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  1. Thanks for eveyones views. I did swing by Bell and Covill on the way back from getting the MOT on the 32 (It passed, but it may a bit of a leaky rear diff whhich will get looked at later this month). I didn't have time for a test drive as was tight for time. They have a lovely 380 sport available and other one incoming and I'll be going back in for a test drive in a couple of weeks but I think I'll be holding on to the 32 until next year. I've got a bit of unfinished business with it and want to get that out of my system before deciding to let go. However, I will tet drive the 380 to see if it definelty what I want to go for one.
  2. I get that. I'm not too worried about destroying it, thats why I pay insurance and have an agreed valuation 😉 However, I'd still prefer not to crash it or do anything that would endanger mine or someone else life. Just not worth it.
  3. I can toally relate to that. Especially with the oil pump and oil starvation issues that will kill your engine. Does he find it a hard/diffficult drive? I mean, its great to drive, but when you get out I always feel like I've done a days graft (Physically and Mentally). I've never had it with any other car. Its really quite odd.
  4. Thanks all for the welcome. I've not been on for a few days so missed the post about the Guildford meet or I would popped along to it. I've got another thread here going over what I may get.
  5. lol, not 100% yet but you never know. The prices are certainly crazy. I doubt I'd be able to get back into one if I sold it, but if I did sell it I wouldn't want to go back either. I do remember when you could have had one for 5k worse still is when R34 GTRs were going for 25k about 10 years ago and now you need to look upwards of 80k! I do keep thinking maybe just sit on the car for a few more years and let the prices keep on increasing. Mines is only lightly modified (still scary quick) and i've not invested massivley into it, however it did get a full body respray (windows out job) and wheel refurb last year and I'm probably going to get it mapped and upgrade the injectors before the end of this year. Here's a couple of pics of it. One even next to a Lotus. Its got a MOT due this week, which gets done at Miller Autocare in Epsom so, I think I may be swinging by Bell & Coalville on the way back home once its done. I need to test drive and go sit on a Lotus. If it scares me as much as the 32 does when driving it, it could swing the decision.
  6. Hi, I've come for some advice and insight into Lotus ownership. Hoping folks on here can help. I currently have a couple of cars and driving none of them as I work from home most of the time (even pre-covid) and the weathers just rubbish at the moment. My daily and impulse buy aside the prized asset in my collection is my 1990 R32 GT-R which I personally imported it myself from Japan and have owned for 6 years now,. Prior to that I had an R34 Skyline which I dailyed to work for several years. Now, the 32 has been the one car I always knew I wanted and its amazing, it never disappoints. Annoys me that I don't drive it enough but when I do take it for a spin it reminds me of why I have it. However, I keep looking at others (as you do) but more so Lotus as I've always wanted an Esprit; but old cars have old car issues and 1 old car is more than I need to worry about. That brings me to Evoras and Exiges and having been to Silverstone the other week and to Beaulieu this weekend its not helping! They're were some great examples on display at the classic. Both cars being more modern/newer and still forced induction is somthing that attracts me to them. I know I need to fo test drive them (which I am planning to do), but I would love to get some of the owners insights on if I should switch from my 32. Espeicailly if you've owned or driven an R32. FYI - one of these will be for sale 05 Subaru Legacy Estate 2.5i NA - Beater wagon, could sell it now for more than I payed for it. Absolute workhorse and totally fautless but so boring to drive! 07 Nissan Stagea Autech Axis (PM35) 3.5V6 NA RWD - Impulse buy! Super nice, best engine and setup for these being RWD and 1 of only 30 made in this spec and colour (black). Just a bit too nice for what I need an estate for and I have disrespectful young children who just want to f*ck shit up. Thanks
  7. Hi All, Shak here from London (close to Heathrow if anyone's interested). Not an owner yet, but plannign on it. Thats why I've joined!
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