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  1. Actually you already nailed my preferred spec your first time around: nimbus, no black pack, silver wheels, yellow calipers, brown seats
  2. Fantastic job. Thanks again for doing this!! Would love to see a series of the Nimbus with no black pack.
  3. Well, that's as good a reference as any. I think verdant may be a colour that works best in places like Australia, Florida and California where the default is lots of sun. It seems to flop to black as soon as it's out of direct light. Eg, this video:
  4. Spot on. If only Verdant looked like this, I'd be choosing it without question. But it's definitely a bit darker, arguably too dark. Lotus promised us painted shells, so that will be the ultimate decider for me.
  5. I think the V6 auto is a slightly risky spec from a resale point of view. Longer term, I could see the V6 manual being quite collectible but if people want an auto they will favour the DCT with AMG engine.
  6. Indeed! If they are going to manufacture a full car, rather than just paint a shell, then what would be truly helpful is if they also make one in each of the interior combinations: red leather, tan leather, etc.
  7. Beg to differ. I'm (fairly) certain it is Magma Red. The light in the factory, the camera used to film the video, and your monitor all conspire to make the red look different.
  8. Makes a lot of sense. I've been through every Empire Green (previously called Imperial Green) photo I can find, and it looks exactly like Verdant.
  9. This US dealer delivery video has an Evora in Empire Green. It looks black from a distance but green closer to the car. At the end I think you get a good sense of the colour
  10. Hope so, they were silent on that in the information email, so we'll need to clarify that. Also, they have asked for our configuration and I'd like to know if there's flexibility to make changes for a period of time. For example, seeing photos of a green Emira or even photos of larger colours samples might change our preferences.
  11. In case you guys think you have it tough in the UK . . . today in Australia we received emails asking us to re-commit to the First Edition and make a second deposit, or lose our place on the list. And we haven't even seen the colour samples here, let alone the car!
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