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  1. Hi all, I'm Richard and have owned an 2012 Evora S from new. Loved every minute but not getting much use out of it at the moment as my baby seat won't fit in the back!
  2. Hi Keith, Thanks for the suggestion, I had previously tried this before with no luck but I've just been out to try again. I got the confirmatory beep but again after 3 minutes and 33 seconds the alarm went off. I did make an interesting observation though. In my haste to turn the alarm off to avoid being the most annoying neighbour in our road; I had missed the hazard lights weren't flashing. So the siren goes off but the hazard warning lights don't. To do some more experimentation I sat in the car, set the alarm (normally so the movement sensor should be on), waited 40 seconds (I think it takes this long to arm), I then waived my arms around and the alarm didn't go off. I then opened the door and the siren sounded and hazards did flash as expected. I then entered the ignition code 123 11 and got 2 flashes on the tell tale, which as expected according to this Lotus Service Notes Section MR indicates "Door, bonnet or boot lid" which it was. When I enter the code 123 11 after the 3 minute and 33 seconds siren but no hazard lights I get no flashes to tell me what caused the alarm. Faulty siren unit or battery within?
  3. Hi all, My Evora didn't get used much during the pandemic and the battery eventually failed. I have now replaced the battery and use a tender when I'm not going to be using the car for a few weeks. I now have an alarm problem; I'm not sure if it started just before I had a new battery fitted or just afterwards but now after locking the car the alarm goes off exactly 3 minutes and 33 seconds later! After the alarm has gone off I turned it off and then tried the ignition code 123 11 which should then flash the tell tale on the dash to show what triggered the alarm but there are no flashes. I've just been leaving the car unlocked in the garage but I would like to get it sorted so I can lock the car when I'm out. Richard.
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