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  1. I guess it is semantics but when someone describes a suspension as using "coilovers" it usually means adjustable coilovers to me. Otherwise most standard/common shocks and struts would be a coilover so why specifically mention it? So yes I assumed that when they were described that way for the Emira, then I assumed they would be adjustable. Do any of the Evora models have adjustable coilovers?
  2. I thought I heard in a video that the Emira will have a coil over suspension... So if this is true, wouldn't a lowered ride height be easy to adjust with a few simple turns with a spanner wrench and a new alignment?
  3. I personally like DCT "farts" or "burps" so I hope they tune them in. I like that they add some character and fizz to the driving experience. In a modern turbo car, especially with a less exciting cylinder arrangement, and with an automatic transmission, I think some artificial enhancement to the experience is welcome (as long is it not overdone). Basically, if I am going to get excited by driving a I4 DCT, I need hear and feel some banger shifts. I want it to emulate a hint of the sensation of a sequential transmission racecar going down the front straight...
  4. @jimichanga This is a bit OT but there were early GT4 reviews that highlighted the long gearing and I took note of that but it did not stop my from ordering a car. As for the 992 GT3 example, it is a really good car like any GT car, so negatives are always more likely to be nitpicks. I have heard some negative comments about the GT3, mainly that it is more like the previous RS and that the ride is very "busy" on the street. A negative? Maybe, but it depends on the buyer and the use case. I would have one in my garage without a test drive, that is for sure. I guess my point is that journalists opinions of a car, especially negatives, can be used as one tool in a toolbox to help make an informed decision about a car purchase in a situation where it is not possible to test drive a car before ordering. I am not so quick as to dismiss all reviews as rubbish, and I believe there are pieces of valuable information that can be pieced together by a consumer to make an informed decision. So if I read something like "we are sad the Emira is so much heavier than any previous Lotus and we can feel that on road and track but it is still a great modern sports car" or "the Mercedes DCT occasionally hunts for gears but otherwise is very rapid" I am keeping my order. If I read "Lotus has really lost its way with chassis tuning and there is a complete disconnect in the road feel with the Emira steering despite Lotus sticking with a hydraulic rack" then I would have second thoughts and I would seriously consider pulling my deposit and waiting for a test drive.
  5. sonorous

    Lotus Emira

    Totally... That 360 rating has multi-year product roadmap written all over it. It is currently ~380 and ~415 in regular and "S" form in Mercedes. Lotus can position these same step-ups and possibly more with other higher priced models and future years of production... It is a page directly from the Porsche playbook...
  6. Well I certainly knew about the long gearing "issue" from reviews before I placed my factory order and it was validated when I drove the car. No car is perfect and I was willing to overlook the gearing but personally I view it more of a nitpick than and actual issue. The stock gearing is fantastic on track it is just not quite as engaging as it could be on a canyon run. That being said, I did eventually re-gear my car so maybe I have achieved perfection. Also, with the 981 GT4 launch, wait lists, and one year of production, it was essentially impossible to test drive a car prior to ordering. I think that risk was worth it in the end. Unless Lotus has demo cars available, that may be the case here as well at least for a first year car. With the shortage of cars, if one can acquire an Emira at MSRP, I doubt there is much financial risk and potentially even profit to be made on the short term should I (or more importantly my wife) not connect with it.
  7. 100%, and does not give me the slightest stress. Maybe I am crazy but my track record gives me confidence... BTW I see you have a Macan GTS. I do as well and LOVE it. What a great do-it-all vehicle!
  8. I have no second thoughts but I would be influenced if reviews from some trusted journalists were negatives in areas that I care about. I would not change my opinion based on one random review but there are journalists who's opinions I value. This is based on watching and reading reviews over time, for years, and developing a level of trust in those opinions as similar to mine. I bought my GT4 without any test drives. I put down a deposit way before any reviews were out. When those reviews came out, it reinforced my interest in the car. The first time I drove a GT4 was the day I picked up my car and I had very high confidence that I would like it and have similar opinions the the journalists that I trust. That experience worked out for me. I expect the Emira to be a really good package, but if somehow it fails to deliver in an area that I find important, and if that is highlighted by a trusted journalist, or reinforced by multiple journalists, I would absolutely have second thoughts and possibly even withdraw my deposit...
  9. I am a new member from NY and just put down a deposit for an Emira. The car is actually for my wife but I am just as excited about it. I currently own a 981 GT4 w/ lot of drivetrain mods (4.5L, short ratio, LSD, etc.) which I use as a weekend and track car. My wife recently caught the track bug as well and we have been looking for something to take her to the next level. She prefers DCT for track therefore we are excited to get the I4 DCT version. She currently tracks and daily drives a C43 so the AMG link is a nice bonus! The dealer I am using has a lot of deposits already but tells me we are the very first for the AMG spec. I have a feeling the V6 will be much more popular in the US at least. Theoretically this could help us get an earlier allocation but we will see. As a GT4 driver, I totally get the 6 cyl manual desire but that AMG motor is pretty darn cool for a I4. It will be a nice compliment to our collection. Here is a photo of my car at The Glen for fun...
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