make their S1’s look like S2’s.
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