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  1. I think you’re right. I was previously told August and have just got an email to say that completion in August and apologies for the delay. So I’m assuming mine is now due to be completed in August and delivered in September.
  2. Do the i4 and V6 first editions come with the same options? Wondering why i4 is £12k over base and V6 £11k over base. Or have I just got my sums wrong?
  3. Why far nimbler, I thought weight difference was negligible?
  4. Maybe Lotus start point was the list from this thread. Wish I’d gone with 7th…
  5. My bad for starting this topic! Was just surprised by cost versus other new cars I’ve bought (which admittedly is small pool to compare with - and one of them didn’t need petrol). As I’ve said before, I think the car is well/under priced in the current market and need to look at overall cost and what we are getting, which looks fantastic. Like you I do think sticking to £60k for what is likely to be the volume car, is going to be very hard to achieve and be profitable.
  6. Small beer but looks like £55 reg fee is separate to £1,045, so overall means 20% increase over 4 years which I guess is not unreasonable given what’s happened in those 4 years. Unless you’d expect economies of scale to impact cost per car. 5% overall price hike would indeed be a lot more painful!
  7. Stuck between rock and hard place. Price promise of £60k for base car was key to marketing the Emira. If they increase price for FE only, loyal first adopters feel stung. If they increase price of base car, they look no better than BoJo.
  8. “Profiteering” I think is a bit tough as need to look at in the round and I doubt any margin they are making on the OTR charge covers the increasing labour and materials costs they are facing elsewhere.
  9. 🤫 this must be a genuine issue for Lotus for non FE cars, particularly the i4, given pricing announced in 2021 for a car to be first delivered in 2023.
  10. Agreed, but does the list price that Toyota quote already include that delivery charge (so never appears as an additional cost for the buyer) as opposed to it being added to the OTR cost alongside VED and registration?
  11. Separate registration fee! Maybe they’ll be including a couple of free track days but forgot to add that on the configurator. Feels like they have under priced the car (which is great!) so trying to recoup a bit. Makes me wonder how they will be pricing the options when base cars are offered.
  12. Loving the new colours. Not a deal breaker, but just seen that OTR costs are £1,045, on top of the £1,910 road fund license. Seems a tad high for delivery and a tank of fuel or is that pretty standard?
  13. Having test driven an Evora GT410 this week, the one thing I’d like to see before commitment (along with colours in the flesh, but more important) is the final production seat height. Thought the GT410 was a cracking car but for me the seats were too high, with my eyeline at the top of the windscreen. I understand this is a common complaint and Jamie at B&C was confident the Emira seats are set a few cm lower and will be ok for anyone up to 6”5. But then, have read elsewhere that it will be similar to the GT410, which would be a problem for me and I’m only 6”1 (albeit not long legs). Apologies off topic but any insight from people here?
  14. You would indeed hope so and given the relative power to weight and comparative chassis it would be rather surprising if it did not. AWD Audi might be quicker to 30mph, along with most electric family cars.
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