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  1. We tried at standardising a huge kit that was originally made as a complete one-off and never imaged or recreating this for everyone. We tried our absolute best for everyone and at a huge loss of ours, yourselves and me. There has been no financial imprint against anyone and prevented prior to this stage. Of course I will reimburse delivery and send back the OE ducting of course. Let me just say this was always going to be a severely long project and something I'm not sure everyone was aware of but we were waiting weeks for others on some specs to ensure fitment to all, designs to ensure no cutting of trim etc. When possible at times with a one off kit, federal spec car engine bay arrangement comparisons, creating jigs to ensure complete accuracy, along with ensuring the company still cover the Costs required each month in what's potentially the worst ever financial situation we have faced. We chose to do it this way to make sure we didn't charge anyone and was something that we never promised could be achieved for everyone. I wanted it to be! For the interested members involved, I do however think you are right Mike, this was my inexperience aswell to blame and honestly, I am truly sorry about this. The worry and stress to try and move this project forward whilst ensuring another year of business plagued me and subsequently failed you all and to be honest, myself and I will be facing consequences for doing so and trust me when I say, I already am. I've worked here long enough to know better for how I've handed this and ashamed from it. I honestly wish I could have succeeded. I regret to inform everyone that my inexperience with such a huge and expensive project troubled me until the point of now with quotations and creating working schedules for what's left to complete. The list and pricing was haunting. I tried and tried and without again so much more time for everything and pricing to normalise or atleast become realistic, we cannot see another way. On a personal note, I will help any member I can with my own time and supply anything I can relating to the project, sincerity does not translate over message but i am so sorry for my poor abilities and I understand if you wish to pursue this further but I assure you, this will impact me severely. We have the CAD designs for the chargecoolers completed, I will pay for these and share them with members and any info I can. The front pre rad was somewhat finalised but still awaiting information on A/C condenser dimension variations. Again I am sorry for wasting everyone's time involved Kindest Regards
  2. I am truly disappointed and ashamed to say that after a truly deep and careful throughout decision, we have come to realise that we must cancel the remaining stages of this group buy. Due to reasons initially at the time that were unforeseeable and the continuing battles we have had throughout and finally the resulting costs that have been highlighted for the remaining push for completion is so far out of the install and originally agreed budget that we can no longer believe nor ignore that this venture with you all is not only feasible any longer due to current situations in so many sectors and areas but physically possible for us to achieve with the numbers we now have and the time and material we have available to us in any way. We have spent 10s of hours so far within this build and due to the past 2 years we have seen a steady increase in all costs in every factor possible and now seeing huge increases everywhere within the last month. This has played as a constant running shadow behind us and now this comes to the point of requiring a further 280hrs to complete fabrication whilst seeing costs of material supply being over 4 times the cost. With so many factors still left for completion and finalisation along with our CAD designers recently leaving us and upon coming to the point of building all the parts for final pricing here, against the initial quote and how the current climate is inflating prices like we have never seen before, this has pushed the pricing to us for completion of these kits to an unrealistic and unachievable point along with the true issues of physically now not being able to complete the final stages here as well along with new time constraints on top. From myself and the team, we are truly gutted we couldn't succeed and push through but again, we are truly under new and unexpected and worrying pressures here with things not looking for improve anytime soon with not waiting this to drag in any further for any members involved. Again, I am so sorry but we simply cannot see a way to achieve all the factors left to complete with trying our best to sustain business here, this project would result in a huge financial loss and time still left. The R&D stages were completed but still left so much left to complete such as the laser cutting parts arrival and upon receiving all new quotations for every part still left to comprise, we cannot see this project finalising without a kit cost of £7k-8k each. For example, the coolant hose lines we would require supplying with the kit (10metres 19mm reinforced) was previously around £180. Cost to us now for this has tripled resulting in a cost of £510. This is just the hosing! Now I understand this is some very upsetting news for members and again this has given me many sleepless nights to collate this message along with trying so hard and countless empty office nights trying to resolve every aspect. Unfortunately I have failed and with so many variables left, as a company we need to know when to say stop when we can see no success way to continue. Please feel free to privately DM me if you wish to have any further information and completely understand if people have frustrations as well, again I will happily go into further detail with anyone who desires this.
