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  1. I object! RULE 2 No film with any member of the friends cast. Well... Its been a long time ;-) I come back after years and what are chaps yaking on about? Films... Excellent... Now onto business, for those of you that recall my name.. WHERE IS MS MONACO?
  2. I know the reserve of the car and its not worth it. There was a yellow S1 on piston heads not so long back that went for just 3k and its WAS MINT.. I see im not the only person in berkshire!
  3. Ah see you need me to come and pick a car with you. I can choose real nails real quick..Ive done it twice already, then let me come a choose a garage to rebuild an engine and make sure he adds a few grand and it blows up after 800 miles, and then let me come and pick another engine and have the entire car explode, yea mines a pile of ash if you have a lot of time lol.... Ahhhhhhhh
  4. Hey guys, For those of you that rem me I have found something on the back end of a tape today that has made my day... add me on facebook and then I can show you the video Hope your all well and having fun Marc A Bradley
  5. Hey guys 5k? a few years ago i would have just brought it on the spot but now im an actor, well as you can imagine, eating is a novelty and rent is? erm, unpaid so 5 grand these days is like another life.... Oh dear, did I not say what happenned with the red one, honestly that car! 2 engine rebuilds and 1 fire that I put out using the fire extinguisher and hey guess what, I didnt buy another one and this happenned.. Good bye money and savings! May I recommend fully comp for the idiots like me that didnt.... All I wanted was a half decent car...... ahh bless him lol, I knew it the minute I sold ms monaco, I bl**dy knew it.. You know it even made a noise when the welsh man took it away..... My lifes dream was to buy a white S1 and boy do you learn from your mistakes as my new goal in life is to get her back... Oh my god I feel ill Just out of interest I just had a look on LEW and called the guy who had the yellow S1, a really nice guy just told me that he sold it to a dealer for 3k!!!!!!!! 3k sorry can I say that again,,,, 3k three thousand pounds......
  6. My god, kimbers I live in maidenhead ( by mistake )
  7. Hey guys Been a few years since I was here, found myself back on ebay looking for another blade and couldnt resist a quick look for my old lotus.. I still recognise a few names on here but not many.... I wonder if any of you are the new owners of my S1 ( ms monaco ) shes plated 00M and has a moded front, same design as the S2. I sold it to a chap in wales and never heard of it again... Do you own it? Would love to see it again, to be honest, Id love to buy it back lol
  8. Thanks guys, It could have been worse, it could have been the s1, if that had of happenned caravans would have died all over the country, It was a long time ago now however but the lesson is, If you use your fire extinguisher, replace it! Im getting kicks now from my honda blackbird, had it upto (an unspecified speed) mph down the M54, erm I mean the dragstrip at long marston, dam thing will not do 200mph as the books says.. I still want my red cap.. Living my chosen life as a poor actor these days and off to screen acting course in september so no hope of an s1 for some years yet. But one day, one day, good to see all the old faces are still here,,,
  9. DigiBeta? HD deck? Sure I do, but then, If I could afford one of those, Id have an aston! Running final cut studio 2 and a mac pro with HDV, best I could afford, it was that or buy a lotus with what was the remains of my savings... I was just looking at an old UVW1800p because it was 10 pounds on ebay with the selman conversion, and I thought, 10 quid! had to have a bid just for hell of it. Marc
  10. Hi This is me here : and I can help you. I use apple mac pro running final cut studio 2...
  11. I was told the fuel line sprung a huge leak and acted as a flame thrower for the first few minutes untill the whole lot went up, The thing is, I had a fire in it before on the A40, the oil pipe on the turbo came off and the oil caught fire, but of course I had my fire extingwisher with me and can it out in seconds, The lesson tho, was that I didnt buy another one, fire, and no way to put it out on a country lane...... Yes it was shocking, lost everything that was in the boot too, bloody annoyed because Id yet again just forked out on new bits and bobs for her
  12. I wouldnt even give you a tenner, Question Is that my old car being towed by a range rover? what happenned,
  13. The turbo tried to kill me while driving to the super market, Looked in my rear view mirror and all I could see was huge yellow flames, I pulled over some what sharpish and it exploded from one of the tanks, whacking great big fireball, it took all of 15 minutes to totally and utterly destroy it. The firebrigagde took 20, Being third party I lost her! I should never have sold the S1, was just short of cash at the time and well, the turbo ( which spent a year of its life at a certain expensive garage ) was an impulse buy, very fast indeed but then, its just not my s1 and never would be, If I ever find an S1 I intend to buy it and put a modern engine in it, yes I can hear the nails running down your desks"! Im so past all the hassle now with these cars but love the look of them, Started looking at cheap NA S3s on ebay last night and I dont think its worth it, I dont think I will ever be happy unless its an S1, 20k has taught me that much!
  14. Because since posting about caravan drivers in bourton on the water I stopped drinking and went into therapy, the top London therapist said, Just find your white S1, buy it back and you will be fine Question Wheres my OOM Lotus?!
  15. What the hell am I doing on here again I cant believe it! 10 minutes ago I was happily looking at betasp machines on ebay when I saw that horrid word again, I thought it was all out of my system but no, I saw a photo, a while s3 and then it all came back like an addiction to smoking, Its been about a 1 year since I was last on here and it was a long time before that since I last posted and was posting everyday, so hi to everyone that rems me, anyway, onto a more important point, WHERE IS MY CAR! I sold my white S1 while mentally deluded and drunk, AND I WANT IT BACK If your looking out of your window and can see a white s1 with the number plate ending in 00M, thats her, I promise you, she wants to come home and will secretly be gearing up for a major engine failure soon in a strop if shes not allowed to come home..... Her name is Ms Monaco... Where are you my princess?
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