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  1. I think after hearing what you guys have said, and doing a bit more research on engine part availability for me ill pass on it. It looks amazing but I like to push things hard and I have a feeling this would end up on jack stands fairly quickly. Thank you for your help and suggestions.
  2. Hello, I have been looking for a new car to drive around on the weekends and came across this on eBay. 1998 Lotus Esprit | eBay I was wondering if I am missing something or is this a pretty good deal? I can't find a lot of information on the "R3" trim and the nitrous worries me of course. What else can I expect or lookout for? Should I stay away? This thing looks gnarly. Here is the description: VIN# - SCCDC0822WHA15576 MILES – 62577 This all new iteration of the famed Lotus Esprit is aone-of-a-kind custom machine that is crazy fast and crazy beautiful. This is the Lotus created V8 twin turbo thathas water to air intercoolers added and custom blow off valves. The intercooler tank is custom built into thewheel well space. It has custom widebody rear fenders with custom WIDE wheels and tires to keep it stuck to theground with custom axles. All body seamshave been filled in for a sleek look. Custom hood vents that remove air from the front of the car and send itover the roof add downforce and drag reduction. Custom front air splitter. Transmission has been upgraded to a straight-cut first gear for quicklaunches. A selectable 3-stage boostcontroller has been added along with custom gauges and OEM style displays andlights. Alpine stereo with navigation.Custom gel padded seats and upholstery thoughout for a super comfy seat. Custom carbon fiber accents throughout theinterior and engine bay. Rear hatch andengine bay have been modified to have the S3 glass hatch and clear panels todisplay the fully-polished engine and components. There is also a 75 HP nitrous Oxide systeminstalled for just a little extra boost when you want some extra power. This is a one-of-a-kind car that will stand out in ANY crowdof supercars. Its small, it’s light, andit is FAST!!!! Please ask any questions or for any additional picturesbefore bidding.
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