  3. Hello everyone! Just a very quick update to let everyone know you will be receiving the proforma invoices for 30% deposits from the members. These will be send out before the end of this week from our 'sales' email address. BTCC Kits are in full force here at the moment due to building all cooling packages for a strong collection of teams this year along with the new parts required to run there Hybrid systems for this season. Once this crazy period is over, we will be absolutely focused on the completion of these kits for the members involved I hope that's okay!
  4. Hello everyone. I have been contacted direct my Chris to give another update to everyone. Again i am sorry for my absence and delay but unfortunately there isn't a huge amount i could have done about this I am afraid due to not being in the business for the last 3 weeks here. We are all consumed by the BTCC hybrid systems that are being implemented for this years season. The good news however is that this is coming to an end with requiring me on-site allowing me to be firmly back in the office and talking to you Guys Again, there is only 2 of us who process all traffic through Pro Alloy so I hope this eases the reason for the lack of replies, we do however has a strong team of Fabricators and Welders so the project has not stopped in the Background. The update everyone ants to hear however is that we have confirmed with our laser cutters which are in full force on completing these now. The true final design to 'standardise' the kit for all users and ensuring correct fitment for all. I will be sending out the deposit proforma invoices next week for members still involved. I have sent all current members asking for proforma details that we require here. Once I receive the replies form each member, i will reply with the proforma invoices as well and this should be good for the final push here. Emails sent to: Mike Sekinger Chris Weeden Dave Excell Tom Hartje Steven Middleton Jason Suttle Peter Donato Jeff Hedden T.J Callum Emails not able to send: Filip (Escape) please forward your email address to me via private message please. ( PLEASE INFORM ME OF ANY MISSING MEMBER AS I AM UNABLE TO FIND ANYMORE EMAIL ADDRESS'S) I hope this is okay for everyone!
  5. Good Afternoon everyone! Firstly start off by saying thank you to everyone for your patience. it honestly is appreciated at the moment. i am sorry for my delay however, unfortunately I was 2 days back in work coming back after Christmas and then subsequently had to isolate and hospitalised due to catching Covid! Very frustrating.. After returning it seems a few members here are isolating as well. We are currently running at around 60% workforce, so again I am truly sorry for the delay. so we are slightly on the back foot so far but we will catch-up! My next task is to begin sending proforma invoices for the deposits to all relevant members. Once paid we will then begin the phase of cutting the original supplied OEM charge pipework to confirmed customers. Currently on the Fabricators bench, he is building the underside water pipework required to run the coolant from the front mounted Pre-Rad to the rear reservoir for the Charge Coolers. We are still all very much aware and on the case here moving this project forward with all drawings now completed, including development processes to ensure the kit is user friendly ( we initially only built the kit as a complete one-off custom kit ) which meant due to building a batch, the entire cooling package required reverse engineering to ensure the correct fitment to all Esprits correctly and that any parts that were 'hand formed' were now made in a way that is repeatable to ensure each kit is identical. Again this is now all completed and all parts are being laser cut to the same measurements. Thank you everyone. Alex
  6. Hello everyone! Firstly let me apologise and explain as to why I have been absent recently and some background on us as a company... Recently over the past three weeks i have been working closely with a few teams within BTCC to support there new and upcoming needs on the hybrid side of there new 2022 powertrains. Due to this I really haven't been in our offices very much at all with this being the first week back and currently playing catch-up with everything, hence me posting at this time today.. we are only 2 person strong with regards to the Sales team here believe it or not! a much smaller/personal company than many believe so i do again apologise for my delay but i hope this clears it up as to why a bit better. Anyway, lets get back to the good bits!.. progress Please see the images attached of the final design CAD drawn pair of Lotus Esprit Chargecooler units! We have now completed all 22x Charge cooler cores here and already underway with the fabrication side of things now! By this i means hand forming all the end tanks and side plates for these units as well. With Regards to the Pre-rad units, we can add a Bleed screw to the design of these as well to aid the Bleed process of this for you all, not a problem at all! At this point we would ideally now begin to collect deposits from each member. In the past this is usually around the 30-40% mark for the final bill created per kit. I am aware we are heading to Christmas now and some may have different in mind, again i am open to the groups suggestions and want to make sure everyone is happy first! Once sorted, i will then be able to send over the proforma invoices for amount payable. The next good news is that we are finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel so to speak and i believe i am able to put a finalisation date on this project for you all! We are aiming for completion of all kits and ready for shipment by end of January here. I hope this is good news for everyone To also finalise, we will happily add top point bleeds on all the Pre Rads we produce for ease on bleeding the systems as well. And to finalise, the last piece of this puzzle is to begin gathering the OE boost pipes for the modifications required to them to work with the kit. If everyone is mindful of this and able to schedule these and either let me know if you plan to provide your own or sourcing new units to send to us, that'd be great. I do know there is 5 off sets within the group buy. We would ideally like these with us early Jan but mid January at the latest. I hope that's okay!! Thank you..
