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  1. I feel this way too. I have a deposit on the I4. Motor trend has the CLA 45 (382hp M139) at 4.0 0-60, and it weighs ~650lbs more. Sure it has AWD, but this isn’t an overpowered car and at least the sports suspension config will have same/similar launch control with the DCT. It’s hard to imagine that it the Emira doesn’t get a journalist hero run in the threes for print. We all know that 0-60 times are grossly over emphasized, but I don’t want to to be an outlier in the class, given how quick and powerful cars are these days. I also think that the stated 360hp is purely for marketing purposes of the V6. I have a hard time believing that Lotus will take the M139 out of the box and make the functional/usable torque curve worse.
  2. How tall are you? I’m 6’4” and I’ll have to cancel my deposit if I don’t fit!
  3. I enquired with the local lotus dealership and they said they’d have a car to sit in by November most likely, however 65 deposits as of yesterday and I’ll need to get in line ASAP to get a car in 2022. Always been been a Lotus fan, always wanted one but literally could not fit in anything recent. Has anyone either seen dimension or sat in both the evora and emira? If it’s even a little more space than the evora I should fit barely. I can’t buy a car I don’t fit in. Thanks!
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