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  1. Thanks for sharing, sounds like they’ll allow changes at the time we fully commit but want to avoid constant changes to spec beforehand, which I can understand.
  2. If that’s the case (which hopefully it won’t be), they need to make it easy for us to change our spec before 5 November. I received email confirmation of my configuration but no idea how I can then change the spec to a final configuration I’m locked into on 5 Nov.
  3. He did mention that regs driven and expectation that first UK/Europe deliveries likely earlier than RoW. Nothing more specific than that though.
  4. Wasn’t Scott but was someone that one of the other Lotus guys went to fetch when he couldn’t answer any of my questions. Spoke with confidence on the subject - was able to quote order numbers pre Goodwood and for each day of Goodwood, which put my 9 July deposit around 800 on the list. Sounded about right.
  5. Just back from B&C. No info on options pricing but was told categorically by one of the Lotus fellas who seemed to know what he was talking about that the base I4 will be £58k. Double checked with him and confirmed £58k to work in market against the competition. May be that I’ve missed it but don’t think I’ve seen that number quoted before. On delivery timing, late April /early May for first cars, but got the impression it will be May, so late Spring. With my Goodwood Friday deposit, was told likely towards end of 2022. Also told 2,750 UK deposits currently and similar number for overseas (with around 50% of those being US). Since pricing announced for V6 FE 20 deposits pulled per day but 25 new ones placed. Might not be right but that’s what I was told this evening. Still no clue on colour.
  6. I’m with you, will find it hard to move from blue based on those colours. Seeing them live tonight so hopefully a bit different in the flesh.
  7. I placed deposit on 9 July - online with Lotus after seeing it at Goodwood earlier in the day. Will be V6 manual. Still waiting for the 0330 call!
  8. Emira will be a rare beast in Japan, hope the pricing is not prohibitive. I lived for a bit in Tokyo, just round the corner from the McLaren garage, good for a weekend browse, never let me take one out though ☹️
  9. Sorry if a stupid question, but what then happens in 2023 when they are building the base edition with presumably both engines? Has to then be in tandem?
  10. Anyone who placed a deposit as late as FOS had a call yet? Or even early July before FOS? At the price and options included I’m 100% in, but I fear that 0330 number won’t be ringing any time soon! scrap that - see there is another thread covering this
  11. Spot on. I configured a Cayman GTS a few weeks back and my build was £76k, without the fancy stereo. Pricing is pretty close between the two.
  12. And £400 for alcantara wheel but not sure how you add the wheel colour strip. Overall FE price seems in line with well optioned Cayman GTS 4.0. I guess once you’ve added a few things like black pack and alcantara wheel, plus year 1 tax you’re at around £80k
  13. Bit less than I expected. Can’t see split between base price and FE options - is that shown anywhere?
  14. Ditto. Will be at B&C for the earlier evening slot on 28th and have same wife/mate dilemma…. Was down at Goodwood today - some lovely old motors there.
  15. Booked B&C for Tuesday 28th but no email confirmation yet
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