  7. Hi everyone! Apologies for my absence. I have been out of the office working on Motorsport project sup and coming for next year! We are currently drawing all parts on CAD to ensure perfect fitment and continuity across the batch. This will also aid in future if we need to build any one-off part from the kit as well. Once these CAd files are completed i will share the screenshots of these as well. Not a problem with adding further members to the group buy! We are building a few extra cores just incase for this reason. Within week 45, we will look to finalise all members details within the Group Buy as momentum is building this end! Once all the Charge cooler units have been completed, we will be working on the front-end parts which will be the remainder of the kits for everyone! In the meantime, i will ask the Esprit Guru's (you guys!) if you would prefer us to carry on with the original planning of the underside pipework form the Pre-rad to the Chargecooler system to be underside-ran hard pipes which will need to be made in 2-part construction for aid in transport or we can look into making these a Rubber hosing system much like the Lotus Exige Chargecooler system we currently build. this would mean passing through the rubber hoses (2x 19mm I.D coolant hoses) through the bulkhead at the front and routing through a side-seal/side skirt to gain access to the engine bay. We will take the majority vote form the buyers on this one! I hope that's okay for you..
  8. Finally! The images are included. I will now be able to 'breakdown' exactly as to why we require the supply of cast boostpipes to us and this can be clearly shown/described with showing images to reference back to. The first image showing a close-up of the cast section on the N/S boost pipe. From this image you can see as to why we need this original pipe to achieve the severe angle change that Lotus had produced on this part and including the scollop as well shown in the images. This is simply not feasible to replicate as simply building this pipe in low numbers would unfortunately raise the price of the kit by a fair chunk for what would be perceived as only small boost pipe but would actually take hours in labour to re-make. The reason these pipes have to be cut can be explained and to put this in a very simple term, we are effectively adding a cooling solution in-between the original boost pipes to cool the air prior entry to the throttle body. As original/OEM, you will have two boost pipes running from the turbos directly into the throttle body. Now with this kit you would have a small 'HOT SIDE' boost pipe (the half cast and half fabricated pipe) then to chargecooler for charge-air cooling and then finally to the next boost pipe which would now be you 'Cold Side' pipe. These fully fabricated 'cold side' pipes would replace the rest of your original boost pipe and make this redundant as now, a charge cooler unit is a percentage of the original boost pipe circuit, so to speak. Once the charge-air passes through the charge cooler is then used the remaining run of boost pipe to your inlets. More images are heading there way into this thread shortly as well 😁
  9. The Twin ChargeCooler kit we are producing will work perfectly for the UK spec Esprits. Unfortunately we would simply not be able to offer a kit for the US spec cars to allow room left to run the emissions components as well due to space constraints. These Us cars would either need modifying in a way to make the required room for the kit or remove the emissions equipment which, as mentioned by Mike, always check if this is possible and alowed by your state law. As for the images i have promised to add to the page, regarding the engine-side components, finally these will be added today. I had a bit of a battle due ot the file sizes which i wasnt expecting (each image is 24mb in size) so i am reducing this at the moment to be more 'compatible'. This will begin to outline the parts included from the back of the vehicle, in which we can then begin chatting about why we require the orignal cast boost pipework for modification here per kit and a better understanding of the routing of this monsterous cooling system.
