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  1. So you just adjust it by pulling the hand brake on and off?
  2. Worked out somebody had jumped in the car and pushed the clutch pedal with no fluid in the line causing the piston to stick in the pressed down position, so just filling with fluid and vacuum bleeding would not return the piston. I used a pressure tester to push the piston back out so all good now!
  3. When bleeding, should I position the clutch in the pressed position or support it the unpressed position?
  4. Changed clutch, replaced clutch hose and bled but now have a floppy clutch pedal 😫 help!
  5. I'm sure it's on here somewhere but I cannot find it, are there any pics of how the gear change mod fits on and in particular where the little bit pictured goes in. 8DCFF54D-19B3-4F53-8D71-2E6A6F94704E.heic
  6. That’s the one, my cars panel has the head lining material on it, so as mentioned I need to choose the glue carefully otherwise it will soak through.
  7. Need to re-glue the material back on the panel behind the seats, best way to do this would be to remove it, just wondering the easiest way to get it out, I’m guessing remove seats, but how is the panel held in place. Thsnks in advance
  8. Attempting a clutch swap this weekend on an S2, I've tried to search for a write up but with no luck and as we now the write up in the Lotus workshop manual is vague. does anyone have a write up or any pics of the gearbox out on an s1 or s2 so I have some idea.
  9. As the title says the heater blower has packed up, what I would also mention is the heater panel is not lighting up either with the headlights on, so is there a common feed or are there any common faults?
  10. Is there a good write up on how to do this. It’s my first time attempting it.
  11. My car has always had the plastic ends missing, does any one know if they are shared with any other cars.
  12. I have an old coil on my S1 that has a capacitor attached, I want to replace the coil and I'm just wondering if the capacitor is completely necessary? Also the coil is a Bosch 0221122392 but this number seems discontinued. Sorry coil number 1 220 522 011
  13. Looked fantastic in the fading light of the day blasting down the A3. Stayed with it for quite a way in my Fiat 500. Esprit S1 that is.
  14. Hi Nigel, Yes I am still in possession of PNM132R, still largely original (45,000 miles) and driving beautifully. I do believe there is a picture of you I discovered standing next to her, with a trophy sporting a snazzy JPS shirt. You can call me on the number you mention as it goes through to my mobile. Best Regards Anthony
  15. Anyone got an 84 Turbo Fuse diagram? Trying to work out which fuse works the heater blower.
  16. Interior blower seems to have packed up after winter storage, which fuse is it on?
  17. Drove down a harsh country road and it managed to break this bar, it was corroded at the end. Not sure how what to call it to see if SJ sell them. It runs from chassis to the fibreglass under trays.
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