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  1. Thank you for making my first Lotus event so wonderful! It was great to meet you all, and some absolutely fantastic cars...!! Thanks so much to Dave and Megan for their awesome hospitality! Looking forwards to meeting you all again! Lawton
  2. I'll now have a passenger - assume you need to know that for the numbers?! Lawton
  3. Relatively new Evora owner in Essex, still finding my way...! would it be ok to join this event please? Many thanks, Lawton
  4. Hi, a potential newbie owner here, looking for some help please. I've a bit of a passion for an earlyish NA, preferably post 2012 upgrades, and perhaps 2+0, preferably 'untinkered' too much! I've seen an ad on Autotrader for DG13MOU. Anyone know anything about that car? It was sold about a year ago, and has come up for sale again. Maybe someone here recognises a bit more of it's history? I've done loads of reading/research on the threads here about what to look out out for (& some of it seems 'scary' I might say!!), but would appreciate any thoughts and advice please.
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