  10. Hello everyone. Time for a new update for you all (that is well overdue and will be explained as to why) All engine bay parts has been removed from the original/custom initial Charge Cooler build here and currently underway with another fabricator here (we have 2 at points working together on this mammoth project when we can) building all the jigs to allow us to produce multiple units with each unit being identical with regards to fitment. Next up beginning of next week, we plan to begin removing the front end of the cooling package in which we can then start the jig work for the pre-rad units as well. Later this week, i plan to take images of the engine bay parts for clarity to each member of comprising items AND what is required with the cast boost pipes on how these are modified as well and the reasoning behind why we require these supplied on this part. Adding onto the 'group buy' of extra members is not a problem at all! We are going ahead and 'standardising' what was a custom build into one that we can confidently replicate for all of you This means we can always add more members into the buying stages but simply means extra kits will be build at a later date as we can always began the final manufacture of the 20 off charge cooler cores for 10x members. Any extra will require hand-building but simply cant be done at the same time, that's all As for the Federal spec vehicles who are interested in the kit, we will need to pin down any engine bay changes and/or extra components with detailed images of the location of these parts to ensure our kit will work for you. We aren't however able to offer a different kit for the US spec cars as we only have 1x Esprit to work from and unable to add in further development for this reason.
  11. Good Afternoon Everyone. Upon Chris's suggestion and my belief that at this point it would be best to start giving weekly updates on the Group Buy of the Twin ChargeCooler Lotus Esprit system. First i will introduce myself and the background revolving the extent of the project and how we are moving forward with the work required here. I am the Operations Manager here at Pro Alloy and solely dealing with the Group Buy project. Any Questions indiviually, please feel free to message me on here and i will endevour to reply within a day or so directly on here which i hope may be an easier solution for some buyers. A small amount of cmpany background as well in that we work to the highest standards possible with all of our parts completel hand-crafted under this roof, including the cores required for Charge Cooler units and the Radiators. As for the Project. So far we are right in the middle of hand building 22 Charge Cooler Core units, Once these have been completed we aim to start the fabrication side of the Charge Cooler untis themselves. As these are being built by one of our Fabricators, the Water Exchanger cores will then start being hand built alonside other cores we have on order and whilst the CC units are being finalised. This should then line-up nicely for competion of the CC units to then start the fabircation side of the Pre-Rads/Water Exchangers. Our lead time for this project at the moment is open-ended. This may seem like bad news but this is ony due to the current climate with regards to a lot of uncertainty and moving factors such as Material supply shortages and delays, Employee absences and current workload which in some cases we are running behind due ot the first two issues mentioned. I simply want to add some transparency that we are very much trying our absolute best for completion as soon as possible but this may be close to around 8 weeks at the moment. I will post weekly updates direct to this forum thread as well and once we begin to require the OEM cast pipes to modifications, i will begin to write a check sheet with all group buy members and status's of build progress and parts supplied to us for modifications. We have alread completed both 'jigs' required to re-make the pair of charge cooler units, this has been completed which allows us to go full speed once all charge cooler cores are finished and pressure tested. I will then begin to add images of completed parts as well to show the tru progress of this mamoth build here. For us, this is a very large order and as to why we require such a long process time to complete. We are in theory a very bespoke company in the weay that most of our items are completely cusotm one-off and/or small batches for race teams with our business model staying very personal to our customers asd opposed to mass-producing low-quality intercoolers for example, this is why the Esprit group Buy is a big project for us and we want to ensure we do every step correctl from the start, this does at time to the process but also ensures that when we are ready to send these kits out to you, they will be evrything that you imagine and hoped for! Thank you.. Alex @ Pro Alloy Motorsport.
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